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'The European Union on Friday banned four more Russian media outlets from broadcasting in the 27-nation bloc for what it calls the spread of propaganda about the invasion of Ukraine and disinformation as the EU heads into parliamentary elections in three weeks.'

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Waiting for [#JUICE ...] NASA's #Juno probe recently took images of the surface of #Europe, an icy moon of #Jupiter. And what a surprise! The #ice crust has shifted, distorted, ...

So what happened? Are these changes the result of interactions with the vast oceanic area lying beneath Europa's surface?

More news in 2031, when ESA's #JUICE probe, launched on April 14, 2023, (finally!) reaches the #Jupiter system :

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Our commitment to the fediverse is here to stay.

Today, we launched our new Mastodon instance. It will ensure a privacy-focused space to engage with and get the latest from our Commissioners, departments, and the official voices of the Commission.

We want to thank @Mastodon for stewarding us and helping us make this possible.

Fostering European digital players is vital to our strategy for a stronger .

This is a unique opportunity to grow the community even more. Let's get there!

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@EUCommission @Mastodon Great for and so important before the !

But a press release or longer text for transparency would be fine. Many people don't know why your old instance is given up. And we are curious if we'll find only the commission on Mastodon or more organisations and important politicians?
In the comments here you see: we need answers to understand all that.

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from #TheGuardian
‘Israelis, go back to Europe’? Some on the left need to rethink their slogans
by #Jo-AnnMort

"A majority of Israel’s #Jews today are not descended from #Europe, but rather from #Arab nations. To expect them to leave #Israel is unprecedented, unrealistic and wrong."

[I don't agree with her opinion on "river to the sea", but I do agree on "go back to Europe".]

#SolidarityWithPalestine #NotAntisemitism
#Gaza #Palestine
#news #press @palestine @israel

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Europe: ETUC's Esther Lynch speaks out about the EU elections, Ukraine, and building union power

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Worth checking out! They got some cool merch also! Support the cause!

We are the people of LIFT99 Kyiv Hub, the people of Ukraine, we are the NAFO 69th Sniffing Brigade. We are fundraising, coordinating, connecting people, sharing verified info and resources & you can help us."

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Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

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The most wanted man in Europe. How the former Chief Operating Officer of Wirecard stole two billion euros from the company and became a Russian spy. #Europe #Espionage #spy #Wirecard #MostWanted #Legal #Interpol

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Planning a summer city break in ? I can highly recommend based on my personal experience if you want to eat your way through ...

Posted into The Travel Exchange @the

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This is an important case given current crimes against humanity in the Middle East and Africa.
Switzerland tried the case under the principle of universal jurisdiction, which allows countries to prosecute people for crimes that took place elsewhere.
Philip Grant, head of the organisation that filed the complaint leading to Ousman Sonko's arrest, said the case sends a "resounding message against impunity".

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In a report by a committee on drug trafficking, French senators warn that France is being 'submerged by illicit drugs'. Tom Burges Watson speaks to Thomas Pietschmann, Senior research officer at the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, who explains that this trend extends to the whole of #Europe, and it concerns in particular the trafficking of cocaine.
#Drugs #Cocaine #Crime #France

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For the fifth time in three years, a group of orcas has sunk a ship in southwest Europe. This time an unknown number of killer whales attacked a 50-foot sailing yacht in the Strait of Gibraltar, ripped open its hull and sent the boat to the seafloor. Live Science has more, including what happened to the crew and why researchers believe the attacks are a learned behavior that could increase in the coming months.

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Slovakia Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot and taken to the hospital.

@euronews reports the incident took place in Handlova, Slovakia, about 150km northeast of Bratislava, the capital.

#Slovakia #RobertFico #Europe #News

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Relations between Russia and Western nations have been in the deep freeze since Moscow's invasion of Ukraine, but Norway has been keen to keep some limited cooperation alive.

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Our is still open: The and (FOR 2779) invites applications for : 3-6 months: | Join us in the city of , in our new research building @WissRat and become part of an intellectually inspiring atmosphere 📆: 15 June 2024
funded by @dfg_public
@histodons @historikerinnen @religioushistory

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Europe: Unanimous call on the Council of the EU: Strengthen the EWC Directive now!

#europe #industrialleurope

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“European larch trees dressed for autumn”

These European larch are an exception among their kind. They shed their needles in autumn, which turn yellow, red and brown before dropping. It is the only conifer in Europe to do this.

It is sometimes called the mountain oak, because of the exceptional wood it produces. Slow-growing, it is the most durable and strongest of the coniferous woods.

Rot-proof, it is used for boat design, roofing frames, shingles and railway sleepers.


📅 18 October 2023

📸 Fujifilm X-H2s + 10-24mm
🎛️ ISO 100, ƒ/8, 1/50 s

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