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It is weird and discouraging to see how many people choose for its looks and reach.

Forgetting that the sole reason this app exists is for a humongous moloch to get at even more of their personal data. All to increase their dominance and power and ability to enrich themselves.

Forgetting that this dominance is already at highly problematic proportions, where Meta and also and other have the power to influence society as a whole.

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Meta Is About To Explode Disinformation In Name Of Profit... Hear me out here...

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Meta says it’s deleting all Oculus accounts at the end of the month.

You’ll lose all of your games, purchases, and store credits if you don’t migrate to a Meta account by March 29th.

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Just so we're clear, #OpenAI is trying to kill copyrights laws, Amazon is trying to kill labor laws, and Meta and Google are pulling the rug from under legitimate news media everywhere.

How will #Meta’s refusal to pay for news affect Australian journalism – and our democracy? @TheConversationUK

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Australia government and Big Media companies (notably the Murdoch empire) discover that extortion doesn't always work.

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on collision course with Australian government after announcing end to journalism funding deals, also in the US

(same url as above)

I can't understand why pays for news? I thought they LIKE to have their users post what they see as news, no need to pay for reported reputable

😈Especially when doesn't care about its FB members in the first place. It's all about the ADs and the news can write itself, literally 🤡

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Aure Free Press on Mastodon here and open for Business 24/7!

Meta to scrap news feature for Facebook users in US in latest broadside to media companies

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Meta says it's deleting all Oculus accounts at the end of the month

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DeSantis Vetoes Blanket Social Media Ban for Youths Under 16 - The statute, passed by the Florida Legislature last week, would have required sites like ... - (usconstitution) (bytedance)

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WhatsApp finally forces Pegasus spyware maker to share its secret code - Enlarge (credit: NurPhoto / Contributor | NurPhoto)

WhatsApp w... -

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“Consent" to being stalked or "pay” is not a business model. It's extortion.

Now the EU is asking questions about ’s ‘pay or be tracked’ consent model @TechCrunch @riptari

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Meta is distancing itself even further from the news

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If Meta's intransigence isn't enough, AI poses an even greater threat to journalism | Margaret Simons

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Meta to phase out Facebook News in US and Australia, despite agreements - Meta has announced that the Facebook News tab will be removed for U.S. and Austral... -

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Meta will stop paying for news in Australia, Germany, France

> Meta said on Friday it will not enter into new commercial deals for traditional news content in , and .
[..] we will not enter into new commercial deals for traditional news content in these countries and will not offer new products specifically for news publishers in the future," said in a statement.

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on collision course with Australian government after announcing end to journalism funding deals - this is the fruit of extremism

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With Meta saying they're not renewing the deals struck with Australian news companies that originally avoided them being 'designated' (ie targets) of the News Media Bargaining Code, the question now is whether the current Labor government will dust off the NMBC and actually use it or not!

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#Meta #FB #socialmedia

Wsadzę kij w mrowisko. W nawiązaniu do dyskusji gdzie indziej - mam facebooka i nie zamierzam z niego rezygnować. Mimo wszystkich jego wad. I chociaż samej Mety nie trawię, to lubię na fb zamknięte grupy z fajną atmosferą, informacje - których nigdzie indziej nie ma, pogaduszki ze znajomymi - nawet, jeśli są tylko internetowi, możliwość pisania o pierdołach czy ważnych dla mnie rzeczach w sposób może nie stricte prywatny, ale przynajmniej ograniczający widoczność.

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Algorytmy rekomendujące treści w komercyjnych nie są budowane tak, by wyszukiwać użytkowników z problemami psychicznymi. Są jednak optymalizowane na jak największe zaangażowanie.

Konsekwencją tak postawionego celu jest żerowanie na emocjach użytkowników – i to emocjach głównie negatywnych.

Ale media społecznościowe mają też pozytywne strony.

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O jednych i drugich Katarzyna Szymielewicz rozmawia z dr. Cezarym Żechowskim – psychiatrą oraz psychoterapeutą dzieci, kierownikiem Środowiskowego Centrum Zdrowia Psychicznego Dzieci i Młodzieży w Szpitalu Wolskim.

Przekaż 1,5% podatku Fundacji Panoptykon.
Walcz o inny Internet
KRS: 0000327613

#TikTok #Meta #Facebook #Instagram


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Meta's pay-or-consent model hides 'massive illegal data processing ops': lawsuit

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Consumer groups from eight EU countries lodged complaints on Thursday against , accusing the US company of illegally processing users' data and using its "pay or consent" system as a "smokescreen" for privacy breaches -AFP

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Under the terms, consent or refusal for processing and selling personal data must be given freely.

Users must always be in control of their data and decide what they want to share, without paying fees for this freedom.

You can’t give users a choice between breaking the law (by taking away the possibility of choosing what can be shared), or asking users to pay a premium for law compliance.

Just like thieves don’t get contracts along the lines “you can steal from these shops, and if shop owners want to keep you away from their goods then they have to pay an antitheft fee to make up for your lost theft revenue”.

’s “privacy tax” is just like Apple’s alleged “3rd-party store tax”: users are not supposed to give a single fuck about the “likely financial loss” that a business will go through if a regulating body finds their practices to be illegal and requires the business model to change.

If revenue acquired through illegal means was never supposed to be there in the first place, then there are no losses to be charged to the consumers.

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