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Meta Platforms removed hundreds of Facebook accounts associated with covert influence campaigns from China, Israel, Iran, Russia and other countries after seeing threat actors rely on AI to produce fake images, videos and text to try to influence users. #business #companies #meta #facebook #instagram #whatsapp #china #israel #misinformation #socialmedia #deepfakes #ai

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Instagram posts - U.S. secretary of state didn't announce suspension of Ukrainian elections; Ukrainian president did

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Is a rebuttal to the viral 'All Eyes on Rafah' meme being blocked by Instagram?

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What’s with #instagram ??
Couldn’t sign up the other day as I got instantly banned - no way of appealing cos I can’t login. Tried another email address today and the same happened?! Their website or something I did?? No way of contacting them either.

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Hallmark's Actress Shares Devastating News on Instagram

#instagram #post

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It might be obvious and old news, but on my rare logins to #Instagram I saw a new message of their privacy policy to be updated this month: Every content from every post will be used to train their AI.

If you are a visual artist of any kind and use the platform, #Meta will use your creation against you, literally. You either learn how to publish and own your data, or you’ll be stolen.

The only resistance to this trend is #selfhosted, #foss and #Fediverse.

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Good thing #Instagram has everything safely backed up for use in their AI models, in case you delete a bit too much.


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🤖 Ich will nicht, dass Meta mit meinen Instagram-Inhalten seine KI trainiert. Deshalb habe ich erfolgreich widersprochen.

👉 So geht‘s: Auf dem eigenen Account im Burgermenü rechts oben den Punkt „Info“ (ganz unten) auswählen, dort zur „Datenschutzrichtlinie“ und das Wort „Widerspruchsrecht“ anklicken, Formular ausfüllen, abschicken, Mail-Adresse verifizieren.

⏳ Mein Einspruch wurde innerhalb weniger Minuten per Mail anerkannt.

#ki #verbraucherschutz #instagram

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Bill Walton's Last Instagram Post Gave Nod to Rising Star Victor Wembanyama

#instagram #nba

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Had the weirdest experience today. My wife asked me to check something on her #Instagram business acct, so I opened up the app.

After confirming the thing, I started scrolling and ALMOST ALL the posts on my timeline were from people I know and follow. So confusing…

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Medien im Fediverse

Auf der Suche nach einem Publi­kum gehen eini­ge Medi­en den Schritt ins Fedi­ver­se. Ein Ver­such, unab­hän­gi­ger von den gro­ßen Gate­kee­pern zu werden.

#404Media #Facebook #Fediverse #Friendica #Google #Instagram #JackConte #JasonKoebler #Journalismus #KevinKelly #LinkedIn #Medien #Meta #Patreon #SocialMedia #SXSW #TheVerge #Twitter

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We are getting ready to expand our Torment Nexus experiences in your region.

To help bring these experiences to you we will kidnap your firstborn, based on our legitimate interest.

This means you have a right to object. If your objection is honored we might return your firstborn at some point.

We have updated our firstborn policy. Pray we don't update it any further.

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"Cox said that Emu can make “really amazing quality images” thanks to “Instagram being the data set that was used to train it” which he described as “one of the great repositories of incredible imagery.”"

This is a great reason for people to switch over to alternatives like

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Grayson Murray's Final Instagram Post a Nod to PGA Rise Prior to Death


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Ben Napier Details 'Cryptic Post' With Full Explanation

#instagram #post

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"Families in Uvalde took more legal action Friday on the second anniversary of the Robb Elementary School attack, suing Meta Platforms, which owns Instagram..

"On Instagram, the shooter was being courted through explicit, aggressive marketing. In addition to hundreds of images depicting and venerating the thrill of combat, Daniel Defense used #Instagram to extol the illegal, murderous use of its weapons"

^ This is one reason to #BoycottMeta

#meta #uvalde #guns

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Was Kevin Kühnert sagt: Die #CDU sammelt Unterschriften gegen ihre eigene Spitzenkandidatin...

#SPD #Instagram #Europawahl24

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Uvalde families sue Instagram and Call of Duty maker over deadly school attack

#instagram #uvalde

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Instagram posts - Bird flu outbreak in US isn't timed for November elections; it began in 2022

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idf have just informed netanyahu they want victory over hamas and they will not leave rafah and they refuse to follow the defense chiefs orders to withdraw

idf is angry about oct 07, 2023 rightfully. they lost friends and family.

video on #instagram

lc is mine; any mistakes are mine. #AmYisraelChai

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Falls hier jemand auch ein Konto bei #Facebook oder #Instagram hat: Ab 26. Juni will Betreiberkonzern #Meta die Inhalte von Beiträgen fürs Training eigener KI einsetzen. Man kann widersprechen. Doch Meta entscheidet, ob es den Widerspruch annimmt.

Auf unserer Internetseite haben wir Infos dazu und Vorschläge für Argumente, die man ins "Einspruchformular" schreiben kann:

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"Meta's chief product officer, Chris Cox, told Bloomberg's Tech Summit on Thursday that it uses publicly available photos and text from the platforms to train its text-to-image generator model"

For anyone using Threads, you're warned

#Privacy #Facebook #Instagram #Threads #Surveillance #SurveillanceCapitalism

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