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Follow the leader: "Rainer Sonntag helped fuel a neo-Nazi movement that still plagues Germany today ... and worked for Vladimir Putin."

"In the waning days of the Cold War, Rainer Sonntag helped fuel a neo-Nazi movement that still plagues Germany today. He was also a Communist spy—and worked for Vladimir Putin."


  1. That’s a lot of assumptions
  2. Nope we have a big Nazi problem and most of us learn that the only right way to go about it is to be very self critical with our history and to call those racist dipshits out whenever we can


Half of Germany where commie spys

That’s a hell of a statement. I wish I could show you how wrong you are. Just look at the origin of our past terrorist attacks and you will see a trend and a priority list for us.

Also obligatory fuck afd


If you look close enough to all the bullshit destabilising western countries, there’s always Russian influence at the end of the string.

Even Trump election was made with Russian influence, which caused a huge division in the west. That’s the type of strategy they used in countries like Ukraine (worked until they launched a full invasion).

amino, avatar

@world Paris Olympics 2024 offices raided by financial police

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