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"Major Damage At Russian Airbase In Crimea After Ukrainian Attack

Reports of destruction at the airbase, which was also home to an S-400/S-300 air defense system, are supported by satellite imagery. "


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New and Improved ! ! !
Russian disinformation efforts around US elections ‘kicked into gear over the last 45 days’: Microsoft

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"Ukraine Targets Power Stations and Oil Depot in Russia with Kamikaze Drones, Sources Say

The source told Kyiv Post that SBU drones once again effectively targeted critical infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted military operations in Russia."


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As Russia closes in on Kharkiv, some residents flee. Others will never leave

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Ukraine said it shot down a Russian strategic bomber in combat for the first time since Russia invaded, after the plane launched a missile strike that killed at least seven people. #worldnews #politics #russiaukrainewar #russia #ukraine #defense

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19/04/2024 - 22:58

🇷🇺 The enemy has advanced south of and on the outskirts of .

⚔️ Fighting continues on south of .

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Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine – 20 April 2024.

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Russell Bentley killed by russians - what do we know? |Day 787

, an American citizen fighting for Russia in occupied Ukraine, has been murdered by Russian authorities.

What do we know?

Operator Starsky is an officer of the National Guard of , who joined during the war in in 2014.
He partecipated in the successful defense of the Airport of in February 2022.

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As Russia presses forward, Ukraine pleads with Canada for armour, air defence

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"We are witnessing a historic process -- Russians are leaving for the first time in two centuries," independent Azerbaijani analyst Elhan Shahinoglu told AFP.

Observers of the say is too caught up with its invasion of to retain its sway in the region.

Russia quietly exits , ceding its clout 'for good'

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This is too rich not to share.

"U.S. Congresswoman Suspected of Having 'Russian Handlers' After Transcarpathia Amendment"

FROM THE ARTICLE: "Political pundit ‘Jay in Kyiv’ responded: 'The amendment that Marjorie Taylor Greene just proposed to sabotage the Ukraine bill is something that is such a nuanced Russian disinfo narrative that it could have only come directly from her Russian handlers.'

'The notion that Hungarians are being persecuted in Ukraine is insane BUT it’s being pushed by both Orban (who was promised a piece of Ukraine by Putin) and Russian disinfo machine. For an American to suggest this really confirms she is being handled.'"

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It's Professor Snyder. Listen to facts and wisdom.

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Professor Timothy Snyder is so frickin awesome. This is who we all should be listening to. His breadth of knowledge, intelligence, character and heart demonstrate the best of America.

#TimothySnyder #ukraine #politics #uspol #uspolitics #russia #congress

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A electric substation was hit by a drone in Oblast


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Since President Volodymyr Zelensky prioritised the technology, Ukraine has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into long-range drones, capable of searching out and striking distant targets. Half a dozen firms now make them.

So far, Ukraine is ignoring American advice to call off the strikes. “They’re privately telling us to keep going.”

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Hungarian authorities said on Friday they had launched an investigation into opposition figure Peter on suspicions over foreign funding for his campaigns, which have been highly critical of Viktor 's government.

Magyar launched his movement by publicly accusing the government of widespread corruption and running a centralized propaganda machine. Orban aides have rejected his accusations.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene gets destroyed by Professor Timothy regarding her lies about and .


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Short clip:

Yale University History Professor Timothy joins# MSNBC’s Jonathan to discuss why pro- propaganda is so prevalent in the Party.

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@hanse_mina @hanse_mina

The CIA saw a huge spike in the murder and capture of agents at the same time that TRUMP was harboring stolen secret documents

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Trump traitor to America and Ukraine

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Zelensky talks Putin today to NATO Thread


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@omaproud Save the Russian prople from the yoke of imperialism. Set them free and let them become just another country in the world like the rest of us!

Blunders in war have ended empires in the past, they will again.

Let Russia lose spectacularly. Ukraine only needs a proper supply of weapons to do that!

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