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Legal News for Fri 6/7 - SCOTUS Estate Tax Ruling, Netflix Investors Reject AI Transparency, Judge Recused from Gaza Case and TX Library Un-banning Some LGBTQ+ Books https://www.minimumcomp.com/p/legal-news-for-fri-67-scotus-estate?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=mastodon

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Hey #law and #legal adjacent folks on general interest instances, should the mood strike you esq.social is over here whenever you want to check us out.

#lawfedi @law #attorney #lawyer


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@b Hey hey, welcome!

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The IRS is using AI to select returns for audit and has not released details on what exactly that means.

Tax Gap: IRS Should Take Steps to Ensure Continued Improvement in Estimates | U.S. GAO

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Legal News for Thurs 6/6 - US Antitrust Probes into AI, Tax Issues for Restaurants, Pause in Trump GA Case and $1.3b UK Lawsuit Against Amazon by Sellers https://www.minimumcomp.com/p/legal-news-for-thurs-66-us-antitrust?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=mastodon

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It’s what I would do if I Quantum Leaped into the governor's body and Ziggy told me if I reached 0% approval I could leap home. https://esq.social/@andrew/112571475300241491

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NYC is jettisoning congestion pricing, seemingly, which is a huge mistake.

They're seemingly doing it in favor of a generalized payroll tax, which is a ginormous mistake.


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80 years ago today my grandfather began in Normandy what would end, for him, in Nagasaki. A long, long year and a half.

He lived until 1981 but the last pages of his book were written over that span, he just didn't know it yet. He'd be consumed by what he saw as a medic and never recover.

I can't say for certain, but I'd have to imagine he would be disheartened to hear we're still dealing with Nazis.


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Line for line I'll pit "The Wish," and specifically this performance, up against any "this one's for you Mom!" track out there.


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Legal News for Weds 6/5 - FTC vs. Meta, Trump Wants Gag Order Lifted, UK Adtech Lawsuit Against Google, and McDonald's Big Mac Chicken Case https://www.minimumcomp.com/p/legal-news-for-weds-65-ftc-vs-meta?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=mastodon

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Legal News for Tues 6/4 - Big Law Generative AI Embrace, Epoch Times CFO Indicted, FTX Tax Settlement, J&J $260m Trial Verdict, and Column on Sales Suppression https://www.minimumcomp.com/p/legal-news-for-tues-64-big-law-generative?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=mastodon

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This week's column is a bit niche, but in it I argue against a proposed bill in NY that would make presence of a sales suppression device a felony punishable by up to 7 years in prison.

The reality is these sales tax audits often have a racial component, and such a law will merely serve to incarcerate minority business owners left holding the bag -- leaving the makers and marketers of the tools to continue unabated well outside the state's reach.



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There's probably half a dozen reasons I prefer my problematic Swedish music streamer to the eponymous offering from Cupertino, and here's one.

If you like the music in a TV show like "Outer Range?" There's a pretty good chance someone has made a playlist of it. In this case, the playlist was made by the company that makes the show.

This is awesome, and everyone should do this.


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You've seen pappy's epitaph then?

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Put me in any crowd and I will draw the guy that desperately wants to tell someone about the son of a man that used to mow his lawn at the old house.

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Always be closing

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@kellogh @annmlipton

And it was a witch hunt*.

*If witches were real, committing crimes, and they had caught one.

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Legal News for Fri 5/31 - Trump Guilty * 34, Musk Alleged Securities Fraud, CJ Roberts Refuses Meeting with Senators https://www.minimumcomp.com/p/legal-news-for-fri-531-trump-guilty?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=mastodon

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Over the last few years the practice portion of my work has slowly transitioned to consulting for other attorneys on or matters and let me tell you, for all the stick our profession gets we don’t make terrible clients.*

*Results not typical, your mileage may vary, see stores for details.


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Tone on a lot of alt-right looney tune sites today seems to be "if they would do this to a president, imagine what they'd do to you or me."

Which kind of betrays the broader MAGA thinking, I believe, which is that they're all kind of political operators in their own right. They're important. They might be “targets" themselves, just as much as #Trump.

"Nobodies” trying to be “somebodies” — dangerous.

I bet the Venn diagram of #MAGA folks and conspiracy theorists is nearly a perfect circle.

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It’s gonna be so wild when he self-pardons in January.

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I think, owing to the fact that he can't pardon himself for a state crime, that potential reality-thread is even worse.

He is sentenced, he appeals, he wins the presidency, loses his appeal after he is inaugurated, and says something to the state of NY to the effect of either a) “You know where I live on Pennsylvania Avenue, if you want to arrest me come and get me." (bad) or b) makes the argument that putting the sitting president in prison is a national security issue.

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IRS Direct File is a major win for the #Biden administration that doesn’t get a lot of attention.

Giving taxpayers an option to remove themselves from the marketplace of scammy for-profit preparation services is a major victory for all parties.

Other than the scammy for-profit preparation services, I guess.


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Legal News for Thurs 5/30 - Alito Won't Recuse, Jurors Deliberate in Trump Trial, QB Sues Florida Over NIL Deal and Jenna Ellis Law License Suspended https://www.minimumcomp.com/p/legal-news-for-thurs-530-alito-wont?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=mastodon

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My favorite thing about tethering is


nothing is my favorite thing about tethering

Please, cellular Macs already!

(Today's anti-favorite: if the phone loses reception for even a moment — common on trains! — it disconnects tethering and never reconnects. You're just offline until you notice. Then you need to reconnect from the Mac's Wi-Fi menu again, after waiting for the option to become available, a process that's almost as slow as dialing up your ISP with a modem in the 1900s.)

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Old info but I used to have more success tethering (and specifically with the disconnection issue) if I connected the iPhone and the mac via USB. I'm not sure if anything is happening over the cable, or if it was just placebo, but Apple seems to suggest there is something to it.


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@andrew I'm not a mathematician, but I think a ratio of 1:83 would mean men have 83 TIMES the wealth of women.

The document you cite is entirely about TOP wealthholders (and says so over and over), so it's not exactly about "men and women" so much as "very rich men and very rich women" (assets over $11M). I also don't see the ratio you cite anywhere in it, but I admit that I only skimmed and text searched it.

I completely believe in a wealth disparity between men and women, but your details are a mess.

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You're right, I overstated it by not noting it was $11m+. I deleted it and will reframe more clearly.

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Legal News for Tues 5/28 - Closing Arguments in Trump Trial, Rejection of Musk's $56b Pay by Proxy Firm, Meta's Court Ruling on Stakeholderism https://www.minimumcomp.com/p/legal-news-for-tues-528-closing-arguments?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=mastodon

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    Nope, not "well actually" at all -- you're right. I fat fingered a “:" where there should have been a “.”

    1.83 meaning 183%

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