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Ya know, Peggy from Twitter. Artist, writer, musician, was in an anthology on the NYT Bestseller list. Should really find the time to get back to making my comic at some point….

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samhainnight, to random
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Gonna try to assemble a bookshelf in the den. Might be hard, though because that's the room with most of the boxes in it. But I can't unpack them unless I have somewhere to put the stuff, so...🤷‍♀️

ai6yr, to Alaska
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@ai6yr That seems bad…

samhainnight, to random
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Reading up on electric fences to keep bears out of the yard, as you do. So far, I haven’t found anything that would keep bears out that wouldn’t hurt the dogs.

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@ai6yr Cost is a barrier for putting up two fences, and I don’t want to zap the doggies…

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@mycotropic I’m thinking no

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@ai6yr hmm...

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@Pikestreet Interesting!

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@SKleefeld Thhhppp!

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@SKleefeld No, I don’t want to shock my doggies, especially old, blind Hank.

BlogWood, to random
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Florida attorney general says state will investigate Starbucks for DEI practices

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@BlogWood Ron DeSantis, not content with having his ass handed to him by Disney, decides to take on Starbucks.

cdarwin, to random
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Trump is plotting ways to make it illegal to prosecute him for all the crimes he plans to commit if he retakes the White House
—and he’s tapping GOP leaders to carry out the plan, according to sources who spoke with Rolling Stone.

Trump has held meetings with “several” Republican lawmakers and attorneys about passing legislation to indemnify "former presidents" from nonfederal prosecutions
—an idea he probably wishes he thought of during his first term and before getting hit with a dazzling array of criminal and civil charges over and over and over and over and over again.

Sitting presidents are granted presidential immunity for actions they take in their official capacity, but that doesn’t extend beyond the presidency or apply to activities unrelated to the presidency.
This, however, doesn’t absolve him from crimes he committed prior to and after his time in office, nor does it extend to nonfederal crimes.

Trump hinted at his new scheme during a break from his hush-money trial, telling cameras Congress needs to
“pass lots of laws” to prevent “things like this”
(Trump being charged for crimes).
Whether the ploy will work is a matter of elections: Trump would need to win in November, and Republicans would need to control the House and Senate.

Despite that, efforts have been underway to shield Trump from prosecution, including the introduction of the
“No More Political Prosecutions Act” introduced to the House in 2023 by Republican Representative Russell Fry,
which seeks to move state and civil cases against current and former presidents and vice presidents up to federal courts, effectively freezing those cases.
Simultaneously, Trump’s team has been working to revive and expand a Nixon-era Department of Justice memo prohibiting the prosecution of sitting presidents—and former presidents.

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@cdarwin Once again, a memo is NOT a law, and has no legal standing.

alexanderhay, to technology
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"'I was misidentified as shoplifter by tech...'

"...[Sara] says after her bag was searched she was... banned from all stores using the .

"I was just crying and crying the entire journey home… 'Oh, will my life be the same? I'm going to be looked at as a shoplifter when I've never stolen'.

" later wrote to Sara and acknowledged it had made an error..."


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@alexanderhay Lawsuit.

pezmico, to NewZealand
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So in today's Q&A, the Minister of Education was asked what does she think should be done now that schools have become a meat grinder chewing through teachers, relievers, aids and students and if sending sick kids to school would make it worse. (my paraphrase)

Her answer was that they recognise that and are working hard on making sure more meat is available to throw into the grinder. (my paraphrase again)

No actual solutions there. No ability to adapt to reality.

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@pezmico It's sad how many countries this conversation could apply to

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@pezmico Indeed

juliewebgirl, to random
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Stoplights are

If you can't manage to stop when the stoplight is and has been red, GTF off the road.

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@juliewebgirl There's SO much more bad driving now!

GottaLaff, to random
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🤦🏻‍♀️“New policy to stop use of gender pronouns by public univ faculty & staff in official correspondence is also keeping Native American employees from listing their tribal affiliations in a state w a long & violent history of conflict w tribes.

Two University of SD faculty members, Megan Red Shirt-Shaw & her husband, John Little, have long incl their gender pronouns & tribal affiliations in their work email signature blocks..both received written warnings”

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@GottaLaff No gender pronouns in emails? Do they even hear themselves? The stupidity is stunning!

thepoliticalcat, to random
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Ah, geeze, I'm in so much pain again. This is how bad it is. I'm really happy about the fact that I did not wake up screaming from the pain. OK, this is how SICK I is. I think this is hilariously funny. 😂 😂

Two days in a row I did not wake up screaming. This means I MUST be feeling better! Yay! 😂

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@thepoliticalcat (((gentle hugs)))

samhainnight, (edited ) to StarTrek
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Everyone remember to watch Lower Decks tomorrow to help save the show!

If everyone binge watches tomorrow, Paramount might decide to not cancel it.
Lower Decks has all the heart of Star Trek and is hilarious too! Please help keep this show going!
(Lower Decks Binge Day is May 25)

arstechnica, to random
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NASA and Boeing are getting comfortable launching Starliner with a known leak

Fixing the helium leak would likely delay the Starliner crew test flight several months.


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@KellicTiger @arstechnica I know it’s not, but it makes me wonder what else is wrong, and yes, it’s definitely not Apollo era standards.

markwyner, to photography
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I love this photo from our yard. The tree yields a single pear. Every time. It’s wild.

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I had a little nut tree
Nothing would it bear
But a silver nutmeg
& a golden pear.
The king of Spain's daughter
Came to visit me
& all was because of
My little nut tree.
I skipped over water
I danced over sea
& all the birds in the air
Could not catch me

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@markwyner It's from Lullabies and Night Songs by Alex Wilder and Maurice Sendak, but the original song is traditional, I think.

DenisCOVIDinfoguy, to auscovid19
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Lady Gaga splits fans after admitting she had Covid during 5 live shows.

"The star then revealed that she “did 5 shows with Covid” as she didn’t want to cancel and disappoint the tens of thousands of supporters who planned to attend." 🤦‍♂️


Source: https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/lady-gaga-chromatica-ball-covid-tour-when-b2550949.html

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@mivox @DenisCOVIDinfoguy @lisamelton @auscovid19 probably everyone in the first few rows at least, bot to mention her crew.

BootsChantilly, to random
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The report hasn’t actually been signed off on or released yet, but Lab Corp put it in their portal for the Halo Imaging doc … & that means I have it, too! I think the hemosiderin-laden macrophages are from my lung issues. Why that would show up in my thyroid, I do not know—& also, since they’re not being caused by cancer, I’m wondering if my thyroid symptoms indicate Graves? I don’t know. I guess I will once they release the report to my doc & I speak with/ her.


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@BootsChantilly Oh, thank goodness!

pvonhellermannn, (edited ) to random
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My discipline, anthropology, is not seen as a “growth" discipline, and departments are being closed down. But the world needs Anthropology and Anthropologists now more than ever!

Here are my 8 reasons for this:

    At a time of polycrisis, when the destructive fallouts of capitalist modernity are ever more apparent, anthropology highlights that there are myriad alternative ways of thinking and living; that there is so much to learn from other peoples in the world. 1/n
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@urlyman @regenrohr @kofanchen @pvonhellermannn It was the same in the US. Most people went to college to be well educated, not to get job training

Yehuda, to Birds

Boosts appreciated!
My 2nd youngest granddaughter Tehilla's first Cvkvlv medicine bird drawing (ivory-billed woodpecker, see https://cvkvlv.com/pages/about-cvkvlv)

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@Yehuda Very nice!

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