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just doing their job in the midst
Of a mass slaughter of innocent women, children and men

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have the right to speak with the Red Cross and International Law gives Israel broad powers to rescue any Hostages held in .

"The Convention accords a discretion to States in choosing how to respond to -taking, conceivably extending from negotiation at one end of the spectrum to forcible measures of rescue at the other."

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Start of my day2 🧵
(It was a big day, it’d take some scrolling to find the start)


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It's very possible all could fall under Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act.
The federal , called the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, or , requires to stabilize or treat any patient who shows up at an emergency room. Here's a look at the history of EMTALA, what rights it provides patients and how a Supreme Court ruling might change that.


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AI-drafted police reports will absolutely result in mistakes enshrined as facts.

This will permanently impact peoples' lives & freedom.

Story: https://www.forbes.com/sites/thomasbrewster/2024/04/23/axon-ai-police-reports-/?sh=7bdefd5b476b

#AI #artificialintelligence #law #policing #police #taser #courts

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Judge to Consider Holding in for Verbal

Prosecutors in Trump’s trial say he has violated a barring him from attacking , & others close to the case. Testimony is set to resume later Tuesday morning.


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repeated that "writing positive stories about Trump & covering the election, & writing negative stories about his opponents" helped them both, increasing newsstand sales while benefitting the .

★ Importantly, asked him to clarify that suppressing negative news about only benefitted the candidate, not the tabloid. Pecker agreed.

Pecker’s testimony is incredibly damning.

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🚨 asked that the arrangement be kept secret.

Steinglass asked him to explain why.

👀 Pecker said he was helping the , & didn't want it to “leak" that his publication was aiding .

He wanted it "very confidential,' he said.

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When covers were shown, leaned toward the monitor in front of him & squinted to get a closer look at a collection of headlines praising him.

They included:
"Donald Trump - Cruzin to victory! Ted endorses Donald" & "Obama's Half Brother

  • Cheering on Donald at Debate."

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Then discussed the negative headlines attacking 3 of 's opponents in 2016, , & , which prosecutors argued illustrated the outcome of the agreement reached during the Trump Tower meeting.

Pecker said that would “feed” him negative information & that The would "embellish" & add onto it.

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was all over on the negative coverage of in 2016. The acted like it came about organically & Trump was just reacting to it.

Pecker was asked about 's relationship to the Trump campaign. said Cohen always said he didn't work for the campaign, & that he was instead "Mr. Trump's personal attorney." But he also testified that Cohen fed them negative info about opponents.

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"Michael was physically in every aspect of whatever the campaign was working on," said. He added that wasn't officially employed by the campaign, & may have heard things “informally" or "injected himself into it."

Pecker threw defense a bone when he said he didn’t know who Cohen spoke to, & that Cohen may have been acting of his own volition by getting more involved w/the campaign. [sure]

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Prosecutors showed several examples of the negative headlines about 's opponents, , & .

Pecker was being asked about an infamous story linking Cruz's father to the JFK assassination. He said it originated w/ , The Enquirer's editor.

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said that after the , would call him & direct him to focus the negative coverage on whichever candidate had been most successful.

Pecker's testimony isn't just damaging to . He’s killing his career by going through headline after headline & suggesting he attacked Trump's rivals to aid Trump.

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was asked about being introduced to , 's top strategist, in Oct 2016. He recalled Trump said, "I believe you & Steve would get along really well.”

told Pecker that he went thru some articles, liked them, & had ideas.

This all happened around the time of email dump, after a hack of 's adviser John Podesta's acct, & the Trump team used that material A LOT.

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was asked next about Sajudin, a who worked at a bldg & had a story to sell about Trump fathering a child out of wedlock.

the 1st of the 3 [ deals]

Trump visibly responded when this story came up. Like yesterday, he frowned & shook his head.

Pecker said the love child story would’ve been a big story, & he believed it was important to have it "removed from the market." told him "the boss would be very pleased."

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said called him furiously denying the child was Trump's, saying he offered to take a DNA test & bc was German-Irish & the woman was Hispanic, it was impossible.

FTR, Pecker was saying that indicated a child w/a woman couldn't be Trump's. ( 🤬 that he is)

Trump often talks "good genes" & bloodlines. He denigrates from & says undocumented immigrants are "poisoning the blood of our country."

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Regardless of whether the story was true or not, the was shown a the reached w/ Sajudin, the , in which the words "Donald Trump's illegitimate child" feature prominently.

asked Pecker why he paid so much for the story.
“I made the decision to buy the story because of the potential embarrassment it would have to the & Mr. ," Pecker said.

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This is the epitome of & said several times in different ways that he was acting on 's behalf.

moved on to the 2nd catch-&-kill deal, involving fmr .

Pecker testified that he asked , the fmr editor of The , to investigate 's story & that he told he had done so.

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indicated his conversations w/ increased in frequency & they began communicating multiple times a day at that point.

recommended they communicate over , an encrypted app, which is often used for conversations that a person wants to keep private.

Multiple reports say 's body language changed when Pecker started testifying about the deal involving .

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started moving his head, squinting & pursing his lips, & crossed his arms over his chest.

said he advised Trump to pay for 's story himself.

“I think you should buy it," he recalled saying directly to Trump. He said Trump told him he'd “think about it” & have call Pecker back.

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was selling a story of having had a long affair w/ .

said that was becoming increasingly agitated as then editor, , traveled to hear her story.

“It looked like he was getting a lot of pressure to get the answer, like, right away," Pecker said of Cohen.

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finished testifying for the day; he’ll be back Thursday.

Judge gave the usual warnings, plus a new one:

To report anyone who seeks to violate - it sounded as if someone has already approached a juror inappropriately.

has a documented history of

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The day concluded with/o a final decision from Justice on whether will be held in & fined for violating his . Merchan could issue a written ruling at any point, or rule from the bench later. There is no deadline.

Trump, as always, spouted a bunch of BS in the hallway outside the courtroom.

This time he brought props, he held up a stack of printed articles that he said he wasn’t sure he could share because of the gag order 🙄

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While talking to reporters, said, "I'd love to talk to you people, I'd love to say anything that's on my mind, but I'm restricted."

He again criticized the trial as an attempt to interfere w/his current campaign. He complained that President Biden was free to campaign while he was stuck in a courtroom, [don’t do the crime…] "sitting up as straight as I can all day long."

He just said remaining upright is too much for him.

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Like passing the aid to our allies, I predict and will join together to re-elect President in 2024.
And it will be an early night.

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have the right to speak with the Red Cross and International Law gives Israel broad powers to rescue any Hostages held in .

"The Convention accords a discretion to States in choosing how to respond to -taking, conceivably extending from negotiation at one end of the spectrum to forcible measures of rescue at the other."

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Gag Him. The gag order is for dangerous criminals, he will be found in contempt tomorrow

1.- In May 2023, the court issued a protective order prohibiting Trump from disclosing on social media or elsewhere any discovery received from the prosecution.

  • In Feb 2024, DANY sought a gag order to prevent Trump from making statements outside of court to threaten, intimidate, or harass jurors, prosecutors, witnesses, or court staff.
  1. Violations
  • On the opening day of the trial, Trump was in already in contempt of court for violating the gag order.
  • Despite the warning, Trump continued to make statements that violated the order.
  1. Judge Merchan granted DANY's request to restrict Trump's prejudicial extrajudicial statements.
  • The gag order prohibits from making or directing others to make public statements about witnesses, families, court staff, and jurors.
  1. Consequences?
  • If found in contempt, 1k & 30 days in jail each charge or other penalties for disobeying.

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Judge Merchan should sentence NY prisoner P01135809 to 30 days in jail for his contempt charge. He is currently out on bail release. Yes, it's long overdue. The criminal defendant seems to be angling for that.


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