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Avian flu outbreak raises a disturbing question:
Is our food system built on poop?

If it’s true that you are what you eat, then most beef-eating Americans consist of a smattering of poultry feathers, urine, feces, wood chips and chicken saliva, among other food items.

As epidemiologists scramble to figure out how dairy cows throughout the Midwest became infected with a strain of highly pathogenic avian flu
— a disease that has decimated hundreds of millions of wild and farmed birds, as well as tens of thousands of mammals across the planet
— they’re looking at a standard “recycling” practice employed by thousands of farmers across the country:

The feeding of animal waste and parts to livestock raised for human consumption.

“It seems ghoulish, but it is a perfectly legal and common practice for chicken litter
— the material that accumulates on the floor of chicken growing facilities
— to be fed to cattle,” said Michael Hansen, a senior scientist with Consumers Union.


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“Today, the Court strips the EPA of the power Congress gave it to respond to ‘the most pressing environmental challenge of our time,’”
Justice Elena Kagan wrote in a dissenting opinion joined by Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Stephen Breyer.
“Whatever else this Court may know about, ⭐️it does not have a clue about how to address climate change. ⭐️Yet the Court today prevents congressionally authorized agency action to curb power plants’ carbon dioxide emissions.
The Court appoints itself
—instead of Congress or the expert agency
—the decisionmaker on climate policy. I cannot think of many things more frightening.”

A number of energy magnates and fossil fuel trade groups pushed for the case that could kneecap the agency and boost their profits.
But perhaps no one did more to bring West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency to the Supreme Court
— or ensure that ultraconservative justices would be on the bench to decide in the companies’ favor
— than .

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The U.S. just changed how it manages a tenth of its land

For decades, the federal government has prioritized oil and gas drilling, hardrock mining and livestock grazing on public lands across the country.

That could soon change under a far-reaching Interior Department rule that puts , and development on equal footing with resource extraction.
The final rule released Thursday represents a seismic shift in the management of roughly 245 million acres of public property
— about one-tenth of the nation’s land mass.

It is expected to draw praise from conservationists and legal challenges from fossil fuel industry groups and Republican officials,
some of whom have lambasted the move as a “land grab.”
Interior’s Bureau of Land Management, known as the nation’s largest landlord, has long offered leases to and gas companies, firms and .

Now, for the first time, the nearly 80-year-old agency will auction off “ leases” and “ leases” to entities with plans to restore or conserve public lands.


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Georgia lawmaker runs secret election-conspiracy Telegram channel

A Fulton county commissioner in Georgia has been
operating a private Telegram channel for years,
propagating debunked claims about the 2020 election,
and spreading accusations of crimes by county employees,
including , an election worker defamed by Rudy Giuliani in the wake of Donald Trump’s 2020 loss.

, a Republican representing the relatively conservative cities of Fulton county north of Atlanta,
indirectly identifies herself as the creator and administrator of the Fulton County Elections channel on Telegram,
a mobile messaging platform,
in multiple posts to its page.

The channel uses the official logo of the Fulton county board of registration and elections.

The channel, created in May 2021, had 133 subscribers as of Tuesday night.

In a post from 14 February, the administrator of the page accused
Ruby Freeman,
a former Fulton county elections worker,
of misconduct,
despite a Georgia elections board finding that all of the conspiracy theories about her were “false and unsubstantiated”.
“We clearly see her double scanning ballots,” the channel administrator wrote about Freeman, a regular target of attention on the Telegram page.
“We see her incriminating Facebook posts. Yet, she is made to be a victim and given hero awards.”

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It’s not just Donald Trump who’s in Vladimir Putin’s pocket.
For more than 25 years, a large swath of the GOP has enjoyed mutually rewarding relationships with Russian operatives
funding and working with K Street lobbyists, political consultants, super PACs, campaign fundraising operations, disinformation and propaganda campaigns, social media operations, cyber-warfare efforts, money laundering schemes, think tanks harboring Russian intelligence operatives, and much, much more.

Jonathan Winer, former deputy assistant secretary of state for international law enforcement, has observed
the relationship for years:
“If you go back to the days of Jack Abramoff, when Americans started going to Moscow in the ’90s, and then to Paul Manafort in Ukraine, and so on, you start to see the spine 💥of a secret influence campaign between the Republicans and Russia that has been built up over decades,” 💥he said.
“It goes right up to Tucker Carlson rooting for Putin on Fox today. It has been built up over decades, and
it is not new,
and it deeply infects the Republican Party.
You have two forces with deep political ties that are fighting American democracy 👉in order to keep Putin in power and install a Putin-like system in America.
And to that end, 🔥they have penetrated deep into our think tanks, our media, our journalism—everything.”🔥

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Maine has become the latest state to join the 🔸National Popular Vote 🔸compact,
which could transform the way presidents are elected in the United States.

Sixteen states and Washington, D.C., have now pledged to award their combined 209 electoral votes to the presidential candidate who wins the nationwide popular vote.

The compact will only go into effect once supporters of the compact control at least 270 votes.

Support for the National Popular Vote compact has grown in recent years after both George W. Bush and Donald Trump were elected president despite losing the popular vote.


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Arizona Republicans again block effort to repeal 1864 near-total abortion ban

After days of nationwide debate over the Arizona supreme court’s recent decision
to uphold a near-total abortion ban from the 19th century,
Arizona’s Republican-controlled statehouse
has again quashed an effort to repeal the ban.

Republicans, who hold a one-seat majority in both the Arizonahouse and senate,
on Wednesday shot down a procedural measure in the statehouse
that would have enabled the chamber to vote on a bill to repeal the ban.

Just one Republican, the representative Matt Gress, voted with the house’s 29 Democrats,
but the 30-30 split was not enough to move forward.


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Leonard Leo is not a household name in these United States,
unless you reside in the household of a conservative billionaire
or a justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS).

Then you would be aware that Leo is one of the most influential individuals in the country,
who has been remarkably successful in serving as a
matchmaker between conservative justices and fabulously wealthy conservative Americans.

He’s forged a convenient marriage of monetary power with judicial power.

Leo played an outsized role in the installation of the Supreme Court’s six-member conservative supermajority.

He cut his teeth working for the appointment of Clarence Thomas.

His strong support for all five of the other Republican appointees was instrumental in seating them.

Leo also gets much credit for placing a tremendous number of
ideologues on the various circuits of the U.S. appellate courts,
particularly during the Trump presidency.


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‘Water is more valuable than oil’:

Corporations cashing in on America’s drought

One of the biggest battles over Colorado River water is being staged in one of the west’s smallest rural enclaves:
Tucked into the bends of the lower Colorado River, Cibola, Arizona, is a community of about 200 people. Maybe 300, if you count the weekenders who come to boat and hunt.
Nearly a decade ago, 💥Greenstone Resource Partners LLC, 💥
a private company backed by global investors,
bought almost 500 acres of agricultural land here in Cibola.

In a first-of-its-kind deal,
👉the company recently sold the water rights tied to the land to the town of Queen Creek,
a suburb of Phoenix, for a $14m gross profit.

More than 2,000 acre-feet of water from the Colorado River that was once used to irrigate farmland is now flowing, through a canal system, to the taps of homes more than 200 miles away.
Greenstone strategically purchased land and influence to advance the deal. -- The company was able to do so by exploiting the arcane water policies governing the Colorado River.
Experts expect that such transfers will become more common as thirsty towns across the west seek increasingly scarce water.
The climate crisis and chronic overuse have sapped the Colorado River watershed,
leaving cities and farmers alike to contend with shortages.
Amid a deepening drought and declines in the river’s reservoirs,
Greenstone and firms like it have been discreetly acquiring thousands of acres of farmland


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Damage found inside Glen Canyon Dam increases water risks on the Colorado River

Federal officials have discovered damage inside Glen Canyon Dam that could force limits on how much Colorado River water is released at low reservoir levels,
raising risks the Southwest could face shortages that were previously unforeseen.

The damage was recently detected in four 8-foot-wide steel tubes
— called the river outlet works
— that allow water to pass through the dam in northern Arizona when Lake Powell reaches low levels.

Dam managers spotted deterioration in the tubes after conducting an exercise last year that sent large flows from the dam into the Grand Canyon.

To reduce risks of additional damage, federal Bureau of Reclamation officials have determined that flows should be reduced in the event of low reservoir levels.

The infrastructure problems in one of the country’s largest dams have created new complications as water managers representing seven Western states negotiate long-term plans for reducing water use to address the river’s chronic supply-demand gap and adapt to the effects of climate change.

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Mike Johnson, speaking at a House Republican leadership news conference,
said it is “absurd” to try to throw him out of the office right now.

Here’s Johnson:
“I am not resigning. And it is, in my view, an absurd notion that someone would bring a vacate motion when we are simply here trying to do our jobs. It is not helpful to the cause, it is not helpful to the country, it does not help the House Republicans advance our agenda, which is in the best interest of the American people here — a secure border, sound governance – and it’s not helpful to the unity that we have in the body.”

But let’s be clear — It’s not great when a speaker has to go out and publicly declare that he’s not resigning just 174 days into his tenure.


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Many experts believe that tests which analyze substances in the blood represent a remarkable new chapter in cancer detection.
The tests may be especially useful finding “silent” cancers
— such as pancreatic or ovarian cancer
— which often don’t cause symptoms until the disease is advanced and more difficult to treat.

“It opens up a whole new world,” said Eric Klein, a scientist at the health-care company Grail who developed Galleri, a multi-cancer detection test.
“It’s the unmet need we face in cancer.”


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Justice Alito told the plaintiff's lawyer “You may be biting off more than you can chew if you are indeed suggesting that the ‘otherwise’ clause can only be read the way you read it. It can certainly be read the way the government reads it and that might be the more straightforward reading.”


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Powerful conservative funds hand out to pro-Trump far-right groups

Two powerful conservative non-profits have donated millions of dollars to a number of
pro-Trump groups led by key far-right allies

and others that have promoted election , anti-immigrant policies and legal challenges to bolster the movement.
Based in Wisconsin, the ♦️Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation♦️
and the ♦️Bradley Impact Fund ♦️in 2022 separately
doled out six- and seven-figure checks
to groups such as Miller’s America First Legal and Kirk’s Turning Point USA,
and other Trump-friendly bastions such as the and Michael Flynn’s ’s .

Watchdog groups that track money in politics say the 🔥Bradley Foundation🔥
and the closely-tied 🔥Bradley Impact Fund 🔥
have become increasingly influential in funding the ecosystem in recent years as Trump is all but certain to be the Republican 2024 presidential nominee.


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IDF chief of staff says Israel will respond to Iran missile attack

N12 reported that Israel intended to coordinate with the US on its response,
but the Biden administration has said repeatedly it will not take part or assist any Israeli counterattack.

US officials appeared resigned on Monday that the Israeli government would not heed Biden’s advice to “take the win” of having shot down the overwhelming majority of incoming Iranian missiles and drones on Saturday night and Sunday morning, and that there would be some sort of Israeli response.

Iran’s foreign minister, Hossein Amirabdollahian, told his Chinese counterpart on Tuesday that Tehran was willing to exercise restraint and had no intention of further escalating the situation, according to state media.

Some hardline Israeli security establishment figures may view this weekend’s developments as a window of opportunity to go after Iran’s nuclear facilities,
where Iranian technicians have come much closer to making weapons-grade uranium since the collapse of a 2015 nuclear deal,
triggered by Donald Trump’s unilateral withdrawal from the agreement.

As with Saturday’s attack on Israel, the amount of casualties or damage caused by a direct Israeli retaliation would be likely to determine Iran’s next move.

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Maine will become the latest state to join an interstate effort to 🌟elect the nation’s president by a popular vote, 🌟Gov. Janet Mills (D) announced Monday.

Mills said she will allow the legislation to become law without her signature,
paving the way for to join the 💥National Popular Vote Interstate Compact💥
a proposal aimed at
👉guaranteeing the presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Under the proposal, each state would give all its electoral votes to the candidate who wins the national popular vote for president,
no matter how the individual states voted in an election.

The compact, however, is on hold and will not come into play for this November’s election.

The proposal must receive state pledges that equal at least 270 electoral votes,
the number needed to elect a president, Mills said.

🔸Sixteen states and Washington, D.C., have already joined the compact🔸, and with the addition of Maine,
👍 the law has 209 electoral votes so far, the governor added.
It is not immediately clear if congressional approval is needed for the compact to be implemented.


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Ubik is a 1969 science fiction novel by American writer Philip K. Dick.

The story is set in a future 1992 where psychic powers are utilized in corporate espionage, while cryonictechnology allows recently deceased people to be maintained in a lengthy state of hibernation.

It follows Joe Chip, a technician at a psychic agency who begins to experience strange alterations in reality that can be temporarily reversed by a mysterious store-bought substance called Ubik.

This work expands upon characters and concepts previously introduced in the vignette "What the Dead Men Say".


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A new report, called "The Fraud of Plastic Recycling," accuses the plastics industry of a decades-long campaign "…to mislead the public about the viability of plastic recycling,"
despite knowing the "technical and economic limitations that make plastics unrecyclable" at a large scale.
"They couldn't ever lie about the existence of plastic waste," said Allen.
"But they created a lie about how we could solve it, and that was recycling."
Tracy asked, "If plastic recycling is technically difficult, if it doesn't make a whole lot of economic sense, why has the plastics industry pushed it?"
"The plastics industry understands that selling recycling sells plastic,
and they'll say pretty much whatever they need to say to continue doing that," Allen replied. "That's how they make money."

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I’m pleased to announce a preliminary agreement between and the Department of Commerce to bring Samsung’s
💥advanced semiconductor manufacturing 💥and research and development to .

This announcement, will unleash over $40 billion in investment from Samsung, and cement 🔸central Texas’s role as a state-of-the-art semiconductor ecosystem, 🔸creating at least 21,500 jobs and 🔸leveraging up to $40 million in CHIPS funding to 🔸train and develop the local workforce


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Trump trade advisers plot dollar devaluation

Advisers close to the Donald Trump
— particularly his former trade chief #Robert #Lighthizer
— are considering policies that would #weaken the dollar relative to other currencies, which could juice U.S. #exports but also fuel #inflation.


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Please, please think about the language you use and that you let others use in front of you. If you don’t call out derogatory words about people who are somehow regarded as different, hate is normalised and you’re complicit.

I was having a drink on a warm spring evening – then a nail bomb exploded just feet away


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"Gettysburg, wow—I go to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, to look and to watch," Trump said.
"And the statement of Robert E. Lee, who's no longer in favor—did you ever notice it? He's no longer in favor. 'Never fight uphill, me boys, never fight uphill.' They were fighting uphill, he said, 'Wow, that was a big mistake,' he lost his big general. 'Never fight uphill, me boys,' but it was too late," Trump added.
Newsweek contacted Trump's 2024 campaign team for comment by email on Sunday morning


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Hey, it's Harry Dunn – former Capitol police officer and current Democrat for Congress in Maryland’s third district.

Unfortunately, I'm no stranger to a barrage of attacks.

On January 6, I was attacked physically and verbally by violent insurrectionists. They hit, kicked and punched us. They sprayed us with bear spray, pepper spray, WD-40. They yelled racial slurs at me and my fellow officers of color.

And the attacks from MAGA-extremists have persisted. When I testified before Congress, the slew of hate in my inbox was sickening. When I released my book, I could hardly look at social media. When I announced my campaign for Congress, MAGA supporters threatened my life.

But despite the attacks, I'm here – running for Congress to protect our democracy.

And now, a MAGA-backed PAC is spending six-figures on one of my opponents. This interference from a billionaire funded super PAC is an attack on our democratic process and this grassroots campaign we've built together.

If we allow outsiders to decide the outcome of this election, our democracy is one step closer to dying.

Can I count on you to chip in and join my team of grassroots supporters who want to protect our democracy?


Appreciate you,

Harry 💙

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Oklahoma is where two realities collide:
💥It is one of 16 states that have banned abortion almost entirely.
💥And it has some of the highest rates of intimate partner violence nationwide

People might not realize how dangerous it is to be pregnant in the context of an abusive relationship

And abortion restrictions, obviously, just make that even more difficult.


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Why are there so many unanswered questions about Trump’s background?
🔸Why is Trump fighting so hard to hold on to the presidency? 🔸Why did Trump say during the campaign “If I lose, I might have to leave the country? 🔸Why wasn’t that question considered to be as relevant as any issue? 🔸Why was Trump considered a good businessman when he failed in almost every business venture he ventured in? 🔸Why was Trump trusted after lying 30,000 plus times during his presidency? 🔸Why did Trump give classified information to the Russians? 🔸Why did Trump give classified information to the Australian businessman? 🔸Why has the media’s appetite for his garbage, like having a tapeworm hungry for more and more? 🔸Why did Trump surround himself with mostly sycophants who ended up leaving or violating the law? 🔸Why have significant numbers of Americans supported him under very questionable circumstances? 🔸Why is Trump treating January 6 as a walk in the park? 🔸Why is so much time and credibility given to polls when yesterday’s results are not applicable tomorrow?
🔸Why is so much time and credibility given to Focus Groups of ten or twelve people? 🔸Why are so many people unhappy and willing to hitch their wagon to the Trump bandwagon? 🔸Why are so many people in the Republican Party so intimidated by Donald Trump? 🔸Why does the media hang on every breath Donald Trump takes? 🔸Why don’t the Democrats understand what it takes to put Trump and the Republicans away? 🔸Why are people in politics so territorial? 🔸Why has it taken the Democrats so long to pick Trump apart? 🔸Why is McConnell considered an astute Leader? 🔸Why are people in most southern states still fighting the Civil War? 🔸Why don’t people in most red states appreciate the federal government money they receive to more than keep afloat is compliments of Blue states? 🔸Why does Trump’s behavior describe the qualities of the classic coward? 🔸Why don’t the Democrats go after Judge Cannon? 🔸Why don’t the Democrats go after Clarence Thomas?
🔹Why don’t the gurus for the Democrats pay more attention to Bill Bernbach’s approach to communicating? An example: “We are so busy measuring public opinion that we forget we can mold it. We are so busy listening to statistics./ We forget we can create them.”
Democrats should take the fight to the Republicans. Not wait for the injustices to become so obvious that they’re forced to respond. Demonstrate a sense of Winning. Not whining.


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