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Aries crone emerita. I meme, therefore I am. #Thinker; #writer; #painter; #poet; #digitalart creator; #photographer; fierce #liberal; former Dem #ResistanceActivist on TW with 26k followers, but I’m here for the art. 🌈Ally. #Disabled & living life from my couch in sunny #NorCal, but my ❤️ is in #Paris. Perennial #geology student of the PNW, #Zentnerd. If reincarnation is true, I’m returning as a Northern Royal Albatross. SFBA.social Supporter 🔶OK TO REPOST MEMES🔶

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LoisBryan, to art
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So happy to announce that "Wild Beauty Painted" came in First in the 5/27/2024 contest "Birds" held by the Digital Art And Photography Group. Most sincere thanks to the contest administrator, Anas Afash, and to everyone who voted for my image. Congratulations to the other winners!


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Really beautiful work!

knittingknots2, to random
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Tornado outbreak kills over 20 people as severe storms target East Coast


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@knittingknots2 None of those states are “East Coast,” are they? (Not snark— puzzled)

LoganFive, to random
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Things that should burn more calories than they do:
-Writing an email to someone you hate but have to work with
-Being on the phone with insurance companies
-Family gatherings
-Cleaning your bathroom
-Trying to explain yourself

Feel free to add more.

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Cooking anything that takes longer than 10 minutes.

w7voa, to random
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Trump asks judge in classified documents case to sanction the special counsel for “improperly” requesting a gag order be imposed on the former president. https://storage.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.flsd.648653/gov.uscourts.flsd.648653.583.0_1.pdf

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nutjob4life, to random
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Because there are always pregnant people, the average number of skeletons in a body is greater than one

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cynblogger, to random
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TRUTH is drowning in American culture.

Between the media’s pigheaded refusal to report unvarnished, unbiased FACTS, the uncontrolled marketing & usage of AI, foreign power misinformation bots, the apparent inability of any Republican or GOP media to speak the truth, and Trump’s incoherent and relentless lies, we don’t know anymore what is factual & what is MAGA’s magical thinking.

Pres. Biden’s Administration has racked up remarkable achievements since his inauguration, but millions of Americans are grimly unaware and will vote accordingly.

🚨We have a responsibility to tell the truth about Democrats’ agenda & Pres. Biden’s accomplishments.

🚨We have a responsibility to tell the truth about Trump’s plans to destroy our democracy, beginning with the US Constitution.

cynthiarose, to random
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Was just taking a spider outside and five jets flew overhead in formation. Two blue, two white, one orange. I think. Looks like they were following Hwy 24 west-to-east. Fleet Week isn’t til October. What the fuck?

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There used to be an air show in Watsonville this weekend…maybe there’s one in the Bay Area?

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Sounds likely. 😊

rabbijill, to random
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Perhaps it’s important to say, for those of you not in the same loop I’m in, that my friends & colleagues in Israel are in the streets demonstrating against the war and the corrupt Netanyahu government every day. The families of the hostages are also out in the streets demanding new elections. Every death - Palestinian and Israeli - is heartbreaking.

And for anyone thinking that trump is going to be a great friend to Israel, he’s not. Netanyahu and trump are bit from the same cloth. Both are dangerous.

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You’ve been in my thoughts so much since the initial attack. ❤️

LikeItOrLumpIt, to random
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I came

I saw

I overthunk it

cynblogger, (edited )
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Cogitavi eam

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I just noticed auto-correct screwed up “vidi”
Serves me right for being a smart ass.

I did take Latin and LUVVVVVVED it…great foundation for French & medical/legal work, too. Still remember how excited I was the first day as a freshman in Latin. (8 years of Catholic school behind me when much was still in Latin).

Yours was funnier. 😁

SteveThompson, to ai
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"Jennifer Lopez Says AI Has Been ‘Really Scary’: Ads Are ‘Selling Skincare I Know Nothing About’ Using My Face Covered in ‘Wrinkles’"


"The multi-hyphenate stars in Netflix's new AI sci-fi action movie 'Atlas.'"

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Just my opinion, but as a tech pioneer from the 1970’s, I think AI in all of its current incarnations should be withdrawn from usage & commercial development halted until all copyrights are respected, no personal images (recognizable faces) are allowed, all deep fake technology banned with significant penalties attached, and the current hot mess cleaned the hell up.

It wasn’t ready for marketable use, it’s dangerous currently, and it will only get exponentially worse if left to grow like the cancer it presently is.

DemocracyMattersALot, to random
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The United States may have never held a presidential election in which the voting public was so badly misinformed. We can blame biased news media, scammers on social media, foreign interference, and politicians who intentionally mislead us. But ultimately, voters must learn to separate fact from falsehood.

Will misinformation decide the 2024 presidential election? https://thehill.com/opinion/campaign/4685012-misinformation-2024-presidential-election/

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@Osteopenia_Powers @DemocracyMattersALot
I’m using this in a meme unless you object. Thanks. 😊

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@Osteopenia_Powers @DemocracyMattersALot
I went for it. You’re credited on the left side in teeny tiny font. Thanks! 😊

VirginiaMurr, to random
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How many "tragic mistakes" does a country need to make in the course of just a couple of months before they re-evaluate themselves?

(Rhetorical question ... expressed out of deep frustration)

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I don’t believe these are “mistakes,” nor do I believe he thinks they are “tragic.”

realTuckFrumper, to random
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Interesting how he blithely ignores the right to protest in the First Amendment yet relies on it so heavily for his own hate-filled rants, including threats against jurists & their families.

AmandaWeaver, to random
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I'm putting this out there to any speakers. I'm looking to practice my listening comprehension. Looking for some sort of audio in Hungarian that has a transcript, also in Hungarian. I'm hoping repeated listening while following along on paper will help me improve.

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Have you checked YouTube?

Nonya_Bidniss, to random
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They were never "losers" or "suckers." They were great human beings who chose a hard path for many different reasons. They loved their country. They made sacrifices for the person on their left and right.

A person who doesn't even attempt to understand that bond should never be Commander in Chief.

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arod, to random
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I'm looking forward to teaching at the college level again this fall, in the music department at Wellesley College. Just starting to put together my syllabi for American Popular Music and Sound Art With Electronics. Is there anything you'd wish you had learned about either of those topics in your early 20s?

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Getting this generation acquainted with the music of 1930-1950 would be an eye & ear opener for them.

skoombidoombis, to random
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I can’t. Poor Lucy across the street has been barking for the last three hours because she’s been home alone all day. What kind of people do this. I literally would have dog sat her for the day.

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Let them know you’re available…
Poor Lucy!

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rdp, to random
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I don't normally like to draw attention to myself, but I'm 600 days today. I feel like that's kind of a big deal.

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Well done! Congratulations!

sanderlinr, to random

There were so many times I assumed my husband would never survive the war. So many of our friends died. So many of our friends became widows. I buried him so many times in my mind. And now tonight it’s a gorgeous night and he’s putting steaks on the grill, and our kids are setting the table, and I feel so fucking lucky. I am so lucky. Never forget the families who weren’t as lucky as mine.

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yurnidiot, to random
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I would FREAK if I saw mammatus clouds IRL!

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