Actually, there are more cases of domestic violence than false accusations. How come we’re not worried about false accusations of robbery when they happen at the same rate as false accusations of sexual assault? Trust me, there are not karens lurking in every corner trying to make fake reports.

In our society where sexual assault is underreported, and one in 4 women experience domestic violence, why are you putting a comment that wouldn’t help this society improve on this front?

Russia executed 77 civilian detainees in Ukraine - UN (

A United Nations report has accused Russia of summarily executing 77 civilians who were being held in arbitrary detention during its war in Ukraine. The report also documented more than 900 cases of arbitrary detention of civilians, including children and elderly people, with the vast majority of these cases perpetrated by...


So sickening. Hope war will end soon and Russia pays


Maybe that magazine should be linked on this one’s description so people can know about it and its purpose


To make a thread, go to the community you wanna post on, then click Create a new article. It’s confusing I know haha but after I learned that, I haven’t had problems. They might change how that part is organized too to be more clear


It iis easier to sign up for kbin I think because kbin lets you sign up with google or facebook. I did gmail google sign up because I like being lazy.

Kbin is slightly more confusing (they named everything a little weird), so if you do make a account lmk or ask many questions about how to do stuff. It’s easy once I knew stuff like magazine = subreddit


Is there any class in school you’ve done that’s been sustainable for you? If you feel like coding/art is more like a hobby and you don’t want to be stuck doing it forever, maybe there’s something else out there for you that you’d feel content working on a little every day.

If you’re worried about coding as a job from competitiveness though, I think don’t worry too much about it. It’ll work out if you just try your best. Even you doing coding for fun is pretty cool :o


Yeah I have noticed on, a newer server, some of the communities from either kbin or lemmy didn’t update, but then after some time, som of them diiid update, with I think all of the old posts, and even if those old posts didn’t have comments. So maybe that’s why it happened for me but some are still unupdated

How should I be using Lemmy?

With spez ascending the last few remaining levels of becoming an absolute wanker, it's about time I got more active and I have been wondering how should I be using Lemmy efficiently? Like many I migrated from Reddit and I was primarly using Apollo to browse through my subscribed subreddits....


I would actually try to not subscribe to any beehaw communities if you’re not planning to be on beehaw since they’re defederating. I think that means anything you post on those communities can’t be seen by other servers?

You can browse on for a list of every single (Lemmy-only) community.

There’s no equivalent browser site on kbin.

However, another way you can search and get pretty much/nearly all results is by using the community search on the large servers of lemmy and kbin. These large servers try to add every single community, so you can search for both kbin/lemmy communities on these

So for kbin, I use
and you can search’s communities too. You can do searches on these even without an account

If Reddit phased out 3rd party apps gradually and tactfully, do you think this would have gone the way it has? The Reddit app is terrible, but is it any worse than navigating and learning the fediverse so far? Be honest.

I've been thinking a lot about why I decided to come here and I know it started off as a "they can't make me use their shitty app!" while simultaneously using test apps that crash and navigating less content than Reddit. What is the primary motivation for all of this anymore? Is anger enough of a motivation to keep people away...


If this stuff hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t even known how theyve been treating the mods badly since forever xD I definitely would have kept using the app, I was starting to do a lot of doomscrolling on there. I just didn’t know there was anything wrong with the company.

However, them messing up like this opened me to the idea of a social media that isn’t for profit. Even if this stuff hadn’t happened, it would happen later. It happens to all the social medias, and it happened to twitter. Because of this event this time, I learned the term “enshittification”, and I think it’s eventually not possible for the social media companies to continue to be profitable without hurting the user experience more and more.

It’s great to me that this stuff with reddit happened because more is gonna happen anyway. If they get to ipo, they’ll probably give more ads, they’ll probably try to push it even more as a tik tok/youtube shorts experience, which I still think those platforms overtake reddit on this field anyway.

I never thought a social media that isn’t for profit was possible and it’s exciting to me that it might be the direction we go in. I’m excited for both fediverse stuff and also the wikipedia non profit app “trust cafe” wt___something.


I just want ShitPostCrusaders to magically be here and popular xD I miss them


I advertised my kbin magazine on that lemmy community you mentioned :) I’m subscribed to it too. Most of the forums im subscribed to are from lemmy but it’s fine


Are you going to the community and then clicking create new article? Maybe post a screenshot of the issue you run into

Kbin and Lemmy should come to a consensus on how to name stuff

Is there really a reason, for example, for there to be the distinction of "magazine" and "community"? When you're federating, the same features should be called the same, if close enough. That way everyone can talk with everyone about stuff and we all immediately understand each other....


I agreee. With email, there’s different email websites I can use, but it would put me off if I made a gmail account, and everything was labelled differently there compared to thte other email websites.

Like if inbox was called something really strange, I just think it would put me off a lot. I use kbin, and even I think it would help if these were renamed. Kbin is new too! Only a month old, so I don’t even know if the developers felt strongly about calling it a magazine or just needed to label all of these in a way that made sense to them.

But yeah I try to be inclusive and use “communities/magazines” but it feels kind of ridiculous because it’s so long. I don’t even like “communities” because it is so long to type…I like “forums” for both. It makes sense because they are forums, and it’s short. I don’t mind “communities” though, and it would be so great if kbin wants to consider relabelling, but they technically also don’t have to and I still will use it.

But I still think it’s the smart thing to do to make it easier for others to use. Should try to decrease friction so people can use their tool to do other things, rather than spend so much time figuring out how to use the tool.


I feel like it’s not that bad to be uniform in some ways though. There’s lots of different email sites, but the way they’re organized/labelled is very similar.

I feel like if you want that kind of beautiful system where everything’s decentralized yet still able to talk to each other, then it’s better if some things are standard.

Even the general strategy kbin,lemmy, mastodon use have similarities to be able to talk to each other. They’re all on the where we can see all their stats in one place. There was uniformity in a good balance. All three of these use activity pub, which I hear is a good thing. If not, I think there would be less synchronization? And then people might say, hey, we should let everyone develop the way they like, and it’s true, but there’s a good benefit in making some stuff the same


I try to give time and patience to kbin because it’s actually only a month old xD I think it’s this guy called ernesto and some of his friends that are developing for it. They have to fix a lot of things on the site because it’s still in a prototype mode. They work very fast though but yeah I think they’re going as fast as humanly possible right now. I’m glad there is an app being made already right now for both lemmy and kbin.

Mintyytea, (edited )

Yeah I think some people have been making posts today about their tools to bring some posts over…I can try to find it. I didn’t look at it very much yet though

Okay here is the thread from today:

/kbin server update - or how the server didn't blow up

Currently, on the main instance, people have created 40191 accounts (+214 marked as deleted). I don't know how many are active because I don't monitor it, but once again, I greet all of you here :) In recent days, the traffic on the website has been overwhelming. It's definitely too much for the basic docker-compose setup,...


@piotrsikora @ernest Is there an easy way to add all the new communities to an instance? I’ve noticed somehow you’ve been able to add what looks like every magazine, even if it’s newly created.

I could help add new magazines to a new instance others can migrate to, but there’s so many, and I don’t know how to keep up with any new ones created on lemmy or kbin.


Currently it's more work probably than it should be to do this, so for newer people, it's recommended they stay on large instances like or to have the communities searchable.

If you're on a newer server, you can add the community you want.

Click Search (the site, not search for the community)
enter the whole url of the community you wanted - eg.
Click enter and wait for a bit until it's able to find the community and you can hit subscribe button.

It's easy to do, but nothing on the UI helps you find the communities without extra knowledge, so if you're newer, it's a better experience to stay on the larger servers


That's a weird bug. If you set this one - Notify me of new threads in a subscribed magazine - even that one doesn't show notifications? But I guess it's weird it's not notifying you of my replies to you, it should at least do that. If I didn't get notifications of your responses, there's no way I'd be able to know about it I think :/ Sorry you're experiencing this.



Is it possible to rename the display name for this magazine to "ADHD memes"? The original instance updated the display name, but the address will always be the same.

Forum on the original instance is here



Sorry if it's not allowed to post like this (just lmk and I'll delete, or feel free to delete), but do you think it would be a good idea to rename this community to something like "adhdmeme"? I'm browsing from, where the name is just "adhd", which makes it hard for me to differentiate if the post on my feed is coming from lighter forum, or if it's from this slightly more serious forum also called adhd (but from kbin)


Ahh I see, yeah on your instance, I saw it's already called ADHD memes. Thanks, maybe I can contact the first person that subscribed to update the name displayed on kbin.


I don't knoww haha, because I would have to check on the original instance, and most of the time I just subscribe and move on.
I think on one of the developers is adding the new communities very quickly so the display name is based on the address one.

This is what it looks like on -

When I do search on however for a community, ones on lemmy won't show with the display name anyway I think; it will show the address like ""

I was able to find and add this community because of a reddit migration directory to show me this community is for adhdmemes :)


Thanks for responding so fast! I think you already did everything you could. I'm sure it will be better once someone is able to change the display title at least. I'm glad this community is taking off :)

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