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Episode 7 of 9 of Skills Upgrade is now available.

In this episode, I mentor Chad Hester on running some existing tests.


Thanks to @talkingdrupal for making this all possible!

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📣 ¡Llamada a oradores para la Drupalada! Si eres un apasionado de Drupal y tienes algo interesante que compartir, ¡queremos escucharte! Estamos en busca de profesionales dispuestos a impartir charlas y talleres que enriquezcan nuestra comunidad. No importa si eres nuevo en la enseñanza o un veterano de las conferencias, todos tienen algo valioso que aportar. Será una oportunidad increíble para ampliar tu red de contactos. Apuntate en https://www.drupal.org/project/issues/drupaladas #Drupalada

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Released a new version of Dorgflow, which updates the dependencies (so no more deprecation warnings!) I thought I'd have retired this tool ages ago once .org introduced MRs, but there are still lots of patches in the issue queues, so I still use it from time to time. https://github.com/joachim-n/dorgflow

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talks 10 years ago: "Use value objects instead of arrays."

PHP talks nowadays: "Use value objects instead of arrays."

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@SenseException I blame popular libraries and frameworks that are still array-based. ( and AWS-SDK at the top of that list. , less than it used to be but still.) And people who cut their teeth on CodeIgnighter et al and never grew past that.

One of the many reasons I detest Laravel.

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Thinking about contributing to an open-source project other than (gasp!) - how about ? Bernardo Martinez provides step-by-step instructions to get you started:


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🏔️ 2024 was a resounding success, leaving us all eager for more. Our organizing team is currently planning the logistics for the next camp. Stay tuned for further updates!

📸 In the meantime, dive into the highlights and session recordings: https://drupalmountaincamp.ch/article/drupal-mountain-camp-2024-media

everythingopen, to hiring
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As part of #EverythingOpen, we are bringing together folks #LookingForWork and companies who are #hiring.

Today, we're showcasing @timhurley, who is a lead #web #engineer and #UX consultant with deep skills across #JavaScript, #CSS, #PHP and #CMS platforms like #WordPress #Drupal and #Confluence.

You can find Tim at:
https://timhurley.net/ and his resume is at https://timhurley.net/resume.pdf

#EverythingOpenJobs #FediHire #FediHiring #FediJob

:css3: :html5: :javascript:

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Planning a workcation? 😉 Explore our calendar page for upcoming PHP development events.


#PHP #Symfony #Drupal


#Drupal #PHP #symfony

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New! Drupal 10: Adding Extra User Account Protection - A look at some techniques and modules to protect your Drupal users.

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The Drush “generate” functionality is like a cheat code for writing custom #drupal modules. Marc Berger uses it to create a custom Drush command in this blog post:


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The good folks at Ironstar are doing their annual survey of the #drupal community about Local Development. These are really useful numbers for our community to help determine which tools we are using.

Please take a few minutes and complete the survey today: https://buff.ly/3TWdNJ7

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Reblog via Drupal Developer Days

Welcoming our Silver Sponsors: Drupal Austria & E-Sepia 👏

#DrupalThanks for joining #DrupalDevDays team this year. 💙 Learn more about our sponsors at:

You can become a sponsor too: https://ddd2024.drupalcamp.bg/become-sponsor

#DDD24 #Drupal #OpenSource


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Explore today's @SymfonyStation Communiqué of Symfony, Drupal, PHP, Fediverse, and Cybersecurity news. https://symfonystation.mobileatom.net/Symfony-Station-Communique-12-April-2024 🇺🇦

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This is one of the few events still on my bucket list:


Maybe next year…

Blog post by Vincent Gumy

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How can you apply agile principles across your home and family life? Some concepts, such as "ruthless prioritization", participatory problem-solving, incremental iteration, and safe-to-try experiments, are universal! https://www.palantir.net/blog/agile-and-self-organization-real-life

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symfonystation, to Symfony
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We're #hiring a remote, full-stack #Drupal developer! We build Drupal & WordPress websites for nonprofits, with a content strategy & #a11y focus. We have a 35-hour work week, 5 weeks+ paid time off annually to start, & an intentionally-small, sweet, collaborative team. We are woman- and queer*-owned and led.

Must be US-based b/c we're small don't @ me we are doing our best I assure you.


*That's me, I'm the queer co-owner.

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I generally say “legacy Drupal” for 7 and previous and “modern Drupal” for 8+

I can get on-board with this suggestion to just call modern Drupal, “Drupal” (without the version number).

Branding is important.


Blog post from Ivan Stegic

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