What is the worst thing you've ever seen? Either online or IRL? (trigger warning)

(trigger warning: sensitive topics. if you cannot handle it, please do not read)

for me, the worst thing I have ever seen was that video of that girl accidentally shooting her cousin on instagram (?) live, killing him instantly, then panicking and shooting herself. it randomly popped into my head today and i felt lots of dread. it was extremely tragic.

i have seen a handful of gore videos, and i hate gore, but no gore i have ever seen felt more tragic than what happened to those two kids.

edit: do not link gore videos.


I saw a photo of a chemical burn victim on r/eyeblech. The story goes that this guy cheated on his wife, and his wife found out. So she poured acid on his crotch. The acid had burned his scrotum away, but the balls themselves were still relatively intact. Each was just hanging from it's respective tendril and resting against the burns on his legs.

That was the worst I've seen on a gore level. But I've seen some things that are worse on an emotional level.

Back when I was badly suicidal few years back, I went looking for suicide videos to get a more grounded understanding of what it's like. I found a site with a lot of them. Won't be giving out the name, cause you shouldn't look for shit like this.

I remember seeing one of an Indian guy jumping from a high roof. He didn't really move much in midair, he looked stiff and only squirmed a bit. When he landed it was just a relatively quiet thud and a crunch. He bounced once off the dirt. That one stuck with me the most.

Another that really got me was of an Asian who'd jumped onto train tracks. The train had cut his legs off, but he was still alive. In too much shock to do anything but lie there and look around at the people around him.

Then there's the guy who got his head chopped off with a machete.

Remnants of a suicide bomber splattered across a street.

Then those videos on YouTube, mostly just audio. The brick and windshield. The girl calling the police because her brother shot himself. The audio ones comfort me in a way, but at first they really unsettled me.

Come to think of it, I've seen far to many of these... I definitely saw them at way too young an age

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There was a subreddit that was all about posting NSFL content, "eyeblech" (play on "eyebleach"-a wholesome sub). My stupid ass got curious enough to have a look at it. The worst thing I saw on there was video of a father who was breaking down trying to hold up his very young son. His wife had committed suicide by hanging, and she had included their child in the act. So they were both there hanging side by side as he broke down in what looked like their living room/kitchen.

After that, I no longer let the morbid curiosity win and will only look at NSFL pictures/videos when necessary (ergo, for news).

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This video (no gore) of a brick smashing into a windshield and killing a woman. Those cries broke my heart

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i hear a lot about this one, to this day i refuse to watch it. i cant stand audio in tragic videos. i dont recommend anyone watch it. if you feel to curious, read about the contents instead and save yourself the trauma

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