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Are there any add ons for Kbin or any existing features within it that would let me filter out posts based on selected keywords? So if I didn't ever want to read any posts that mentioned bitcoin or covid for example, does anyone know of a way to achieve that on kbin? Sort of how RES could do that on reddit.

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@novamdomum I don't think there is anything like that currently, but you can request it for KES.


Would Anyone Be Interested In Joining an un-federated Lemmy instance?

We are NOT federated with the rest of lemmy.

The reason is safety issues when it comes to weirdos posting disgusting crap and it's just chilling on your server.

Our admin team doesn't want that liability.

We're down to earth.

One advantage with no federation, is that we welcome you to post content youve created. Like memes or funny videos.

As long as you're chill, posting in the appropriate community, we're not going to lay the hammer on you. Or take down your post over dumb stuff.

Lastly, you should join our Instance if you feel your values align with ours. It's important to note, the we understand at the end of the day, lemmy is just a hobby.

We don't have a desire to be, we'll, tyrants. People disagree and we get that. Not everyone thinks the same or believes the same things, that's just the truth.

We're just regular people like anybody else and want a place where we can actually be ourselves and not walk on eggshells.

If you feel we might be a fit for you, feel free to sign up or message me with any questions.

Also, we understand the appeal that federation has for some folks. I'm not trying to push the idea that being standalone is better. If that's not for you. We totally get that and hope you find a lemmy server that better suits your needs.

Thank you for your time.

Please DM if interested.

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@ITakeBaths If I wanted that, I'd join Reddit.

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As someone using both kbin and hubzilla, would you mind telling me a little about the differences, and pros and cons from a user perspective? I haven't been able to find a hubzilla instance with open registration, but I'm interested in standing up an instance of either hubzilla or kbin.


Also, can't figure out how to DM or microblog without posting to a magazine, so apologies if this isn't an exact fit for/ askkbin

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This isn't an answer to your main question, but /m/random is the collection of things that aren't in an actual magazine, so posting there would essentially be not posting to a magazine.


I can't seem to interact with Mastodon posts from my Kbin account?

I haven't used this platform since the mass migration a few months ago. I thought I would give it another try.

Back then the main reason I chose Kbin over Lemmy was I was under the impression that Kbin would allow me to partake in both Lemmy and Mastodon.That it would combine a Twitter and Reddit experience into one login. Is that not the case? Do I also need a Mastodon account to respond to posts on Mastodon instances?

This Fediverse platform is still as confusing as it was months ago. Likely I just need a little further guidance.

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@slybird You should be able to view, post, and interact with Mastodon posts (and posts from similar platforms) by clicking the Microblog tab in the header. If you want to view both Reddit-style threads and microblog posts, click the All Content tab.

Unfortunately, microblogging on Kbin is quite buggy due to poor federation (i.e., connection with other instances like Mastodon sites, Lemmy sites, etc.). The Kbin developer has been working on better infrastructure for handling federation with Lemmy instances, Mastodon instances, other Kbin instances, etc. Hopefully that those improvements fix most of the issues with microblogging, but we'll have to see.

You can follow the progress of Kbin's development over at @kbinDevlog. The dev posts there about every day.


@slybird I can interact with Mastodon accounts from Kbin. Do you have any questions?


how do I hide my YouTube channel without deleting comments?


Affordable housing on Martha's Vineyard?

Hello all! Me and my friend are two girls from Kosovo who will be coming to the island next summer (summer '24) as J1 students. We have already found a job that will sponsor us, but unfortunately they don't provide housing. I'm writing this to ask if any of you know where or how we can find affordable and safe (keep in mind, we are two young students) housing for the duration of the summer season (May through September). Thank you in advance!

mstankiewicz, (edited ) Polish
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Co chcielibyście zobaczyć w nowej wersji Better /kbin?

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What would you like to see in the new version of Better /kbin?


What are your favorite sites ??



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How do I block a domain? In the "Settings" page there's "blocked" and in there is "domain" but it's "Empty" - how do I add a domain to block?

insomniac_lemon, (edited )
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In your feed next to thread titles, you can click the domain there (smaller text in parenthesis), where the website/instance will display content posted to it just like a "magazine" allowing you to block it there. Also similar to the magazine URL, it's

Note that for instances, it won't actually block threads from a blocked instance unless the content is hosted on that instance. And that can be a bit silly, like cross-instance posting not being blocked due to using their host instance for an image.

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I click on the domain displayed in the offending post & then click block on the sidebar.

BannedOnReddit, (edited )

What are good web hosting services for a social community platform? should I use AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or Something else? (Needs to be budget friendly)

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Those are cloud providers, but a hosting provider doesn't have to be a cloud provider. I like


Why does some social media platforms call it an account suspension but others calls it a ban or termination?


Banning an account can be either temporary or permanent. If it’s temporary, it can be called a suspension. If it’s permanent, it can be called a termination.


They aren’t the same thing. A suspension is you are kicked out for x amount of time but you will ultimately be allowed back in.

A ban means you are kicked out and aren’t ever allowed back in.


does anyone know of a deepweb social network?


Dread is like Reddit/Lemmy and it lives in Tor only. Google it, you ll find a Wikipedia page.


@CorrodedCranium I wanted something more like reddit, hacker news to publicize my work. You know what I mean?


What exactly does Reddit Lemmy importer do?I'm like, Oh, so totally confused.

I absolutely LOVE FOSS and all things federated. Like girl, that's my jam.😚

But I'm confused about this tool, though. How do I get it to work?

What exactly does Reddit Lemmy importer do?



Greetings all,

I have an assignment for my Geosciences class where I have to ask others, preferably those not from the United States, why the US struggles to believe in Science, particularly topics such as The Big Bang Theory.

Why do Americans, compared to most of the world, seemingly propagate Creation myths while simultaneously rejecting the very notion of Science?

How does your community (or country) regard The Big Bang? Is it largely accepted in your culture(s)?

Finally, what could the American education system or government do to help its citizens increase their Scientific literacy?

Thank you for any responses, it is greatly appreciated!



My understanding is the US was founded by especially religious Puritans, and perhaps being an ocean away from the late-renaissance Europe helped stifle progressive thinking further.

Since then, due mainly in part to having such a spread out population forging their own way in new lands (and also possibly spurred on from winning independence), it’s had strong ideals of rugged individualism. This inherent selfish nature has led to a rise in conservatism much stronger than that in many comparable places, which in turn has lead to a hierarchical, winning-at-all-cost mentality. A population is easier to subjugate if it’s uneducated, hence the anti-science push.

I’m from the UK and the big bang theory is widely accepted, as far as I can tell. Creationism as an opposition to the BBT isn’t very openly touted by many, at least.

I’m not sure how to answer your last question. Maybe ensure the scientific method is thoroughly explained and engrained from a young age — make sure it’s understood that it’s never a question of devout belief, but rather about data and falsifiability. And don’t teach religion as fact… although good luck implementing that.


Disclaimer: am from US.

Short answer: We don’t.

Longer Answer: Christianity is arguably the major religion in the United States and there is a small(ish) segment of Christianity, primarily composed of Baptists, Pentacostals, and other Evangelicals, who believe that the story in the Bible which talks about the 6 days of creation (see Genesis Chapters 1-2) means 6 literal days. How they came to this belief is a much longer answer which would require a more in depth understanding of the history of Christianity in the United States. “Young Earth Creationism” is also a rather new idea and was basically unheard of prior to the early 20th century.

This is not a mainstream view and it is not held by any Christian traditions outside of those listed above. For instance, I’m Presbyterian and the idea of “young earth creationism” is ludicrous to us. The theory of evolution is generally accepted by most Christians although we generally don’t discuss it much because it’s science, not theology and doesn’t really haveuch of a place church. Ironically, I was raised as a Baptist and was taught “young earth creationism” growing up so I am quite familiar with it even though I don’t believe in it. But again, the theory of evolution is a commonly accepted, mainstream view in the United States.

As far as what the American Education system could do to increase science literacy, that’s a difficult question to answer. The education system here is very diverse and the quality and resources can vary dramatically depending on where you’re located.

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