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Guild Alpha is back!

Our first sprint has been a success and we are now starting our second.
Join us for this sprint

Read our full announcement.

Make a proposal

And talk to us about the Guild on matrix

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@csddumi The idea behind Guild Alpha is to help organise labour within the open source community, to tackle larger problems that projects lack the resources for and increasing those able to contribute to open-source by acting as a set training wheels and a safe space.

I worked with Guild Alpha in their first sprint working on the user migration issue for @bookwyrm. I have since joined the guild in a volunteer editor role to help improve their processes. I will also be taking part in the second sprint.

If you're interested in contributing to open-source projects but aren't sure where to start. This could be for you. Any & All skill sets welcome. We'll find some way to help you contribute and learn. Stop by our Matrix room for more information.

If you have an idea for us to work on please feel free to make a proposal or again stop by our Matrix room.

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