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I don't know why or how my blog has 17K views, it's not that great looking lol 😂

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Trying to work on my couch for the day. See how it goes.

I usually have two 4K monitors attached to the MacBook and have the MacBook open to use the additional space. But I usually have to manage a dev team. On Friday it’s usually much quieter and I can focus on my dev stuff.

If I work on private projects I do it often from the couch so I know it's doable in theory.

I always have the option to switch to my desk so I guess it's fine.

But the goal is to find a good workflow to only work on one screen from time to time to be more flexible with where I work. For example: I never worked in a café and would like to try this one day.

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Learn how to handle rows in R containing specific strings using base R's grep() and dplyr's filter() with str_detect(). Select or drop rows efficiently and enhance your data manipulation skills. Give it a try with your datasets for better data cleaning and organization.

#DataScience #RProgramming #Coding #R #RStats #Programming #Data #Strings


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Amazing resource on software evolution, maintenance, migration and improvement.
#software #aim42 #IT #ICT #coding #architecture

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So with the upcoming UK general election I got inspired to make a fun little toy:

Basically its some PHP that generates very simple/awful web pages with a CSV file as a data source (yeah it should be an SQLite DB or just statically generated data - I know) to act as random bingo cards to play along with the election, cross them off as they lose their seats :)

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Want to split numbers up, because why not? I go over this in todays post using gsub() and strsplit() functions from base R.


#R #RStats #RProgramming #Programming #Coding #Data #gsub #strsplit #BaseR


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"Clever code is probably the worst code you could write... and clear, readable code is probably the hardest to write."

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Yesss! Decent progress on my demo for Nova today. Feels good 👍

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Code drunk, debug sober. Bah! Just fixed three bugs after a pint of Tundra.

(This is in no way meant to be role model behaviour. There just happens to be a lovely pub by the seashore in Bray where you can sit outside and it’s a nice distraction in the evenings when the weather is good and I don’t feel I’ve done enough in the day* and need a change of scene.)

  • It doesn’t help that I never think I’ve done enough in the day. 🤷‍♂️

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This demo from 2016 is less than 4 kilobytes (❗), and made my jaw drop… 😮

Love the soundtrack too. 🤘😎

#demoscene #demo #demonstration #computing #graphics #synth #ElectronicMusic #coding #development #3D

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I did a write up of setting up Webmentions on my site! I had mentioned it earlier, but there was one stumbling block that took me longer to figure out.

Webmentions let me get notified when people share my posts, respond to my comments on other sites, etc., and lets me use my site for a lot of the kinds of interactions I'd otherwise have to do on social media.

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I will be updating my package soon as well as my TidyDensity. Here is some news of new functions for

#R #RProgramming #RStats #Data #Coding #Programming #Healthcare #HealthcareData #healthdata

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Need to split your data into groups based upon some vector in R? Well I got you covered today!

I go over base R, dplyr and data.table :)


#R #RStats #RProgramming #Programming #Coding #Data #DataScience


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hello everyone.

In today's article, we learn data types with Python at beginner level.

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I don't have enough time to keep up with all my projects: , , , , , and . I'd really appreciate having a helping hand regarding @classquiz who can take on some small(ish) issues I've been aware of for months, but at the time, I am focused on other projects (also in the regard of coding): There's @homeassistant and .

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I wish I could stay on the GOOD line only, but my coworkers decided that we are crossing the EVIL line.
Maybe I am the only one who doesn't own a wide screen display, and maybe I am the only one using font-size 18.

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hello my username is JavaJuggler i am a programmer and i love to create things that help people in their daily lives. i am the creator and developer of which is a site where programmers of all levels can create chat rooms to talk, share, teach and learn things related to programming. with this i decided to invite you to visit my site and enjoy all the features it contains. give me feedback if you visit my site. thanks

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I really should be learning CSS faster 😅 :blobcatfearful:

My Neocities blog looks really plain at the moment. :blobcatamused:

#WebDev #coding #CSS

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Finally solved the python highlighting issue in Zed :D . Great way to spend a Saturday I know ..
#developer #zed #coding #python

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Basic programming language celebrates its 60th birthday

The first Basic interpreter went live in May 1964. This was intended to make it easier to learn programming. However, the computers to go with it were not available until much later.

Basic is the abbreviation for "Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code". In other words, it is a general-purpose programming language for beginners.

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This VBA macro saves an Excel worksheet as a PDF. It sets and sorts the data, creates a temporary sheet with headers, formats and aligns the data, and adjusts column widths. The macro defines the PDF path, deletes any existing file, sets page orientation and footer, exports the sheet to PDF, deletes the temporary sheet, and shows a message with the PDF path. Modify to your needs if you find it useful.

#VBA #Excel #PDF #Programming #Coding

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Might work on my today 😄 :apusheencomputer:

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