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I'm Arnold Schrijver (he/him). Social coder. #FOSS, #HumaneTech and #Fediverse advocate.

I help foster #Solutions that improve #Wellbeing, #Freedom and #Society

I'd like to "Reimagine Social" and envision the rise of a #Peopleverse where social networking is seamlessly entwined with daily life. I'm dreaming of opening up #innercircles .. but let dreams be dreams, giving guidance at best :)

Previously at: https://mastodon.social/@humanetech

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dansup, to fediverse
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An adorable site @dansup and oh my.. this is useful stuff! Thanks so much for all the work you put in! 💕

smallcircles, to random
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I see a lot of talk about "privilege" as if in disgust of those having "spare time" to help others. And I get it. Privilege is stacked in layers. From the low state of lying in a ditch dying, up and up, right to Mars where billionaires live.

Was I privileged when I quit job, started doing community work? Hell yes! Frugal lifestyle saw me some savings in the bank, most now gone.

From then on I was also sacrificing. Burning privilege at the altar of the Commons to shed my sins of individualism.

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Middle-aged, pension hole, health risks, unstable world.. uncertain futures. Have I amended? Is my privilege in balance? Will I end up in a ditch dying? Was it all worth it then? Who knows.

This is not a complaint. Just a privileged thought. A luxury I permit.

Same as complaints about people having too much privilege, is privilege itself. Vent some of the frustration. A world so inherently unfair.

We, other people, each our own burden of privilege, we try to lift you up. We try to understand.

cheeaun, to fediverse
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Honestly the first sites that really need federation are GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket and all repository sites, including self-hosted ones. Got to mass cater us developers first before the general public.

On a lesser note, I just want to star repos and they go into the same stars list. Open an issue and I can see a list of issues I reported across them all.

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smallcircles, to ai
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smallcircles, to random
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Two days ago on #Dutch TV channel #VPRO I watched the documentary "Beyond Utopia", and it left a deep impact on me.

It shows both the terrible plight of all those people that have to flee #authoritarian regimes. Where on their perilous journey, every step is either towards doom or freedom.

And it also shows the unimaginable #oppression that can be laid down onto an entire population and still keep people in line, praising their glorious leader.



maxlath, to fediverse
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Do you have an opinion on how @wikidata should categorize addresses? ("Peertube address", "Video publishing ActivityPub address", "Video publishing Fediverse address", or something else?)

Jump in! https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Property_proposal/Peertube_Channel_Address

cc @Chocobozzz @peertube

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@maxlath @wikidata @Chocobozzz @peertube

We have a similar issue on finding proper categorization on delightful-fediverse-apps curated list.


cc @liaizon

smallcircles, to random
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Sustainable FOSS is the practice of talking about sustainable FOSS.

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@luceos yes, definitely.

interpeer, to sustainability
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If FLOSS is built on the four freedoms, and FLOSS has created an environment that is brittle, then perhaps it’s time for FLOSS to similarly augment the four freedoms.

We have to address this in a fundamental way. The alternative may well be the (eventual) end of FLOSS as we know it.


#xz #FLOSS #FourFreedoms #sustainability #robots

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The #ReciprocalLicense for #ContributionWare? 🤔

> Every participant in the FLOSS ecosystem has the right to have their needs met according to the abilities of the other participants.

I like this article a lot. Though struggle with the word "ability" in this formulation. As people have more abilities than they are obliged to give to another single participant in #FLOSS.

The balance giving vs. taking should be added to the definition. You can only expect reasonable reciprocity.

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That gives an indication of how hard it is to define the legal aspect.

How do you exercise this right, if you observe it is not honored? Do you claim contribution? And how much do you claim? And do you deny use of the #FLOSS work until proper contribution is forthcoming?

Maybe the #ReciprocalLicense contains a binding vow to contribute within reason and ability and when requested, such that the reasonability of honoring the right can be judged fairly in case of a dispute.

smallcircles, to webassembly
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@enhance_dev Backend agnostic server-side rendering (SSR) for Web Components

> https://enhance.dev is an HTML-first full-stack web framework that gives you everything you need to build standards-based multi-page web apps that perform and scale. apps and their elements are server-side rendered for incredible performance and seamless progressive enhancement.


erlend, to fediverse
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Social bookmarking is a novel use case for and I’m super excited about it. I heckin’ love links and lists! I wanna use them for everything.

Things like are cool, but it’s not what I want. I just wanna link the thing. Books, films, podcasts, articles, songs.., they’re all just resource recommendations which can be encapsulated by links.

Thanks to @raffomania and @eb for the indirect prompts leading to this article mixing their ideas with my own.

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@erlend @silverpill @bouncepaw

Nice article!

As you may know I started delightful project of curated lists. Though decentralized via sub-lists with independent maintainers, its still burdensome to keep lists up-to-date.

One way around that and similar to the ideas in the artice, is using something akin to network, but federated. There's a on it here: https://codeberg.org/fediverse/fediverse-ideas/issues/12

Delightful project: https://codeberg.org/teaserbot-labs/delightful

My fedi list backlog: https://notes.smallcircles.work/o6BVygPSSjCx5mU4cTFhPg

smallcircles, to showerthoughts
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Some first on how , being fundamentally different than and , may focus on the interfaces, formation of and relationships.

Businesses understand forging and maintaining relationships. They work well (though involving of course).

Not so when it comes to F2B. Then FOSS is just grabbed, like ore from a mine.

There can be no "supply chain" that way. Proper mutual value exchange is needed for that.


hrefna, to random
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If your solution to a problem is "everyone works for free until we obtain the glorious utopian vision" then you don't have a solution, you have a second problem.

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@hrefna this. ☝️

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Some nice utopia's flew by the last couple of days. The action plan was often: "The world must be different. Now!"

smallcircles, to mastodon
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The "Read more" feature in #Mastodon web UI to cut off long posts leads to a great deal of unnecessary network traffic, and waste of energy.

I read a thread, then see a comment with a "read more". So I click that post. Now the whole thread is refetched with focus on that comment. After reading I click the top post again, as I want a view of the whole thread. Everything refetched again, and I continue reading, until the next "read more" comment is bumped into.

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@jonny didn't check how it works under the hood, but this thread made me toot the remark:


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@jonny now I open the url in its own tab, the "show more" is also displayed in the Akkoma html. But there I don't see a thread refetch clicking on them.

fromjason, to meta
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In the next 2 years if #Meta doesn't announce a competing federated protocol to #ActivityPub and #ATProtocol, I'll eat my hat.

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@fromjason this. ☝️

RYStorm, to random
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I was hoping to get a "16 years, 3 months and 8 days ago" answer, or something neat like that, but instead I got...

28 minutes? I guess I'll be sucked into a time vortex soon. Any tips?

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Mine bitcoin while you can still do that on your small PC, and everyone thinks it will be digital cash for paying in shops. And quickly ditch that watch, or you may end up in some mk-ultra program to pick your brain on how you got that alien technology.

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Oh, and if you are a daredevil, give your younger Doppelgänger some nice tips of your own. Might have noticable effects on yourself, depending how time loops work.

smallcircles, to DuckDuckGo
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Typing "frozen" just now in #DuckDuckGo gives zero indication it might have anything to do with water going below zero degrees Celsius.

Sad! #HyperCapitalism

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Bright sunshine greets through the window on a glorious winter day.

Mom: "Look kids, it is frozen outside"

Kids jump up in delight, start clamoring excitedly..

"Let her in, mommy!"

"Yes, mommy. Please can she stay?"

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@stardust just wait until that word becomes a popular Hollywood movie then, with its own branded product line.. 😜

Btw, got another one:

Zero indication that there's also an obscure rainforest that happens to share that name.

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At least didn't manage to take over the "related searches" yet. There's still a couple of entries on "what meta means" should people be still interested in that.

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