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>> The Verge and 404 Media are building out new functions that would allow them to distribute posts on their sites and on federated platforms – like Threads, and Bluesky – at the same time. Replies to those posts on those platforms become comments on their sites. (en)

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Am Montag startet die und wir freuen uns schon sehr, weil wir uns einen Wunsch erfüllen und das dort bekannter machen wollen.

Wenn ihr Aufkleber und Argumentationshilfen braucht oder einfach nur mal "Hallo" sagen wollt:
Schaut bei uns vorbei.

Wenn ihr Leute kennt, die im Fediverse fehlen und die Unterstützung oder einen letzten Motivationsschubser brauchen:
Schickt sie vorbei!

? We do!

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Hey creators! 🎨✨ Check out, a unique corner in the Fediverse just for handmade artisans like you. Perfect for artists, crafters, and makers to showcase your businesses and treasures. Thinking about an exclusive spot to promote your creations? Consider setting up shop at!

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My old instance/server is shutting down and when I requested my Archieve I see that it does not include my past posts and they didn't migrate over to my new home.

Is there any way to get an archive of my past?


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J’ai jeté un œil à Bluesky (vu qu’apparemment c’est trop woke pour Jack)

Alors oui c’est super simple (centralisation oblige) et y’a des bonnes idées :

  • personnaliser l’ordre d’affichage des réponses (chrono ou anté chrono)
  • bloquer par défaut les players externes (youtube, spotify…)
  • masquer son compte aux gens non connectés


Ben c’est vide. Au moins autant qu’ici. La seule diff c’est que quand t’arrives l’algo te pousse du contenu. Alors qu’ici ta TL principale est VRAIMENT vide.

Je me dis que si c’est un des freins à l’adoption (en plus du choix de serveur) il suffirait de charger la TL locale voire la fédérée par défaut à la création d’un compte.

Ou mieux peut-être, un message qui dit “votre home est vide pour le moment, mais viendez dehors c’est animé”

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Found 2 new servers and 7 servers died off since 3 hours ago.

22,377 servers checked. 13,950,441 Total Users with 1,523,213 Active Users today. Check out the stats!

New servers found: a server from Romania a server from Private

Help others find a home, send them to

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Morning all my peeps on the . Happy Saturday and hopebtye day is going well for y’all so far.

Let’s get together and have our chat and see what our plans are for today.

Currently drinking my morning coffee. I’ll be watching the Monaco qualifying and then at 1pm EST I have the @Vivaldi Community Talk with @cliffwade. Rest of the day is free for now.

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Good morning and happy Saturday to everyone here within the today!

Let's discuss what the day has in store for us on what is a long weekend for most of us here in the USA.

For me, I'll be on the @Vivaldi Community Talks at 1pm EST today along with @beardedtechguy which should be fun and interesting!

Afterwards, likely just being lazy again as I'm still not back to feeling normal yet.

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Found 1 new servers and 5 servers died off since 3 hours ago.

22,379 servers checked. 13,958,883 Total Users with 1,523,213 Active Users today. Check out the stats!

New servers found: a server from Private

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Buenos días, personas que vivís en mi móvil!

Veo a mucha gente quejándose del uso de sus datos para entrenar IAs que solo quieren aprender de los humanos para, según ellos, esclavizarnos y sodomizarnos en un futuro no muy lejano.

Quiero recordaros que, para cada servicio ofrecido por grandes compañías, existe una opción gratuita, libre y sin ánimo de lucro.

El fediverso es un gran ejemplo de ello, donde podéis encontrar servicios como Peertube, Pixelfed, Mastodon, etc. Todas estas maravillas no utilizan algoritmos que invadan tu privacidad, no te bombardean con publicidad basada en tus datos, ni están controladas por grandes corporaciones que desean conocer tus hábitos de uso y tu información privada…

Sé que los que estáis aquí ya conocéis muchas de estas ventajas, pero tenemos que hacer entre todos un trabajo de formación al usuario y mostrarle a la gente que existen alternativas fáciles, cómodas y mejores.

Me voy a beber 3 o 4 cervezas mientras reflexiono sobre esto… O no.

¡Feliz Navidad!

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@Dios_Campechano Casi me explota la cabeza cuando vi esto por aqui.

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Found 1 new servers and 4 servers died off since 3 hours ago.

22,380 servers checked. 13,958,883 Total Users with 1,523,213 Active Users today. Check out the stats!

New servers found: a server from Private

Help others find a home, send them to

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FreshRSS, a free, self-hostable feeds aggregator

FreshRSS is a self-hosted RSS and Atom feed aggregator.
It is lightweight, easy to work with, powerful, and customizable.


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🧵 …to find the corresponding RSS and Atom feeds of exciting and interesting blogs and co. on the Internet, you can search on @feedle. I have already informed you about this here in Fediverse. And it's easy to subscribe in the web software above.

:mastodon: [GER]

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coping about the supposed ""; anyone who's been affected, come to the cuz someone will build an alternative for ya 😉

@robloxcommunity @Roblox

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Why publishers are preparing to federate their sites.


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I'm super excited to announce that @beardedtechguy and myself will be joining the Community Talks show tomorrow, May 25th at 1pm EST.

We'll be discussing why being on the matters to us!

We'd love for you to tune and give it a listen, and you can do so via the link below.

This event will be recorded for later listening!

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Let's Party Like It's 1999 in celebration & support of free & open source software with contributions, boosts and follows.

  • Deno @deno_land
    A modern runtime for JavaScript/TypeScript.
  • Funkwhale @funkwhale
    Listen/share music and podcasts freely.
  • Lume @lume
    A fast & flexible static site generator for Deno.
  • dangerzone @dangerzone
    Convert potentially dangerous docs/images to safe PDFs.

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Was ich am meisten am mag ist, dass die Links einfach direkt sind, also kein t. com oder so wo man nicht erkennen wohin die wirklivh führen.

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This is the way.

I hope @verge and @404mediaco set a good precedent that other media outlets will want follow.

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It's live! What I really think about tech layoffs. And can you protect yourself?

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