blackfire, in Japan pushes for hydrogen trains on local lines, revamping safety rules

Dumb question how do you read the whole article?


I can see the whole article, what does it look like on your end?


Cuts off half the article and fades out then says read next under it.


I had to let the page load for an extra few seconds but the story finally expanded

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You can read the archive version: https://archive.ph/nbcGP

plz1, in Ballard announces $54 million of additional funding support, bringing total U.S. federal funding to $94 million for Ballard’s fuel cell Gigafactory in Texas

Is this something supporting Texas’ shady energy market, or something to produce fuel cells domestically for the rest of the US (too)?

gramathy, in 24 Hours Of Le Mans 2024: Hydrogen Prototypes On Track Saturday June 15

Could be neat if they were fast and reliable enough to secure a garage 56 entry

Whayle, in GM's Bold Move: Forget Electric, Hydrogen-Powered Trucks are the Future!
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A hydrogen station is far more expensive to build than people realize. There's also significant explosive risk, as one station discovered. I have feeling a few bad accidents or even purposeful crashes as attacks are going to change minds quickly about using it extensively outside of industry.

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It's cheaper than putting a charge point on every parking spot, and far more convenient. It is no more dangerous than a gasoline station.

sin_free_for_00_days, in GM's Bold Move: Forget Electric, Hydrogen-Powered Trucks are the Future!

If there was supposed to be a link to an article, it’s not there.

I love to see these stories. I don’t know how anyone can doubt that hydrogen, in the near future, will be better than batteries for most applications.

IanAtCambio, in GM's Bold Move: Forget Electric, Hydrogen-Powered Trucks are the Future!

That sounds safe…

SpaceNoodle, in A global gold rush for buried hydrogen is underway — as hype builds over its clean energy potential

Sounds like this could have a pretty negative ecological impact.

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Far better than continuing using fossil fuels.


Less better if we have to keep wrecking the planet to acquire it.

yol, in Hydrogen Vehicle Systems (HVS) celebrates hydrogen fuel cell truck’s first trailer pull on test track

We’re sure this one wasn’t just rolling down a hill right?

frazw, in Green Hydrogen Will Become The 21st Century Version Of Oil

Hydrogen would be a great solution if not for how dangerous it is. Storage methods that use high surface area materials and gas adsorption may reduce the risk, but pressurised vessels seem like a scary option.

Kvoth, in Hyzon launches 200kW fuel cell system and powertrain

Cool, but 200w(268 horsepower) seems a little weak for a tractor trailer

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You'll be shocked at how little hp you really need, provided there is enough torque. Even the most powerful tractor trailers max out at around 700 hp. And an FCEV can use a battery for auxiliary power.

JohnDClay, in This Sleek New Zero-Emissions Jet Will Fly on Liquid Hydrogen

Does it use electric propulsion with hydrogen or combustion? Hydrogen needs all the efficiency it can get since it’s so bulky even in liquid form, so I hope it’s electric.

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It is hydrogen-electric.

Whayle, in Mirroring this community on Fedia.io, in case kbin.social gets abandoned
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Its been clear the site has been undergoing infrastructure changes...so work is definitely going on.

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It has grown beyond the ability of one person to handle. We want to hope for the best, but must prepare for the worst.

itsathursday, in Hydrogen Combustion Toyota GR Corolla Literally Sucks Carbon From The Air As It Drives

Well soon find we had the equivalent of the hose on the wrong port of a shop vac when it comes to these clean energy cars

1stq, in How About a Hydrogen car? Massive Discounts on 2023 Toyota Mirai
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Oh boy, what a comment section.
"You're not green!"
"No, you're not green!!"

Pistcow, in How About a Hydrogen car? Massive Discounts on 2023 Toyota Mirai


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