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Here to explain why hydrogen is the future of transportation, industry, energy, etc. Occasionally other societal issues too.

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Architect/engineer with scholarly background - Energy, Buildings & Ecoservices for the People.
I write about these subjects on Medium at avatar


Wir vertreten die Fernleitungsnetzbetreiber in Deutschland. Unsere Themen: #NEP, #Wasserstoff-Netz, #Energiewende, #Versorgungssicherheit, #Gas-Infrastruktur avatar


Kommunikation zu #Klimawandel, #Energiewende, #Verkehrswende, #Datenschutz, #Security, #KRITIS.

Gelder für den Klimaschutz sind keine Kosten, sondern Investitionen in die Zukunft.

Entdeckte Ironiespuren und Sarkasmuskrümel dürfen Sie behalten. Ich habe kistenweise davon. #fedi22 tfr avatar


Climate-friendly cars that fit the planet and the budget - and the cello
Plus climate news avatar


Our way of life is killing our way of life. #NoTimeToWaste
🇪🇺 Tooting mostly in English, also in Dutch, occasionally in different languages. 🐣322.25 ppm. #NetPositive Let's start a conversation. avatar


I like space exploration, EVs, technology, engineering, math, coding, Linux etc... 🙂

Mostly posts engineering and IT posts.

Not an expert in any of the above 😅

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Fresh IT news from a variety of sources. Public service by @emanuel


Progressive, husband, father, grandpa and NY walnut farmer. ACLU member. #Vegan for life (stopped eating animals in 1969). #woodstock69 Former full stack software techie. Love jazz and my tenor saxes. avatar


A passionate #Environmentalist curating a daily news feed about the #Environment & #ClimateChange.

My hobbies include using my DSLR camera, mapping on Open Street Maps, listening to music, podcasts and audiobooks on topics such as #Geology, #Nature, #Geoscience, #Sustainability, #Climate, technology & privacy.

Nature First (Latin)

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Keeping people up to date about all public transport in Malaysia, across land, air, and sea, from new stuff happening to future plans.

Feel free to ask questions as well and we will try our best to answer them.

We do not use Meta services, do not ask us if we would also be available on Facebook, Instagram, Threads, WhatsApp Group, or any other Meta-owned platforms.

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Building Common Futures,
a new energy transition consultancy.
35+ years of experience in the energy transition.
Posting here on energy, climate &more
100% renewable energy globally by 2050 is possible!
Views my own.
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Freier Journalist mit Schwerpunkt Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft in Dresden und Sachsen. avatar


Nysgjerrig på dette etter 15 år på Twitter. Håper å finne mange kjente, og på gode diskusjoner og dårlig humor også her inne. Trønder og forsker, godt planta på venstresida. A Norwegian birdplace refugee. Very curious of this space and eager to interact. Have a PhD in materials science/mechanics and works in research. Likes to sing and have a weak spot for dad jokes. A leftie.
Pixelfed: avatar


:fediverse: Tomasz, 31, #Poland.

🚌 Chief Constructor @ #NesoBus (#Hydrogen #H2 Buses) @ #PolsatPlus Group

After work:
👧 Participation in the Father of the Year competition
🆓 #FOSS #OpenSource projects
💪 #SelfHosting
✏️ Blogging (thoughts, tutorials etc.)
👨‍💻 #SysAdmin
🕵️ #CyberSecurity #InfoSec
🏎️ #F1 + 🏍️ #Speedway

#Apple #Tech #PHP
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EU news on energy & environment policy from EURACTIV.

Subscribe to our weekly Green Brief here:


Unofficial automated mirror. No copyright asserted. ∎ EU Commissioner for Energy. Former Estonian Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure. avatar


An Autistic, ADHDer mum to 3 young adult autistics, 2 of whom are also ADHDers & are twins. Genderfluid but use my cis pronouns.
I'm on a variety of instances. I'm interested in science, history, archeology, paleontology amongst other things. Completed but failed the final year of a degree in Materials Engineering. Full time unpaid carer & disabled myself. Used to be a Care Assistant working in Nursing Homes.


Unofficial automated mirror. No copyright asserted. ∎ Sustainable energy news from RT≠endorsement.
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Dharawal Country

They claim their labours are to build a heaven, yet their heaven is populated with horrors.
Perhaps the world is not made. Perhaps nothing is made. A clock without a craftsman.
It’s too late. Always has been, always will be, too late.

Pronouns: Space/Time

Header: Dr. Manhattan to Silk Spectre: "You're going to try to convince me to save the world."
Profile: Dr. Manahattan on Mars: "I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives"


Building Powerful Friends with Infinite Forcefields. Friend Maker, #BridgesNotWalls #STEMpunk #Physics #Maker #Tinker avatar


geboren 19° N. Engineer Process Engineering LDES, TES, Circular economy in production/materials/agriculture incl. water. Electrochemistry, synthetic biology, CCUS

Vor- und Nachteile der Disruption/Energiewende
Es ist die Aufgabe der Ingenieure, Nachteile zu überwinden oder zu kompensieren.

DE or EN

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Unofficial automated mirror. No copyright asserted. ∎ European Climate, Infrastructure & Environment Executive Agency #CINEA_EU #EUGreenDeal
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Aviation & civil engineer. Planner. | Vice President at WSP USA. Groupe ADP alumnus. | Talks about #airports, #aviation, #climateaction, #engineering, #infrastructure, #mobility & #transportation. | Toots reflect personal opinion. Favorites & boosts are not endorsements. avatar


Software developer at a major research university. I live on a farm near Ithaca, NY.

Experienced in e-commerce, e-publishing, search, A.I. and other data-rich systems. Current side projects involve modelling financial messages in OWL, a smart RSS reader with a transformer-based classifier and workflow engine, and a system of three-sided cards.



Unofficial automated mirror. No copyright asserted. ∎ The largest political group in the
We defend centre-right policies to promote growth & jobs in a more integrated Europe. #JobsJobsJobs avatar


Former UK politics staffer turned annoying tweeter and reply person. Defecting from THE OTHER PLACE in light of its impending decline.

Author of the Changster politics and policy newsletter in the UK.

Hoping to re-follow UK and US politics, media and pop culture accounts.

Specialist subjects include European and Middle Eastern history, climate and energy transition politics, urban policy and YIMBY activism.

Ask me about: Direct-Solar Green Hydrogen production. The Finnish Arctic. avatar


Financial specialists making climate risk visible to financial markets. #EnergyTransition #Renewables #FossilFuels #StrandedAssets #COP27 avatar


On this instance, idw toots all published press releases on research results, research projects and scientific publications of our members.

More information about idw on our website: avatar



Pronouns: he/him
Languages: EN, SV avatar


News, facts and analyses on Germany's and Europe's energy transition. avatar


He/Him, Tech, Sci-fi, Ev, cars, Legal IT, Bunny Hugger avatar


Social and economic justice, technology and tennis. I'll have what @jbf1755 is having.
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Long time R&D guy, consultant in getting emerging tech to market. I help eliminate GHGs and leverage excellence. Enthusiastic about energy storage, hydrogen economy and micro-grids.

Side pursuits in coding, involving ML #python, #Octave, #SciPy, #MatPlotLib, #NLTK and #WordNet.


A writer for my website & ⦵ #London #Transport #TFL, #ElectricVehicle #EV & #Hydrogen enthusiast.
Public Transport is the veins of the economy. 🚏🚌🚐🚋🚃🚄🚇
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NASA engineer working on Fuel Cells for human lunar exploration & alternative energy on Earth. New Orleans transplant in Houston.

I’ve managed to attract the ire of many of the chief twit’s fanboys over the past decade; this place seems blissfully free of them ❤️

Sometimes it’s rocket science, but mostly it’s communication.

She/her; opinions are mine & do not reflect my employer.


#nasa #space #science #engineering #WomenInSTEM #StarWars #StarTrek #nola #louisiana #cats avatar


E-Mobility #SmartCharging / #EV grid integration / #EVcharging infrastructure / #Flexibility / Mobilitätswende | Senior Advisor (Consultant) @ Regulatory Assistance Project 🇪🇺 | other gigs @ Watture

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Focusing on the future, it's where I'll spend the rest of my life!

Currently combining all of the above with, a computer vision software that understands and quantifies moving objects. The simple setup allows everybody to count moving objects from cameras and videos, e.g. measure traffic in your street, count birds on your balcony and much more!

Prev: Co-Founder & CTO avatar


Twitter: (inaktiv, aber nicht gelöscht um Link Rot zu vermeiden)


After dark (11 pm UTC) often in English.

Mageia (best Linux distribution) fanboy.

Interests: Climate, Energy Transition, IT (#Linux, FOSS, #Python), Science (#Psychology, CS, all of them), Politics (e.g. #AntiFa, #Privacy), Arts (GameDev, Baroque Music, all of them) avatar


Hi there, I'm posting a lot about nuclear energy, but I can branch out to:

  • Politics: I'm an 'orthodox' marxist. I'll probably use for those posts.
  • Esperantisto.
  • Environment: you know my pro-nuclear stance, but did you know I'm an ecomodernist?
  • Democracy: Sortition is the way to go.
  • Economy: abolish the money economy and replace it by cybernetic communism, using labourtime as our measurement for planning. avatar


I'm a data liberation engineer at Catalyst #Coop. We use #Python to support #climate activists, policymakers, and researchers accelerating the #EnergyTransition.

I grew up in rural spanglish California, explored Mars & Europa with robots, & fought for bright green cities in Colorado. Now I'm a wandering cybermonkey lost in the misty highlands of southern Mexico.

I ❤️ bikes, car-free cities, street food, & steward ownership. There is such a thing as enough.

🇺🇸/🇲🇽 English/Español he/él avatar


Writer and media relations consultant for several organizations, but all ravings here are strictly mine. Known troublemaker, transplanted from California to Hilo, Hawaii. I often post pics of the cute #reptiles who hang out near my house. Escapee from #Xitter. Do NOT patronize any business owned by Elon Musk.
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Australian climate activist from Naarm (Melbourne) on unceeded Wurundjeri-Woiwurrung country. Sustainable Transport advocate and campaigner. Attended COP21, COP22, COP23, COP25. Parent to 3 adult human children. Dad to (Chihuahuas) who join me in cycling everywhere local. Winner of my local #Merribek Council Award for Environmental Sustainability in 2019 for my work in climate advocacy. avatar


Venezuelan migrant.
Solar energy engineer.
Climate evangelist.
#EndFossilFuels avatar


Tech and Social Media Expert

bring your friends
It's fun to lose and to pretend
She's over-bored and self-assured
Oh no, I know a dirty word

Here we are now, entertain us
I feel stupid, and contagious
Here we are now, entertain us

I'm worse at what I do best
And for this gift, I feel blessed
Our little group has always been
And always will until the end

Oh yeah, I guess it makes me smile
I found it hard, it's hard to find
Oh well, whatever, never mind avatar


Former UI/UX Designer turned YouTuber talking tech at avatar



Schreibe hier über das Leben mit dem eAuto und teile faszinierendes aus Wissenschaft, Technik und den Erneuerbaren Energien.

CTO @ traplinked avatar


Cryptographic & Security Engineering at Apple.
Previously: Lead iOS Developer

Tooting on all things #cryptography, #security, #climate, European #aerospace, #energy and #mobility

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