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miguel_pacheco, Portuguese
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Polish bus maker Solaris gets orders for an additional 18 hydrogen buses from Frankfurt public transport operator:
-Frankfurt’s In-der-City-Bus had previously ordered 23 Urbino 12 Solaris buses between 2022 & 2024
-Solaris continues to grow its orders for H2 buses


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Stole this off of Lemmy - totally gonna print it out and put it in my office. 😎

#fuelcells #hydrogen #energy #nasa #engineering

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All we need to do is tap that enormous reservoir on Jupiter and we are so good to go!

oiger, German
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Die Leag plant in der Lausitz ein H2UB-Zentrum für neue Energiekreisläufe. Am alten Kohlekraftwerk Boxberg entstehen Elektrolyseure, Brennstoffzellen, Wasserstoff- und Stromspeicher der Multi-Megawatt-Klasse:
#Elektrolyse #Wasserstoff #H2 #Hydrogen #Flussbatterie #Redox Flow #Lithium-Ionen #Fuel Cell #Brennstoffzelle #Lausitz #Sachsen #Energiewende #Kohleausstieg #Braunkohle #Subvention #Beihilfe. Fördergeld

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miguel_pacheco, Portuguese
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MOL Group inaugurates largest green hydrogen plant in Central & Eastern Europe
-€22m ($23.4m) investment, producing 1,600 tonnes H2/y
-Electrolyzers from Plug Power
-Located in Százhalombatta, Hungary


miguel_pacheco, Portuguese
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MadoquaPower2X, triples land area to 60 hectares to produce green hydrogen and ammonia in Sines, Portugal:
-Danish, Dutch & Portuguese consortium with a €2.8 billion investment
-560 MW electrolyzer capacity to produce 50K tons of green H2, 300K tons of ammonia in the first phase


miguel_pacheco, Portuguese
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Scots turn to hydrogen to make Scotch whisky green:
-Scottish's Scotch producers pledge to go net-zero by 2040, 5 y before Scotland and 10 y before the UK's target
-Natural gas fuels the heating of stills, producers pivoting to H2

#hydrogen #scotch #whisky

miguel_pacheco, Portuguese
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Hysetco, a hydrogen mobility company, raises an extra €200 million from investor Hy24
-Hysetco supplies H2 and rents a turn-key fleet of H2 fuel cell vehicles
-Hy24 is an H2 investment fund, becomes the majority shareholder
-Air Liquide, TotalEnergies, Toyota France, & Kouros stay as minority shareholders


miguel_pacheco, Portuguese
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Rotterdam Port to win a new hydrogen import hub:
-Hub will handle compressed H2 and ammonia
-Redeliveries via barges, rail, trucks & H2 grid
-Developed by Global Energy Storage & Provaris Energy


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Naturally occurring underground pockets of pure hydrogen are generating attention as a potentially unlimited source of carbon-free power. One interested party is the U.S. Department of Energy, which last month awarded $20 million in research grants to 18 teams from laboratories, universities, and private companies to develop technologies that can lead to cheap, clean fuel from the subsurface. , as it’s known, is produced when water reacts with iron-rich rocks, causing the iron to oxidize. The U.S. Geological Survey estimates there are potentially billions of tons of geologic hydrogen buried in the Earth’s crust.
Accumulations have been discovered worldwide, and a slew of startups are searching for extractable deposits.
One of the grant recipients, MIT Assistant Professor Iwnetim Abate’s research group, will use its $1.3 million grant to determine the ideal conditions for producing hydrogen underground
— considering factors such as catalysts to initiate the chemical reaction, temperature, pressure, and pH levels.
The goal is to improve efficiency for large-scale production, meeting global energy needs at a competitive cost.
Abate is looking to jump-start the natural hydrogen production process, implementing “proactive” approaches that involve stimulating production and harvesting the gas.

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🔌 Photoncycle targets low-cost energy storage with a clever hydrogen solution


#hydrogen #energy #energystorage #decarbonization

Hy_Economy, German
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German Pipeline Network:

Germany has finalized the details on the upcoming, 9700 km long, pipeline network.

Construction will start in 2025 and is supposed to be finished in 2037, at the latest.


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#TerraformIndustries converts #electricity and #air into synthetic natural #gas for the first time
#hydrogen #H2
Key quote: „Terraform says its system converts clean electricity into hydrogen at less than $2.50 per kilogram of H2 (currently, green hydrogen ranges from $5-11 per kilogram, Handmer estimated).”

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