tinoeberl, German
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"Grüner #Wasserstoff für den #Regionalbusverkehr in Pfeffenhausen eingeweiht

In #Pfeffenhausen im Landkreis #Landshut ist am Freitag eine Anlage für die Erzeugung grünen Wasserstoffs in #Südbayern eingeweiht worden. Sie befindet sich auf dem Gelände des zukünftigen Wasserstoffzentrums. Die Inbetriebsetzungsphase habe begonnen und soll bis Sommer 2024 abgeschlossen sein."

#Hydrogen #WasserstoffZukunft #Wasserstoffstrategie


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A group of undergraduate students has built and successfully operated a hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engine.
Engineering students at the University of Bath switched on their single-cylinder engine for the first time in March, and it worked seamlessly.

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@richardknott yeah, but any saying that are talking out of their bottom. Its plain to see they won't. But equally plain to see they are viable and realistic for LCV and HGV. Next is to work on green hydrogen.

Many of those being pathetically childish about it will be totally and completely unaffected by it even if it came to be.

I have zero time for the "yes we want a clean future but it can only be this clean future" attitude. Either the goal is emissions or its they want electric cars

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@CrackedWindscreen @richardknott The only people talking out of their bottom are the BEV fanatics.

Hydrogen cars will replace BEV cars because physics dictate that they are superior. BEVs won't even replace ICE cars. If anything, that fantasy has already ended. Continue to insist on BEVs-only is the real mistake.

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Zatankowany! 🫡 #Hydrogen #Future @ NESO H2

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Germany wants to speed up hydrogen expansion with 'overriding public interest' law – media

https://www.cleanenergywire.org/news/germany-wants-speed-hydrogen-expansion-overriding-public-interest-law-media #hydrogen #energytransition

miguel_pacheco, Portuguese
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Chile's state-owned oil & gas company ENAP ordered a 1 MW hydrogen plant:
-German Neuman & Esser will supply PEM electrolyzer, compression, H2 storage & filling station, plus training
-Powered by ENAP's Vientos Patagonicos wind farm


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Hydrogen in gas networks doubles dangerous leaks from home appliances

Pro-hydrogen tech bros will have a sook over this article, but reality has a way of asserting itself against their inane arguments. They're a sad bunch who like to think they're doing something good for the environment but they're in denial and cannot accept they've been sucked-in by greenwashing of the fossil fuel lobby who're trying to prolong the use of methane.

#Hydrogen #Greenwashing #Renewables #FossilGas #NaturalGas #Environment #ElectrifyEverything

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@BinChicken Your own argument is just braindead fearmongering over new technology. It is Ludditism plain and simple.

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@Hypx That's just pointless. Fuel cells are only half as efficient as batteries, and with trains it's straightforward to just use wires, which are even more efficient. Plus hydrogen is more expensive to make and transport than electricity. The companies involved have to know this. Why are they wasting everybody's time?

@Hypx@mastodon.social avatar

@CurtAdams Fuel cells are literally same thing as batteries. BEV companies are willfully misleading people on this subject. Not all railroads can be electrified. "High costs" has been accused against all green technologies. It is simply a climate change deniers tactic.

miguel_pacheco, Portuguese
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Scientists achieve one atom thick gold leaf - hydrogen production is one application
-Named Goldene, it transforms gold into a semi-conductor
-Adapted ancient metalwork technique to produce it
-May reduce gold use in the future


miguel_pacheco, Portuguese
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Toyota to make new Lunar Rover for NASA:
-Named Luna Cruiser, powered by an H2 fuel cell with a 10,000 Km range
-Carries two astronauts for up to 30 days, pressurized cabin
-Deployed in 2031, in Artemis VII mission


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miguel_pacheco, Portuguese
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Polish bus maker Solaris gets orders for an additional 18 hydrogen buses from Frankfurt public transport operator:
-Frankfurt’s In-der-City-Bus had previously ordered 23 Urbino 12 Solaris buses between 2022 & 2024
-Solaris continues to grow its orders for H2 buses


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Stole this off of Lemmy - totally gonna print it out and put it in my office. 😎

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@absolutspacegrl @lewriley

All we need to do is tap that enormous reservoir on Jupiter and we are so good to go!

oiger, German
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Die Leag plant in der Lausitz ein H2UB-Zentrum für neue Energiekreisläufe. Am alten Kohlekraftwerk Boxberg entstehen Elektrolyseure, Brennstoffzellen, Wasserstoff- und Stromspeicher der Multi-Megawatt-Klasse:
Flow -Ionen Cell . Fördergeld

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miguel_pacheco, Portuguese
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MOL Group inaugurates largest green hydrogen plant in Central & Eastern Europe
-€22m ($23.4m) investment, producing 1,600 tonnes H2/y
-Electrolyzers from Plug Power
-Located in Százhalombatta, Hungary

#hydrogen #GreenHydrogen

Fuel Cells - Bloom Energy to Receive up to $75 million in Federal Tax Credits for Fremont Manufacturing Plant - Hydrogen Central (hydrogen-central.com)

Bloom Energy Inc. (NYSE:BE), a leading provider of clean energy solutions, was recently awarded up to $75 million in tax credits by the Department of Energy, Department of Treasury, and the Internal Revenue Service under the Qualifying Advanced Energy Project 48C initiative.

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