If this happens infrequently enough to be news I’m concerned about how many they are missing

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Yeah, I have to take at least 3 knives out of my backpack every time I fly. I guess for some people guns are the equivalent.

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@steinbring I got caught at General Mitchell Airport with a knife in my backpack that I had put there months earlier and forgotten about. I had shown it to a knife collector I knew and forgotten all about it.

They took me to the police station in the airport, asked me some questions, and gave me a very stern warning, that I was lucky they weren't arresting me for CCW. I didn't even miss my flight!

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I remember meeting someone at the gate there as a kid (very pre-9/11) and remembering that I had a pocket knife on me. The security guy let me through with it because the blade was shorter than his thumb. These days, I have a backpack that is strictly used only for air travel and when I go to the airport, I don't even bring pocket change with me.

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