How to Dance in Ohio Launches Partnership with Autistic Theatremakers Alliance; Announces Talkback Series

How to Dance in Ohio has partnered with the Autistic Theatremakers Alliance. The inaugural partnership event will take place January 25, with an extraordinary celebration of New York’s neurodivergent theatre companies.

The production will welcome Actionplay, EPIC Players, and The Neurodivergent New Play Series to the show, with an exclusive talkback discussing autistic representation on Broadway to follow. The performance will also feature ASL interpretation. The talkback will be moderated by Autistic Theatremakers Alliance Executive Director (and Playbill writer) Margaret Hall.

The Autistic Theatremakers Alliance (ATA) seeks to reduce stigma and increase inclusion of autistic persons in all aspects of theatre making and offer support and foster connections between autistic artists and the American theatre industry at large.

The non-profit is an alliance of autistic-friendly theatre companies and industry leaders dedicated to the mission of uplifting autistic individuals in the arts through institutional support. The ATA also provides resources for autistic artists in the form of grants and affinity events to foster community connections, plus resources regarding sensory-friendly performances and training.

For more information, about the January 25 talkback, visit


How to Dance in Ohio:

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