The thing about Republican candidates are... they're often unlikable. The problem is, an alternative is always considered worse. So people still show up to vote for the "lesser evil" in their eyes.

I would be very careful about insinuating any kind of trend from the distaste people show for Trump. That's a major reason Hillary "lost" in 2016.

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Donald Trump is an incredibly unusual political force. On the one hand, he is despised by many, even within his own party, and on the other he is loved in a cult-like fashion by his base. There really isn’t a middle ground.

For a normal candidate, this absolutely would be ringing alarm bells but he is far from normal. Also, of those republicans who do hate Trump, they still do not realize that the Republican Party they belong to and plan to vote for (the so-called “Party of Reagan”) no longer exists.

Just like in 2016 and 2020, the republicans will probably turn out and vote for him in 2024. The only thing that will stop Trump is turning out to vote for Biden in 2024 & drumming up enthusiasm for the dems.

If Trump loses again, we may finally see the end of his political cult and stranglehold over the republican party; it will take them a bit to find a successor because they have no clear heir, or a charismatic one at that.

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