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How do super, extremely shy people find romantic partners?

Coming from listening to an episode of The Moth where a super shy woman talks about her husband, and me thinking that those two things somehow cancel out…

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also from the thing i hear all the time being that in order to find a partner, you gotta be brave and put yourself out there!!! that’s like step one???

so if you’re a shy introvert……… how…………

kaiserkiwi, avatar

@Sinegrave 10 years ago here but… I was literally not out there. I was in front of my PC and played with a little group. One women became my best friend and when we finally met at gamescom it clicked. 😅

Well actually we didn't realize it for a few months, but after a while we changed from best friends to couple.

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@kaiserkiwi ugh WHY are all these stories so cute 😭​😭​

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