I'd say delete on or prior to the 25th, no guarantee Reddit won't do some shit early to protect their post assets

HubertManne avatar

Put in my gdpr request yesterday. Im hoping to be all cleared out by the weekend.

r0bi avatar

Bulk edited all my comments and posts and deleted my 10+ year old account a few days ago


Can you tell me how to bulk edit all my comments?

Rashnet avatar

I used redact.dev to bulk edit mine. I am waiting a few days to make sure they don't get changed back by reddit and then I am going to edit them one more time then delete them and my 13 year old account.

GigaFlop avatar

Yeah, Its worth keeping an eye on, Ive seen a few of my posts come back, so I'm logging back in every couple days to clear em out again


I'd say do more layers of edits in case they wait til after accounts are deleted to reverse changes. Enough layers and it may be too much of a headache for them to reverse

Rashnet avatar

Just ran my 3rd set of edits today. I agree with you.


Power Delete Suite is very easy. No download, just drag to your bookmarks toolbar, log in to reddit and go to your profile page, click the bookmark. You'll get some options on what to delete and you can also add some text to bulk edit instead of bulk delete.


Already done, I feel lighter already (just like when I quit Facebook)

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