Hyphlosion, to fediverse
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Will be my 1-year anniversary on Mastodon and the fediverse in June. Been that long since I left Reddit.

But I still feel very much like a noob. For example, I have a hard time grasping why I can’t sign into my Mastodon profile (https://lemmy.world/u/Hyphlosion@donphan.social ) on lemmy. There’s obviously a profile of my posts, so why can’t I sign into it on lemmy and use it?

#fediverse #noob #newtofediverse #redditmigration #lemmy

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gibt es ein forum für die software oder wo ich eine frage stellen kann?

oder wär auch top, will aber nicht oder benutzen und habe im web nichts gefunden... :(


ecksearoh, to RedditMigration

It is still early enough in the #redditmigration that #lemmy or #kbin can easily be replaced if something superior comes along. So if #piefed or #sublinks can develop their consumer facing products better and faster then they will inevitably get the community support. And since sublinks uses the existing Lemmy API it might have the best chance to do so.

You never know, the current Lemmy devs might be pushed aside tomorrow, anything could happen.

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Where am I?
Is this the ? What is the ? How do I ? Am I ? Do I ? Deja-vu with the ?

Hi there👋
This is a good place to be!
My thread here condenses the key learning I've made so far about Fediverse, in case it helps others.

Click this post if needed, scroll down, to read more below.👇

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I should write an introduction post! Pin it to my profile maybe!

Include lots of hashtags, especially #introduction + #hashtags for things I talk about or am I interested in, so people can find me too.

#Help #New #NewHere #FediTips #Newbies #Welcome #TwitterMigration #TwitterExodus #RedditMigration

codelutin, to reddit French
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Nous avons assisté au blackout et nous avons souhaité redonner le pouvoir aux utilisateurs ! ✊

Nous versons 3000 € à https://join-lemmy.org et 333 € à https://kbin.pub qui proposent des alternatives avec déjà plusieurs dizaines de milliers de "sous" et de membres actifs de ce nouveau 🧵

Cela fait partie du 1% de notre chiffre d'affaires que nous versons tous les ans avec @copiepublique et on est pas les seuls !

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Wow , thanks for the help! I am genuinely surprised at how close the results were. It looks like the recommendation is to try out the ( and / or ) first - but only by 1.8% over ! Y'all must know that I've been getting frustrated with lately. I also appreciate the recommendations for other things to explore.

Now the question is Kbin or Lemmy? Or both? (any thoughts?)


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If you are new to the network (inaccurately called network) and looking for end-user apps for mobile and desktop, check this list:


raphael, to RedditMigration
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Step 3 of my evil plan regarding and the has been executed. Anyone with a reddit account can go to https://portal.alien.top to claim their account at the alien.top instance, and when they do so it gives you a list of your current reddit subscriptions and recommends the corresponding lemmy community.

Now, on to build and extend the lemmy communities so that we have more recommendations to make.

reiver, to fediverse
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keremgo3d, to reddit

I'm sharing my work on my social media accounts and that will be it. I don't need Reddit and it's weird moderators & members. Literal weirdos deleting your posts for no reason and members who drop even weirder comments. At this day and age I don't need any of that nonsense.

"It's the content, stupid." - Quick Notes to Supercharge K.Bin

Like you, I'm a passionate user of K.Bin but lately, I'm noticing that things are getting kinda stale around here. The most recent thread in this, the top-level magazine on K.Bin, is 4 days old. Many other top 25 magazines are also suffering from a similar lack of fresh content. I run /m/scifi and it's been continuing to grow...

CharlieMcHenry, to reddit
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Reddit faces content quality concerns after its Great Mod Purge - As a long-time user with the karma to prove it, I can attest to the FACT that the quality of content on the site has crashed to new lows over the last few months. Really low quality content now, frustratingly low. Will the site ever recover? I have my doubts. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2023/09/are-reddits-replacement-mods-fit-to-fight-misinformation/

73ms, (edited ) to Ukraine

Recommended follow list for Ukraine war on Mastodon

Here are my recommendations for coverage of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Only accounts active recently and you can easily import them from a file. They are split into two different lists by type.

  1. Ukraine: OSINT & war updates

This list mostly has accounts posting quickly about daily events of the war and doing open source intelligence.

Accounts in this list:

  1. Ukraine: Analysis & coverage

This list is accounts focused more on in-depth analysis, information about what is happening in the background, followup stories etc.

Accounts in this list:

Download the file here if you want to import: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmVkBo17Jko4sozHoMzQU6raR4D1KCKomEZJ6QZChVJeLA?filename=ukraine_lists.csv

The import file relies on the List import feature recently added to Mastodon. I have noticed the list import results in a few accounts sometimes ending up in their separate list by the same name so you may have to fix that manually afterwards if this happens on your instance. If many people are on an older Mastodon version and want it I can also post a follows file that will work for those.

Import instructions:

  1. Sign into your instance on the web
  2. go to settings (Gear icon)
  3. Choose Import and Export -> Import
  4. For import type choose "Lists" (could also be "Translation missing: en.imports.types.lists" if there is an issue with the localization).
  5. Select "merge" to only add to your current follows/lists so nothing you have gets deleted
  6. Browse for CSV file and start import

I would also suggest following the hashtags and

Crossposted to @ukraine on Lemmy which you can also follow through Mastodon

blissfulmun, to twitter

Yes, I still have a account, cause so many people who I am friends with; are still there.

It sucks that they can't go to places like . Or here, but here; things they would want. Are not present within or the .

I Roleplay / write stories with others, have been for 25+ years. So far, there is no area's within the Fediverse. That is why I can not wait until there is one.

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@digital_wyrm0809 I agree with your points but I think you skipped part in my message and jumbled all in one. https://fedidb.org/ If you look at Pixelfields website dedicated to tracking, you will see tab Threadiverse which is Lemmy+Kbin. Know why it's trending? Due redditors aka forum loving people leaving because of . So in fact they are Fediverse forums/link agregators. Federation is a major thing as well, but it's easier to search random community posts.

mima, to fediverse

Yet another reason why I chose over for hosting my forum: reliability. You can often see lemmy.world (which has the largest Touhou community AFAIK at 132 subscribers and 96 submissions, vs https://raddle.me/f/touhou at 124 subscribers and 970 submissions) and lemmy.blahaj.zone (2nd largest 2hu with similar subscriber count but way less submissions) out of service. Might be due to too many users using at once, some server crash, idk.

Whatever the reason is, the Lemmy software being so heavy has to be a factor. I mean come on, it requires JavaScript ffs.

Raddle meanwhile is so lightweight (written primarily in an appropriate language like PHP like a sane web-facing service would, and DOESN'T require JS), and server reboots (and I only witnessed one in my entire 5 years on that site) take only seconds. Postmill is a champ!

Roundcat, to blogging
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My first attempt at in a long time. This is about my experience on what I have loved about it, and some of the issues that still hold it back. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you!


CharlieMcHenry, to reddit
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Reddit’s menswear hub is the latest casualty of its battle with moderators - Reddit may have won, but not without lasting damage to its communities. https://techcrunch.com/2023/08/09/reddit-male-fashion-advice-mod-take-over-api-protest/

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I actually did go to #reddit last week, if only to take part in the #joinlemmy and #fuckspez things around the board.

And then I made stickers about it.
You can check them out at the link below!


#redditmigration #lemmy #fediverse #federated #shopsmall #shopsmallbusinesses #supportsmallbusinesses

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Added a couple to my .
Actually, all five of the stickers pictured are ones I’ve made.

They’re also all available on my store.

I’ve also got Lemmy.World stickers coming… Standby. 🚀


ArtBear, (edited ) to fediverse

Where am I? Is this the Fediverse? What is the Mastodon? How do I Firefish? Am I Pixelfed? Do I Lemmy?

👇Click post. Help Thread cont below.

Hi there👋 What I've learnt in a year so far about . Condensed to help others.

1st understanding.
We make friends across multiple Fedi platforms at once.

Imagine if instagram, tiktok, facebook, twitter, youtube all connected & run by users to help users, not wall us apart & annoy us, for ad profits.

ArtBear, (edited )

Fediverse evolves not stagnates:

  1. decisions taken to boost community not profits=better decisions

  2. new platforms join & enhance, not compete

  3. we keep our connections & time investment while being able to access new developments

  4. Fediverse devs quite often quicker, more agile & innovative than corporate profit constrained devs!

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