Does anyone know good and especially cheap therapists who do online therapy for ADHD?

Hello. I was diagnosed with ADHD one year ago already (I was 35 back then), but since then I'm only with medical treatment, in other words, with medication. This medication can keep my ADHD symptoms under control, at a degree. But it does absolutely nothing against my executive dysfunction and my focus issues, and I don't have proper tools to handle my ADHD.

On a Discord server someone told me to look for therapists that do online sessions from third world countries for ADHD people, but I don't know where to look for them, and I don't know whether they're actual therapists or random scammers either. I live in Spain (pointing that out in case you try to push your US narrative), and a psychologists charges between 40 € and 60 € per session, being one session per week. And I can't afford spending 160 €/240 € per month when I don't even have a job.

Does anyone can give me some advice or recommendations, or webpages where I can look for someone?


Hola. Yo soy de México y doy consejería filosófica . Además tengo TDAH yo mismo, diagnóstico que recibí igualmente de adulto, así que podría ayudarte y entenderte también desde mi experiencia. Si no es algo que te pueda interesar, te puedo canalizar con un buen psicoterapeuta de por aquí.

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You could use a medical directory such as this one. This one is Mexican and it has filters so you can find an ADHD expert within the clinical psychologists. Contact them.

If you allow me a piece of advice, don’t be cheap with these people. Just because they are used to earn miserably doesn’t mean that it isn’t hard. Living super tightly, stressed because it isn’t enough to save for the future… That’s the reality for many psychotherapists in Mexico —not all, but many. If you can pay them justly because of the euro (obviously considering your needs too), do so, please.


Sometimes they are called Occupational Therapists and require education to hold that title, depending on the country.


I am American and was going to recommend BetterHelp so searched if it expanded out of the US and there’s now UK chapters.

I signed up for the couples counseling sister site but haven’t started yet. Prices are quite reasonable and everything is virtual and secure.…/online-counseling-uk-success-sto…


Aren’t they the center of a huge controversy rn?


Yes. I believe the therapists only get paid if their word count per reply is below a laughably low threshold. Like 10 words or something.


I had no idea! They also do virtual appointments so I thought the communication done on the app was for emergencies and the sort. Being a therapist is tough that’s why I never chose to work toward that aspect of my social science degree.


I’m sorry I didn’t know.

This is what I found:…/ftc-gives-final-approval-order-banning-…

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I don’t have any recommendations for online services, but just wondering if you necessarily need to see a psychologist every week? If you’re only seeing one every other week or once or twice a month would that fit your budget better?

Ignacio, (edited )
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I went to psychologists for several reasons since 2013, that was 10 years before my diagnosis. And all of them had weekly sessions, because according to them, the more close in time those sessions are, the better those results are for the patient.

EDIT: How often should you go to the psychologist during therapy?


I guess it must depend on the country, but those with proper licensing tend to be restricted to practicing only with people in their jurisdiction.

While weekly is the standard, many therapists will work with you and your needs. Depending on what you seek in relation to ADHD, a monthly session followed by "homework" could be viable

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Depending on what you seek in relation to ADHD, a monthly session followed by "homework" could be viable

That would be really affordable to me, even with local therapists. I'll try.


I want to honor that "homework" is not the easiest undertaking for those with ADHD. The assignments should meet you where you are at. The intention is either (a) to help you rewire, (b) have experiences of successes somewhere that you usually don't or (c) teach externalization skills to compensate for your wiring. Overarching all this, a good therapist will be able to put words to your experience of ADHD. It's really helpful in and of itself to have someone grok you


Here’s the countries list on Psychology Today.

I would try to avoid random, potentially unqualified counselors from 3rd world countries…

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The list of Asian countries is very small. My time schedule is free during mornings, so American countries are not good for me. But thanks, I guess.


I’m not sure what “American countries” means haha. I wouldn’t consider the EU American.

That’s the resource that I’m familiar with, but I’d bet similar counselor databases exist for Asian countries.


Countries in the Americas? Not sure what you don’t understand.

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Countries in America, to be correct.

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I didn't even consider EU countries because prices are similar, or more expensive, than those in Spain.


My point was that I had linked to plenty of countries not located within north or south America.


Well… My 1st world country therapist didn’t believe in adhd, so I had to fire him. Which 1st world country, you ask?


Country doesn’t fn matter.

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