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I’ll tell you how much my fucks with me.

I need to finish putting together tomorrow’s show. I’ve already got it 75% in place, just need to find the last few tracks and put them in order. Easy.

But I can’t muster up the mental energy to do it, because I know that I have all day tomorrow. I love doing the show, I just can’t convince my brane of that.

So rather than do it tonight and have the whole day to whatever tomorrow, I’ll spend this evening worrying that I haven’t done it yet.

KitMuse, to ADHD avatar

I am doing a survey about yoga and neurodivergent folk and your boosts would be appreciated.

If you are neurodivergent (self-realized or Dx'd, it's all good here), and fall under the vast ND umbrella, I'd love to hear from you. Quick 6-7 question survey and you can remain anon if you want.

Thank you!

#ActuallyAutistic #AuDHD #ADHD #neurodivergent @actuallyautistic @neurodiversity @disability #yoga #accessibility #Anxiety #Depression #OCD #TBI

Faintdreams, to ADHD avatar

This morning I (almost) invisibly mended hole in my stretch leggings

Just sewed a headband (out of a scuba material!! It's v stretchy and slippy and goes through an Overlocker like silk !? ) and made some Rock Cakes (currently in the oven).

This morning I prepped some French bread (currently proving), and now planning dinner..

Yesterday I struggled all day to watch a 15 min instructional video on youtube

Also TWO loads of laundry

Who the hell am I ?

#ADHD #Autisim #HyperActivity #Spoons

KatM, to ADHD avatar

My husband is presenting in an all-day virtual conference with other experts in the field, including Dr. Edward Hallowell, for an /ADHD audience.

He put his slide deck on Slides as required. Then technical glitches occurred (slides weren’t fully loading) during the test run. The IT person asked him if he was on a Mac (he is). According to the IT person, they have trouble with Mac users being able to run slideshows when there are multiple presenters.

It’s 2024. C’mon man. 🙄

dmcahill, to ADHD avatar

"I do want GPs to be able to diagnose() — we're very skilled at applying a range of metrics and where we're not sure of the diagnosis, we're very good at referring up to a higher-level clinician," Dr Aust said.

cferdinandi, to ADHD avatar

🐝 New on ADHD ftw! The Bluey episode about ADHD

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So I don’t go on LinkedIn a lot. But I happened to be on there recently and saw a thing in my inbox. My friend’s son, who’d done my website, had sent a request for a recommendation. I wrote something immediately. (I get things done!) Got this back.

#linkedin #adhd #procrastination

sky, to KindActions avatar

oh goddess no

they cut off my water

I'm about $350 behind

it has to be paid for them to cut the water back on

please, if anyone can help me get my water back


I'm a disabled non-binary person (ADHD and bipolar), my partners are both disabled as well (anxiety and depression, as well as my wife having fibromyalgia)

I'm working as much as I can, but my job doesn't pay a living wage

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