Is my dog recognising my voice on the phone?

Have you ever taken a lengthy vacation and questioned whether your dog misses you just as much as you miss them? Have you called their "sitter" to see how they are doing and requested a Skype or Face Time call? had the opportunity to have, you might have either been really happy or extremely disappointed when your dog responded indifferently when you called to them on the opposite end of the queue.

Shelbyeileen, avatar

This is really sweet! I’m glad the study showed they were able to recognize and differentiate.


We have an automatic pet feeder with webcam, speaker and microphone. We don’t leave our dog with it alone when we go away as he goes to his sitters house or comes with us. It’s convenient while we are around. Every now and then when I’m at work and he is at home alone I would jump on and say hello. He just howls and howls when he hears us calling. It’s the same even if someone else is home with him, as soon as he hears anyone from the family talk to him through it he starts to howl.

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