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This is no way to work. And, yet, it IS the way to work.

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I finally got around to taking photos of the K9 Kolossus backpack vs the Little Chonk.

First off, the Kolossus. From the side, you can see that there's a gap between the back of the human and the bag but that gap is caused by the bag holding its shape and providing appropriate support.

Disregard the dog hair, that jacket is a hair magnet. 🧵

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When you’re trying to finish your assignment for your class but someone else has plans.

#DogsOfMastodon #MastoDogs #MyPrincess #Schoolwork

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I originally wanted to ride with him in the basket, but quickly realised he was too big for most dog baskets out there. A trailer seemed like a better option and feels a lot safer. And honestly, 10/10, best purchase I've ever made, we're going to be biking everywhere this summer 🌞


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No one is happier than a pug in his new bike trailer. He didn't want to get out after his first trip in it 😂


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Fyo's back from his long walk in and around the park, and is resting on the patio with us. He takes his snoozing very seriously. 🐶❤️
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She just plopped there to enjoy this quiet spot on a busy weekend full of tourists.

#Dog #Dogs #DogsOfMastodon #Corgi #CorgisOfMastodon #Mastodogs #Mastodog #DogsOfFediverse #FediDogs #PetsOfMastodon

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Echocardiogram day

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Foto do Bruce quando ele era apenas um baby #MastoDogs

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Moxxi thinks that all cars are potentially hers. She loves to walk around parking lots, sniff out every car and pick the one she prefers. Today, of all the fancy cars available, she picked the rustiest beat up Honda Civic. She wouldn't leave it. Here she is, in her standard meerkat pose, trying to catch a good glimpse of the inside of that beaut.

She's nuts

#Dogs #Dog #DogsOfMastodon #Corgi #CorgisOfMastodon #Mastodogs #Mastodog #DogsOfFediverse #FediDogs #PetsOfMastodon

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Yesterday, we walked by a small blooming tree. I noticed it was an apple tree and gave it a closer look as I didn't remember ever seeing apples there. I struggled with the Seek app for a while and it took Moxxi an entire 5 seconds to find last year's dried up crabapples still attached to the branches. Mystery solved!

a close-up of the white crabapple flowers. in the background is an empty marina and a skyline.

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First, I want everybody to know that she doesn't usually behave this well around birds. The geese are way, way closer than they seem in the photo. I'm baffled that she didn't try to run after them. She's also surprisingly fine with being in the water now? Her weird position is actually her thinking about sitting down. Like ma'am what?

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#dailydog Emil hat heute den See umrundet, Higgs erholt sich mit kleinem Programm noch von der Reise.

Insgesamt ein #silentsunday als erster echter Ferientag hier in Schweden.

Habt ein schönes Pfingstwochenende!

#dogsofmastodon #mastodogs #dogs #dog #gassirunde

Emil bei der Seeumrundung
Emil schläft.
Silent Sunday

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