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I finally got around to taking photos of the K9 Kolossus backpack vs the Little Chonk.

First off, the Kolossus. From the side, you can see that there's a gap between the back of the human and the bag but that gap is caused by the bag holding its shape and providing appropriate support.

Disregard the dog hair, that jacket is a hair magnet. 🧵

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Expecting Sheridan to eat something you give him, instead of just walking around holding on to it, is a lost cause.

Ah well, pictures it is then.

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Apparently it's .

I don't know why that's a thing but I'm all for it. Here's a picture from this time last year and one the groomers took today.

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She just plopped there to enjoy this quiet spot on a busy weekend full of tourists.

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Moxxi thinks that all cars are potentially hers. She loves to walk around parking lots, sniff out every car and pick the one she prefers. Today, of all the fancy cars available, she picked the rustiest beat up Honda Civic. She wouldn't leave it. Here she is, in her standard meerkat pose, trying to catch a good glimpse of the inside of that beaut.

She's nuts

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I don't share enough pictures of my dog. He may be a senior now, but he's still just as beautiful as when he was a puppy. He may be less cute and more "grumpy old dog" now, but he always watches over us whenever we go on hikes, and jumps in whenever the kids start playing.

He's a very good boy indeed.

So here is your daily dog picture if you haven't had your dose yet :)

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Yesterday, we walked by a small blooming tree. I noticed it was an apple tree and gave it a closer look as I didn't remember ever seeing apples there. I struggled with the Seek app for a while and it took Moxxi an entire 5 seconds to find last year's dried up crabapples still attached to the branches. Mystery solved!

a close-up of the white crabapple flowers. in the background is an empty marina and a skyline.

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First, I want everybody to know that she doesn't usually behave this well around birds. The geese are way, way closer than they seem in the photo. I'm baffled that she didn't try to run after them. She's also surprisingly fine with being in the water now? Her weird position is actually her thinking about sitting down. Like ma'am what?

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We lost our dog to old age 2 years ago, and I just recently started scrolling through PetFinder app. Wilcox suddenly appeared on my screen and had me lol'ing. I might have to check him out.

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🎵 And by now, you shoulda somehow realised what you gotta doooooo.

🎵 I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you naooooow.

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