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Today is so it is time for this weeks

rasterweb, to Cats avatar

Praying to the heat gods…

KissAnne, to Cats avatar

My had scratched my couch and it looked awful, so I had to buy a new fabric cover. I protected the armrest with this scratching pad. I sewed it to the couch. Let's see how it works. I will get my cats Sanni and Siiri home tomorrow. ☺️♥️

An old light blue sofa looked awful. Cats had destroyed the armrest.
My brown Siberian cat Siiri in a climbing tree
My white Neva Masquerade cat Sanni in her bed

AnEntropyBubble, to animals avatar

Rory, by the the window on his new blanket, waits for his brushing.
Happy to all!

mrcopilot, to animals avatar

refuses to uncurl from foot of the bed, or no, rough and rowdy night of steeplechase.

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Happy friends!
We are welcoming a beautiful weekend especially tomorrow with temps reaching 70F ( 21C ) in Feb, that’s insane and alarming. Sunday we will celebrate a birthday that we missed in Jan here on the property. The great grandbaby’s 1st birthday.🎂 And my 15 yo grandson is spending the weekend so that’s fun.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.❤️

Same gray tabby cat sitting on my lap very alert to something behind me. My chair is swiveled facing the back deck, my feet are in the background.

Pentapod, to random avatar

This has been a pretty terrible week on the whole between Pansy getting a bladder infection and needing many expensive tests, and me managing to do something in my sleep that made me so dizzy I threw up more than once due to motion sickness. 😩 On top of work and house hunting deadlines. So for #caturday here is Pansy expressing how we both feel this week! Both starting to feel a bit better today I hope. #CatsOfMastodon

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Thank you to IFAW, Save Pets of UA, and U-hearts for the humanitarian aid! Thanks to your support, our monastery cats received an abundance of wet and dry food from Schesir. Your assistance means a lot to all of them. Thank you for your kindness and care for our little furbabies ❤️🐾


GabrielaHofmann, to animals avatar

I must groom, we are expecting guests.

mckra1g, to Cats avatar

Ollie (the formerly feral) is 100% a mama’s boy. He adores my middle daughter and is quite a snuggle bug.

#caturday #cats #CatsOfMastodon

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ArtThatMakesYouSmile, to Cat avatar
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As good a day as any for a reckoning.


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Good morning and happy ! - Listen, this ain’t no or here, no billionaires or VCs. This is a community run social network by people like you and me.

Those recent attacks may have seriously run up your instance’s bills this month so please consider donating to your server’s admin. Unlike the oligopoly, it’s just you and me making this happen.

Check your server to see how you can support your local instance!


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Lou Rawls - Tobacco Road (1963)
#catdaymoanin 🐈🎻
... along the #blueshighway 🗝️
the smooth voice of
"sweet Lou Rawls 🎶
a good cup of coffee ☕
a purrr'n cat on my lap
it's good to be ol' 🗝️ papablue 🧢
#ayearforart #joinin #peacenow
#greatsmokies 🌲🌲
(Feeny / jus' five mo' minute walker 😏🕶️)

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The battle of the beds escalates

atoa, to animals avatar

She looks at me and I gaze at love!

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Evil empurror Ripley demands pets and some of those nice crispy candies.

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Endlich wieder Sonne, Zeit für einen gemeinsamen Spaziergang

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