Do you drink milk from the cereal bowl?

Do you drink the cereal-flavored milk straight from the bowl? I grew up doing this because my parents taught me how good that milk tastes. As I’ve gotten older, I feel a little self-conscious about doing it in public. It’s not something I notice other non-children doing.

Editing to add: I do drink the milk from the bowl. As to when I’m eating it “in public:” hotels mostly. Self-conscious was probably the wrong word. I’m more wondering if people silently judge a grown person drinking cereal milk from the bowl. Not losing sleep if they do, just curious.

Evkob, avatar

I’m just sitting here trying to figure out if I’ve ever eaten cereal in public.

I guess maybe in a hotel that offered “free continental breakfast”? If I did make a habit of eating cereal in public, I can’t say I’d have a second thought before picking up my bowl and drinking the (oat) milk leftover. Do some people not do this? What do they do, throw it away? Scoop milk into their mouths with a spoon?

Life’s too short to be self-conscious about how you eat cereal.


I absolutely do, but I also generally don’t eat cereal in public…I could count on one hand the number of times in the last 30 years or so (since I was a teenager)…no real reason why but I don’t think it would give me pause if I were eating cereal in public.


Aw man. Get me a bowl of cocoa puffs.

Free chocolate milk after you’re done. Yes please.


I’ll feel more self-conscious if I’m wasting food. And no, unless you’re particularly loud, no one is judging you for how you’re having something.


Do you… not drink the milk from the cereal bowl…?


Tangentially related: Where I grew up (Eastern European country in the communist era), the staple appetiser for dinner was chicken broth with noodles. I loved noodles as a kid os I would always want to eat them last. So, I would always first eat all the broth (although with a spoon rather than drinking it straight from the bowl) pushing the noodles aside, draining all the broth from them to spoon it up, and then eat the noodles. Even now, when I go to Asian restaurants and order some form of noodle soup, I eat it in a similar way.

But cereal, no. Every spoonful has to contain a balanced proportion of cereal and milk.


It’s the best part

irotsoma, avatar

Lots of cultures drink things from bowls. It’s perfectly acceptable IMHO. I don’t know why Americans have such a problem with it. I always drink my pho and ramen broth from the bowl after I eat the solid stuff. The broth is the best part of those dishes on purpose, so leaving it behind is dumb.


My milk-to-cereal ratio doesn’t leave much milk behind, so generally no. But if for some reason I still have milk left over, then yes.

Leate_Wonceslace, avatar

Yes. I’m 30. I do this, it’s not weird, and anyone who says otherwise is a poser.

daddyjones, avatar

I’m 46 and I do this.


Unequivocally, yes.


It’s actually one of the reasons I switched from milk to yogurt in my cereal- I can more easily eat it all with my spoon

Another is the sofa. I can eat breakfast on my own sofa without worrying about a spill


Do you feel weird in the strip club?

Enjoy things. Don’t not enjoy things for social reasons, unless you’re a pedophile.

csm10495, avatar

When i was a very young kid I didn’t like it. … but after like 3 I really like it.

… and no it wasn’t thrown away: someone else would drink the remaining milk.


The idea of drinking someone else’s cereal milk makes me quite squeamish


I definitely judge the kind of person who leaves milk in the bowl as if it were a waste product of cereal consumption and not half the point.

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