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Engine maker Cummins agrees to pay $1.67 billion to settle claims it bypassed emissions tests (

Cummins Inc. has agreed to pay an over $1.67 billion penalty to settle claims by regulators that the engine manufacturer unlawfully altered hundreds of thousands of pickup truck engines to bypass emissions tests. According to the U.S. Justice Department, which announced the agreement in principle Thursday, Cummins' alleged...

Genius & Stupidity - The Mini Story (

There are few cars that create such an emotional response as the Mini. In 1959 it was a modern, cutting-edge design, but today is a cute, old-fashioned car. It’s gone from being the height of practicality to completely impractical, certainly compared to modern cars. But that emotional response was understood by those who...

The last Panhard to race in Le Mans is an aerodynamic piece of art (

With its streamlined shape and twin tail wings, the Panhard CD is one of the most iconic prototypes that ever raced in Le Mans. Now the car that was driven by Alain Bertaut and André Guilhaudin during the legendary 1964 edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans is coming up for auction.

OC Americans prefer SUVs: I don't. What am I missing?

I'm genuinely trying to figure out what I'm missing. I prefer hatchbacks, I have a VW GTI right now and its perfect. I have moved myself and other people from house to house, I can store almost everything in it. The car is fast, I can back in anywhere, and its great on gas (despite my enjoyment of said speed). SUVs are huge,...

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