OC xscreensaver appears only on one of two monitors

I have a Debian Bullseye system, ASUS PN53 (built in Radeon graphics) with two monitors, one connected via HDMI and one using a USB-C adapter.

When xscreensaver locks the screen, only the HDMI monitor displays a screen saver. The USB-C monitor continues to show whatever windows were on it, although the screen lock works to the extent that you can't interact with them until you unlock.

Mate-screensaver worked correctly, but xscreensaver is superior, and also I'm now using Xfce-4.



You might want to notice the name appears to read in the singular, not the plural. Just saying.


FWIW, this doesn't happen in KDE, only in XFCE4. I am ... mystified.

KDE has its own problems, of course. Nothing is ever simple.

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