jhx, to debian
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hint :debian:

Want to find files that change from the version shipped in a the package:

$ sudo debsums -c

This will show you all the changed files scanning through any installed package.

Further reading:

jhx, to linux
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A little rant about why I stopped distro hopping :linux:


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Even if you need newer stuff: There most likely is a repo, package, container, etc. available to get it 😉
I for example get Ansible directly via pipx - just because I like to have the newest release.
2 years old should be totally fine for
New hardware also mostly works - it rather is bleeding edge tech that get's fiddly.
(Besides, building a kernel if nothing else is available is also not too hard)

itsfoss, to random
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Snapdragon has embraced Linux, in a big way.


@bnijbakker@mastodon.social avatar

Amazing. Incredible! Been waiting for something like this.

Now let's hope they keep it open/libre and painless (I'm talking about you, nvidia!) I'm very satisfied with AMD now, but this is very promising for a powerhouse yet lightweight laptop.

, yeah!

alex, to random French
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*ain, mais c'est quoi encore ce merdier

exec: Failed to execute process '/usr/bin/wine': The file exists and is executable. Check the interpreter or linker?

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@alex Ça me rappelle ma période , ça ! Quand je passais tout mon temps à faire de la maintenance car les mises à jour déconnaient sans cesse... (ceci dit c'était pédagogique)

Depuis 15 ans, je suis revenu à oui (et je me contente de testing pour la stabilité).

Je me posais la question de tester un de ces quatre... Mais du coup clairement pas sur mon terminal principal !

bagder, to debian
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Accepted 8.8.0-1~bpo12+1 (source) into stable-backports

jhx, to FreeBSD
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I can for sure live with that power usage. 😎

Currently running:

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What I use:

  • A generic i5 PC (i5-8400) with 32GB of RAM and 2 x 4TB SSD ( mirror), vanilla 14.0 with Samba and NFS

  • A small i5 (i5-6500T) with 16GB of RAM for running containers and little bits and pieces here and there, vanilla 12

Both are used - got them for cheap from eBay 😎

jhx, to de
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For anyone looking for a stable and easy to use #DE (Desktop Environment) that just works: #Xfce

Give it a try! 😎

The #Xfce project and all it's dev's and maintainers do a great job at producing a working desktop that is a breeze to use. :xfce:


@jhx@fosstodon.org avatar

I like others as well to 😉
Xfce for me is best - it does it's job so well I can't really live withouth it 😂
Always happy when coming home to my workstation 😀

Not switching anymore, Xfce is the way for me. Feel you there a 100%

@jhx@fosstodon.org avatar

The recent versions of are quite good - used it on a while ago for some time.
is alright for me.

is by far, for me, the gold standart. It just works.

Indeed, it fits any role quite nice. To be frank, I drive the default look since it fits the bill for me - no theming at all.
I'm more focused on the things I do with it than how it looks.

The functionality is top. And as you said, the stability of is amazing!

WestphalDenn, to thinkpad German
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Just setup a 2nd hand bought T480s. Had it running with . Now runs 11, and

The efficiency boost is honestly mind blowing. And that is with so many keystrokes to wrap my head around. Absolutely worth the money and lets me work at least four times as fast as with the previous setups.

Would I have liked to keep on using Linux? Yes but at this point if one is doing more than just browsing the web and reading E-Mails it is very hard to recommend.

governa, to debian
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governa, to mediawiki
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tripplehelix, to debian
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in the package has been sat at V0.12.2-2 for almost a year now. The latest version is stuck in the packages. I build alacritty myself using cargo crates and have had no issues with V0.13. I'm guessing it's the switch from YAML to TOML for the config that's the issue. But surely you can create a script to convert this? Poor stable is still at V0.11 :loading: .

itsfoss, to linux
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True 😆

simon_brooke, to debian
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Right, I've managed to compile UnrealEngine for Stable, which feels like an achievement. If only I could do the same for a reasonably modern version of Shotwell!

doomyflo, to rust French
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Mes dernières créations au crochet
Sur commande et autres distributions possibles 👍
Bon vendredi à tous 👋

voorstad, to microsoft Dutch
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Not happy with the privacy nightmare Microsoft is introducing with 'Recall' in Windows 11?

Do consider installing Fedora. I am happy user for a while now. It works perfect and it looks the part!



@koen@procolix.social avatar

@voorstad @jwijnings dat is een kwestie van smaak.

Persoonlijk zou ik geen op redhat gebaseerd systeem meer willen.

vind ik persoonlijk ‘makkelijker’, maar er zijn meer opties.

Voor is heel veel rete-goede documentatie.

Als je herhaalbaar en reproduceerbare installaties wilt denk ik dat een goede keus kan zijn.

solarbrass, to debian Italian

How can I hide a service behind a proxy with ?
Like I have @navidrome running on standard port 4533 but I would like to Proxy it behind apache. So when I go to my website(dot)com/music I can reach it (as well with the apps so prolly websockets needs to be configured?).

I'm doing:
ProxyPass /music/
ProxyPassReverse /music/

But when i go to mywebsite(dot)com/music it goes to mywebsite(dot)com/app/


Apache2 running on

joahim, to debian
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Cool idea - - a distribution based on unstable , polished XFCE with nice minimalist wallpapers + Calamares installer. Just why don't we have it on ? Strange...

kubikpixel, (edited ) to webdev
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I'm a and try learning / , what is the "best" stable distro about? I don't like @manjarolinux any more.

@rockylinux vs. @opensuse


@udob@chaos.social avatar

@kubikpixel @jensens strongly disagree.

I am using #Debian for decades (!) on the desktop!

But yeah, for others I had recommended #Ubuntu. Since latest changes in Ubuntu that exception is no more...

It is really great to have choices :-)

tuxicoman, to Trains French
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sympa cette petite appli pour avoir les horaires de sous GNU/

Dispo dans testing



astian, to tech
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We are working on the redesign of Midori's image and we want to know what you think? feel free to contribute with your own designs.


plantarum, to debian
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Question for users:

I'm running testing on my laptop, as I have been for a couple decades. I've been waiting for the t64 transition to settle out before resuming updating packages.

I think the transition is now (mostly?) done, but aptitude is still flummoxed when trying to resolve 1300+ package updates.

I've tried to find small groups of packages that I can manually select and upgrade, but with few exceptions pulling on one of these threads quickly leads to a tangled mess of broken packages.

Any advice for how to tackle this would be most appreciated!

nixCraft, to debian
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This page explains the "rc" package state on your or system and how to remove those packages to free up disk space. How to uninstall packages marked “rc” on Debian / Ubuntu Linux https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-remove-all-rc-packages-on-debian-ubuntu-linux-apt-get/

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