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Bivy material came. Looking forward to this build. Learned a lot last time. I’m simplifying this one, making it bigger, and experimenting on the upper.

While the bottom optimizes for protection and water proofing with 1 oz Dyneema, the top optimizes for breathability with dual layer 0.5 oz mesh inside and 0.5 oz 7D ripstop outside.

The mesh is meant to separate the outer material from the quilt inside making a micro air cushion to help moist air transfer out and reduce condensation. We’ll see!

Showing closeup of the ultralight mesh and nylon material
Close up of the mesh material
Closeup of the waterproof Dyneema material

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For the color-way on this one I’m drawing inspiration from all the snow and ice this year. Using Moroccan blue for for bottom and white for the top.

Thinking of just a straight chest zip now, might do it on a stripe of the blue Dyneema. That’ll look cool across the white top.

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Ok back home from the office visit so I can get back to working on the bivy between zoom meetings today.

Got my oversized 20 degree and undersized 30 degree quilts out to visualize where to put the zipper (Fahrenheit). Doing a minimal, straight chest zip. Deciding how high up the shoulders to go.

I’d like to get that and the window done today, then maybe even stitch it all together tonight.

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Also mildly entertaining the thought of a diagonal chest zip instead of just straight. It would be easier access but wouldn’t function as well when left unzipped.

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Probably setting the zip straight, around this level. Comparing length with my old bivy.

Determining how far down I can place the zip (for easy access) while still functioning well without the top zipped. Might go a little higher.

Same as previous image but with another bivy on the floor next to it for size comparison

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Got some progress on the bivy after meetings. Sewed the top two layers together to work easier since they’re so wispy. Also committed to the zipper location, sewed on its base layer and half way through sewing the zipper on.

I don’t do zippers very pretty yet. I just cut to size, break apart, zip the zippers in, sew it right on the material, unzip, then cut the underlying material. It works.

Using a waterproof YKK number 3 with 2 double sided zips. I might ply the pulls off and use cord pulls.

A strip of stronger material sewn onto lighter material to make a base for a zipper.
A fresh zipper that’s been broken apart the. Zipped together with two zippers.
Sewing a zipper onto material with a sewing machine.

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Ok, got the window double layered with noseeum mesh, cut, sewn, and kind of hemmed. Starting to look like a thing. Haven’t cut the zipper yet. Happy with progress. I’ll sew the top and bottom after dinner and be done.

Underside of bivy with zip and window
Topside view of zip and wondow
Bivy too and bottom layer out on the floor

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@jds I built one of these a few years ago, the issue was most certainly the area around the head. The most successful usage was when I had a (borrowed) pop-up mesh from Adventure 17. My bivy has to be (mostly) tightened off (which cuts off air flow) if the mosquitos are bad... and even then, watching a thousand little mosquito stingers trying to get you from about 2 inches away is... unpleasant.

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@ai6yr I’ve used a bunch of bivies since the 90s when I was bike packing. This is the second one I’ve built. I shaped my last one into a tunnel which was cool but I seldom zip it so I just want a flat sandwich.

I sleep with a ball cap if zipped to keep the material off my face, but seldom zip. I’m generally above treeline and bugs and mostly cowboy camp without even a bivy anyway. I just use them to protect my quilt if needed or get a little windbreak.

They suit what I do since I don’t really stop and camp.

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