Functional 3D Printing

Under Desk Drawer by GodardScientific (

Alright this project is growing.. needs a new description. I recommend printing the drawers laying bottom down with tree supports, or on their back. Either way should work, but bottom down will use less support material. To free the pins in the back after printing, place your fingers behind the pin and give it a few sharp taps...

Smartphone Tripod for Landscape/Portrait mode by Yggy (

This a remix of trentesous' very good foldable tripod Version 2. I remade the phone mount to rotate, allowing for both landscape and portrait modes. Find the original here: Printing tips: Make sure to enable supports but use support blockers for the threaded bits The orientation of the...

Pellet Stove Cleaning Brush (

I own a pellet stove that has a heat exchanger with extra long cast iron “fingers” (see photo). This needs to be cleaned regularly. The challenge is, a standard brush attachment’s bristles are too short to do this properly. This vacuum attachment solves that problem. It fits a Loveless ash vacuum but should also fit other...

AirPods Adapter for Anker 313 Wireless Charger Stand (

I have a few Anker 313 wireless charging stands around the house. They work great with iPhones. Due to the design, they can’t charge an AirPods case without an adapter to lift the case to the right spot. That is the purpose of this model. I don’t have the old style non-Pro AirPods, but this will probably also work with that...

Skadis-USB-Cable-Holder [4x] by DsK_Printing (

USB-Cable-Holder for Ikea Skadis Wall. Standalone with little top Tray or for using as Addon for: [works as addon only with the horizontal one obviously] Technical Data: i've only tested this with a cable length of 1m rolled cable should have a diameter between 50-60mm Print Settings...

Universal cordless Drill Holder/Mount (Makita, DeWalt, Bosch, Festool ...) by kerngebiet (

Universal holder for any cordless drills and tools. I used it mainly for Makita, but other power tools should fit as well of course. The following Makita tools have been tested so far in the 40mm version: Makita DTD171 Makita DDF484 Makita DDF484B Makita DHP484 Makita DDF459 Makita DHP481 Makita DTW300 Makita DTW302 Makita...

Smartphone Tripod Adapter by ThreeD-Michael (

Update 2023-11-27: This thing is Version 1 of my adaper. I have now designed Version 2, with the following improvements: the smartphone's center of gravity is now directly above the mounting screw, which gives the tripod a more secure stand, The tripod adapter is now even more compact and lighter. You can download this new...

MicroSD case by M0les (

This is a fully re-modeled build of a MicroSD case inspired by Kozalakis's one, borrowing some ideas from Kroki's remix of it. I didn't actually use any of their source, rather building from scratch using SD/MicroSD card dimensions. This version relies on fairly close tolerances, so it may be a bit temperamental on some 3D...

Corner bracket by Neuralhub (

This is a strong corner for fixing three planes. Print as in the screenshot. Added a new v2.1 version! The area of contact with the planes has been increased by adding small overhangs that do not affect the print quality. Added a new v2 version! Removed overhangs for simpler print quality. Increased base area for better...

Friendship Bracelet Tool by quiiiebong (

Similar tools are sold online, pretending to help creating friendship bracelets. I was curious, so I created one for my daughter. Even not really needed it helps to keep the right order of the strings, which helps the younger ones... You should still attach the initial end of the strings somewhere so you can give some tension on...

Divider DIY Storage by christopher81 (

It helps categorise, manage, and present content effectively, commonly found in applications. About 130mm in width x 30mm in height. An add-on is an optional component, feature, or extension that can be integrated into an existing system. More designs on Printables: Change Log: 7 November...

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