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ai6yr, to random
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PBS: CDC shortens official COVID quarantine guidance

"Released today, the new guidelines for respiratory viruses such as flu and RSV state that individuals who are sick should stay home and away from other people. But if someone has been fever-free and without symptoms for at least 24 hours, they don’t need to quarantine if they limit contact with others, mask up, test and avoid indoor spaces if possible for the next five days. If their symptoms rebound, the clock starts over. "


ai6yr, to random
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As I suspected, we're stalled out (now one week delay, unclear how much longer) in our disaster remodeling because the contractor failed to order the carpet early enough. In chess, we would call them a one-move-ahead player (ie only able to look at the move they are on), versus a 3-4 move ahead player (anticipating possible issues/problems ahead of time). #disasterremodeling #planning #projectmanagement

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Chess decision tree (source unknown).

Unsurprising as you likely only have those planning-ahead skills in contractors (ie, not in the cheapest-vendor-the-insurance-company-has-approved)

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@BakerRL75 Yeah, he can't tell me how long it will be. I am tempted to call up the local Home Depot and ask them on what the lead time for carpet is nowadays.

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@BakerRL75 I'm hoping it's just a delay of a week... versus week(s). Looks like finding someone on the phone tree at our local store is impossble, LOL. Looking it up, carpet lead time is 2 to 14 weeks (14 weeks?!?!)

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Looking randomly on the Internet, looks like carpet lead times are typically 2 to 14 weeks 😬 . Let's hope we are closer to 2.

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@BakerRL75 Yeah, 14 weeks would be bad. Texted the contractor asking what the lead time is for the carpet. Not that will fix any issue now, but would be good to know if we're talking another week, another month, or three months...

ai6yr, to ai
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CNBC: ‘Stupidity’ poses a bigger threat than AI, CEO of Italian defense giant Leonardo says https://www.cnbc.com/2024/03/01/defense-leonardo-ceo-says-stupidity-poses-a-bigger-threat-than-ai.html

marcprecipice, to random
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@ai6yr did you see this? Marketing, but some interesting stuff in it. https://www.garmin.com/en-US/blog/outdoor/2023-garmin-inreach-sos-year-in-review/

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@marcprecipice Oh, definitely useful!

ai6yr, (edited ) to Battlemaps
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5 to 10 feet of snow forecast in the Sierras above 5000 feet. Epic!

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@firefly Oh, certainly, depending on how long it sticks.

chris, to flying
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Tell Me I'm Wrong: If private jets were banned and the rich people had to fly commercial, Airports and flying in general wouldn't suck nearly as much.

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@chris True, but I think it's more likely commercial flying is likely to disappear before private jets, because of how human society is structured.

bosquebill, to ilaughed
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Long House
Bandelier National Monument, NM
[very tall photo]

A Bandelier photo from a different location than yesterday's. This view shows the Long House ruins at the foot of rhyolite tuff cliffs. Look carefully and you may see horizontal rows of holes carved in the cliff to support roof beams. See the link for more info:

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@bosquebill (well... prehistoric condos)

ai6yr, to Blizzard
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Tow truck just did a U-Turn (on the I-80) on Donner Summit. Traffic is still moving, that said. 🤔

Same tow truck which for some reason did a U-turn.... and going down the interstate the wrong way.

GazEtc, to random
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Magnetically-driven spiral microrobots that swim through your eye.
US Patent 11491674 (drawing is from PubMed)

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There are tiny robots
Swimming through my eyes
Why they're all inside there
I really cannot advise
I think it's a medical procedure
To fix something that is wrong
But really, maybe it's our AI overlords
Because the robot revolution won't be long

(human... before coffee, even).

BakerRL75, to random
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@ai6yr Good morning! Quiet and chilly here in the Glen!

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@BakerRL75 Good morning!

ai6yr, to random
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Sentinel-3 satellite imaging of Smokehouse Creek Fire yesterday, 2/28/2024. Dark areas are burn scars, darker = hotter.

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@andybrwn Correct.

ai6yr, to books
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Found some moldy books
I give them dirty looks
Splashes of water did them in

Fortunately, I do see
Ebay has many a cop-y
So off they go to the trash bin


dr_a, to random
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Burn marks are rarely a good sign. This was the controller for one of the heating elements on my stove.

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@dr_a 👀

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@dr_a Good thing that didn't turn into a fire!

camless, to oregon
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My colleagues and I finished assessing damages from the January 2024 Winter Ice and Wind ... Wow. Some municipalities saw 3-4" of ice accumulation over a few days and near total loss of their urban tree canopies. If you've been to western You know there's a ton of trees :(

~60% of assessed damages were from public utility providers' electrical distribution systems. I'm envisioning a future of buried lines.

What a week!

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@camless Wow... that's some serious loss of canopy.

ai6yr, to Battlemaps
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Nobody stuck up at Donner Summit (yet). 🍿

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@samhainnight @shonin 😂

I have to admit the Kenneth Branaugh version was... bleah.

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Hiker_Scott, to Dogs
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@Hiker_Scott THANK YOU!

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