To celebrate EasyJoin's 6th anniversary, the Pro version will be on sale for the next few days

It has been six years since I published the first version of EasyJoin. I had done it more out of curiosity than anything else, to see how to publish an app on the Play store.
That version was totally free and without ads or other things that are trendy now among free apps, like data mining.

To the initial version, published on July 24, 2017, I added the paid version on February 27, 2018. To distinguish the two versions, both of which were then available on the Play store, I called the first "Essential" and the second "Pro."
At some point I decided to remove the "Essential" version from the Play store and offer it directly from the site. This was an almost mandatory choice because of the way Play store works-Google could have decided, as it did with apps from other developers, to delete one of the two because it was very similar, in fact the "Pro" is an extension, in terms of functionality, of the "Essential." Obviously, I couldn't risk losing the version that supports the development of both, so the "Essential" can be found only on the site.

A "Go" version and a "Go TV" version were added in above versions. Both of these versions only offer file sharing between devices.
The "Go" version, like the "Essential," is free and ad-free and is available on the site. Currently its development is stalled and I would advise those who use it to upgrade to the "Essential" version.
The "Go TV" version is paid and is available on the Play store. It can be installed on all Android devices, including Android TV and Google TV.

You can download the paid versions from the Play store.
Free versions for Android are available on the site, as are versions for Windows, Linux and macOS.

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