Octavia, to android French
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Est-ce que quelqu'un connait une application Android qui fasse réveil où il est possible de choisir un fichier audio au hasard dans un dossier à chaque fois que l'alarme sonne ?

C'est obligatoire qu'elle soit sans publicité, et c'est mieux si elle est open source ou libre.

#Android #Application #AndroidApp

njoseph, to fdroid
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There is an F-Droid app that lets you capture your current location in terms of latitude and longitude. The coordinates can then be converted into a URL that can be opened with Google Maps or OpenStreetMaps.


This is quite helpful to either share your current location or store a location which is not mapped yet.

There are many apps to continuously track your location but I found only one to statically capture your current location.

donno, to android
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Hey everyone, around this time, 3 years ago, I released the first version of Arcticons with around 900~ icons, now we have 8000+!

In these three years, the project gained many contributors, and thanks to its low entry level. We’ve managed to do quite a lot in that time.

This is all possible thanks to the open-source nature of the project, and it’s fantastic community. ❄️


A sleek promo video of Arcticons

donno, to android
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Atcticons You is back on the Play store (hopefully it won't get removed again)


donno, to android
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A new release of Arcticons (Dark/Light/You) is here.
🎉 118 new and updated icons!
🔥 7378 icons in total!


donno, to opensource
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itnewsbot, to android
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Google escapes Play Store class action after finding more persuasive expert - Enlarge (credit: SOPA Images / Contributor | LightRocket)

A US... - https://arstechnica.com/?p=1964097 #androidappmarket #antitrustlawsuit #androidapp #googleplay #antitrust #appstore #policy #google

donno, to fdroid
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ghibli, to mastodon
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Hey Ghibli fam! :blobhajblanketslate:

We need your help finding a reliable third-party Android app to use with Mastodon. We've been using the official Mastodon app, but feel so disappointed that can't edit the ALT text of all already-published posts. Caption is okay

So far the web app also did the same.


Any recommendations for an app that can do that?
Thanks in advance! 🙏

#Mastodon #AndroidApp #Accessibility #Support

anemomylos, to android
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[Android app] shell4kbin - a dedicated browser for kbin.social

Update: https://github.com/anemomylos/shell4kbin/releases/tag/1.2-15

accessibleandroid, to android
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New app added to the Accessible Apps directory by Salih Kunduz: Note to Self. Accessible. Note to Self is a unique note taking app for Android. Chat like interface makes it one of the simplest notes app for Android, giving you full control of your notes with an option to back up and restore completely offline. https://accessibleandroid.com/app/note-to-self/

timelordiroh, to android
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I've recently discovered a game called Feudal Tactics that very much scratches my civ5 itch. It's very basic, but lots of fun. Highly recommend. https://github.com/Sesu8642/FeudalTactics

#Android #AndroidGame #AndroidApp #AndroidApps #MobileGame #MobileGames #MobileGaming

sharan, to random

I love how looks and feels, but their feature innovations are non-existent. I just received a mail from them saying their beta program now includes "Show completed" permanent tasks... For example, that feature has been available out of the box in TickTick for the longest time now.

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