kubikpixel, to windows
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Really and why and is M$ innocent? No seriously, no matter which operating system and which software, you have to take care of and adjust their security and not ONLY with 'tools'. In my opinion, Linux & BSD do this more 'simply' and efficiently, because open source.

»Windows vulnerability reported by the NSA exploited to install Russian malware:
Microsoft didn't disclose the in-the-wild exploits by Kremlin-backed group until now«

🙄 https://arstechnica.com/security/2024/04/kremlin-backed-hackers-exploit-critical-windows-vulnerability-reported-by-the-nsa/

infoidevice, to Figma French
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#Penpot 2.0: the open-source revolution that's turning #Figma #Linux #windows #macOS upside down

governa, to microsoft
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objectinspace, to windows
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I keep getting a bluescreen whenever I restart due to something causing ntoskrnl.exe to lock pages. How can I debug the problematic driver or process that is causing this? #windows

chikorita157, to windows
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This is what true enshittification of Windows 11 is, unless you pirate the enterprise version.

This really shows that we need more competition. Linux is not seen as an alternative given the lack of commercial software support (e.g. lack of Adobe apps, which is used in the creative industry, etc, along with apps that only work on Windows and/or Mac).

This is why I use a Mac instead of Windows, because I don't like Windows, but I have a laptop that runs Windows to run a few apps that are Windows only. But only having two viable choices isn’t that great, likewise with iOS and Android.

If only BeOS, OS/2, etc. was still a thing, maybe it wouldn't be this bad.

Also, Windows 7 was the last “good" Windows OS until it basically turned to crap.


AAKL, to windows
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Zoidtes, to linux German
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If you want to move people to another operating system, then create the operating system so easy that even the dumbest person on the planet is able to use it.
Like me for example.

I have no single idea why my Linux systems on my desktop and laptop constantly commit suicide.
I treat my windows such as the Linux systems equally and I'm surprised that I barely never had to kill my windows Systems but my Linux machines die constantly. I can't work like that.

tournesol, to windows
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Je crois que je vais être obligé de faire un dual boot sur mon ordi fixe…

J’arrive vraiment pas à bosser sur windows, les outils sont pourraves.

J’aime énormément l’expérience de tiling manager avec un touchpad, vous recommandez sur un ordi clavier+souris ? Vous recommandez quel DE ?

mttaggart, to windows

Here's some ridiculous inside baseball for you: when creating an answer file for unattended installs, you have the option of using base64-encoded passwords in the XML. This is great for handling special characters and other issues. But if you don't create the answer file with Windows System Image Manager, you might miss this bananas behavior: the plaintext gets either Password or AdministratorPassword appended to it before encoding! And in fact, the installation is expecting that string to be present in the plaintext after decoding!

This is not mentioned in the Answer File reference.

m0bi13, to microsoft Polish
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Za The Register:

"#Microsoft stanowi zagrożenie dla bezpieczeństwa narodowego, twierdzi były dyrektor ds. polityki cybernetycznej Białego Domu.

Przy niewielkiej konkurencji na szczeblu rządowym, gigant #Windows nie ma motywacji, aby zwiększać bezpieczeństwo swoich systemów"

Więcej [EN}:

Dodam od siebie, że dla polskiego bezpieczeństwa narodowego również!

#security #cybersecurity #bezpieczenstwo

Vivaldi, to windows
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Who here wouldn’t want to remove unnecessary apps, save resources, and space on their computers? 🙋🏼

So, whether you just bought yourself a shiny new computer or want to optimize your existing one—@xdadevelopers tells you how the Vivaldi browser (and 9 other apps) can make your experience on Windows even sweeter 👇


iamdtms, (edited ) to linux
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Create a file in

touch file

cd . > file

parigotmanchot, to windows French
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: Microsoft Store : pourquoi il ne faut jamais ouvrir cette boutique d'applications - > Microsoft a récemment mis à jour son magasin d'applications, le Microsoft Store, un composant logiciel essentiel du système d'exploitation Windows dont la meilleure utilisation consiste paradoxalement... à ne jamais l'ouvrir.

Un résumé de ce qu'est le Microsoft Store : un magasin d'applications (comm… : https://www.commentcamarche.net/informatique/windows/30881-microsoft-store-pourquoi-il-ne-faut-jamais-ouvrir-cette-boutique-d-applciations/

parigotmanchot, to windows French
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: WingetUI - Martí Climent - >WingetUI: A better UI for your package managers. Install, update remove and manage any software you want to with WingetUI

Installateur de logixiels sous Windows, supportant différents système de paquets (Chocolatey, Winget, etc.) : https://www.marticliment.com/wingetui/

astian, to privacy Spanish
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Orgullosos de nuestros origenes latinoamericanos, estaremos presentando Midori en el Flisol de Barranquilla - Colombia el 27 de Abril.

Proud of our Latin American origins, we will be presenting Midori at the Flisol in Barranquilla - Colombia on April 27th.

thelinuxcast, to windows
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#Windows Continues to Get Worse - https://youtu.be/GkJihLz1DY0

Yes a response to Brodie's video. No, not a copy.

astian, to privacy
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We are concerned and committed to privacy that's why we are working on a powerful cookie and tracker blocker for the Midori browser and extension for our AstianGO search engine.

We want people to be able to browse the internet without fear of tracking, with privacy and always giving them control of their internet browsing.

coming soon.


Midori Browser with Block Trackers coming soon.

orbitalmartian, to windows
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I’m going to repost this now that the issue is fixed.


cc my chorus (so far): @amin @thedoctor

ai6yr, to windows
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Hmm, found the performance stats on my old windows... 2006. Dismal compard with current recommendations, even though double paned. #windows #energyefficiency

AAKL, to windows
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leoperbo, to privacy Spanish
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Desde hace tiempo pensé que #MidoriBrowser había dejado de desarrollarse. Me alegra haber estado equivocado.

Vía @astian:

Automatic updates have arrived Midori, updates for Linux, Windows and very soon, MacOS.


#browser #privacy #web #windows #linux

wtfrank, to ads
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Windows 10 has started showing me adverts for Microsoft products every month or so. I do not want any distractions while I'm working. How do I stop this?

#ads #windows

silasvt, to tech
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https://youtu.be/l9VS0viHoHM #tech #technology #windows Windows users can’t stop losing. Ads getting put in the start menu.

astian, to privacy
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metin, (edited ) to gaming
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Title track from the 1997 Windows game Moon Child, by our music composer Ramon Braumuller. 🎛️🎵

I co-designed the game and made all graphics. 👾🕹️

The game and more free downloads can be found here:


Check the #TeamHoi hashtag for more tunes.

#game #gaming #GameDev #RetroGaming #RetroComputing #retro #1990s #windows #moon #PixelArt #graphics #design #art #artwork #DigitalArt #music #synth #ElectronicMusic #soundtrack #MastoArt #FediArt

@metin@graphics.social avatar

In 1997, our 3-person dev team's Windows game Moon Child was released.

I initially planned a dark fairy-tale intro video for the game, and our musician Ramon Braumuller composed this soundtrack for it.

Download the Moon Child game and assets here:


Check this thread and the hashtag for more tunes and info.

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