Friday Roundup! What Are You Doing This Weekend? (9/1)

The last chapter of an arc is going up for me tomorrow, followed by the start of the next arc.

I should be celebrating, but on the 3rd starts my rarepair week. I'm almost done with all 21 of the stories I wanted to write for it, but I have one more to do and some clean up. As well as the uploading. Uh... whoops? Forgot that was a part of the process!

Basically, this weekend will be busy for me as I make sure I have everything ready for next week. However, if I do it all this weekend, I won't be rushing at all during the week. Just pressing post! I'm really happy about what I've accomplished.

Oh wait. The rarepair week means I've run out of buffer for my big project. (Been really sick again.) I guess after fixing everything up for the week, I'll be seeing how much I can prepare to write during the week.

How about everyone else?

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Congrats on finishing another arc! And wow congrats on finishing the work for rairpair week as well! With the arc done, I'd say you made the perfect opening for a break on that project. Take off a few months. Take off more if you need, goodness.

As for me I think I've finished all my pages of my latest comic? (Need to step away to have fresh eyes to make sure of no errors) But hey! I'm good to have constant updates all through September and will finish in October. Time to see which next script my brain will allow me to draw next!

I also managed to post a pure text oneshot! A very tiny one~

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Time off? But my schedule! It's one of the few things I have! :P

Huzzah for other things completed! How long do you usually have to let something rest before you're sure to have fresh eyes? I'm supposed to do the same with writing, but I find I never have a definitive minimum amount of time I need to be away from it. Sometimes I can start reading through the moment I'm finished and I catch everything, other times I do have to wait.

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Dear lord why can't breaks also be scheduled.

It depends. Sometimes something comes up that is so distracting that it only takes a day or two. Sometimes a project was just so draining that its better for me to wait a month or so later.

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Breaks can be scheduled. I just haven't scheduled one for now yet.

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