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Some of you want challenges, so let's do an

What's an overrated/overdone discourse about a fictional work and what's an underrated/underexamined one?

(for an example, I mean like "Batman is a rich person who beats up poor people" or "Lara Croft is actually a villain" or etc...)

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another aegis page wip

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5/29/24 — Open 6-9p Mask recommended. No open drinks, please.

By request, a little flashback to a 1966 newspaper article about the shop. This story mentions Dad (Walter Bonnett) too, so – early Happy Father's Day!

We've got great Father's Day Gift ideas on hand for all types of Dads!


[article text carefully edited for length] "10 Cents Worth Of Batman Will Bring You $75 Now" by Tim Bleck, Journal Herald staff Writer. Look. Up in the sky. It's a bird. It's a plane. It's the price of old comic books. For the price of a small set of encyclopedias you can purchase the 26-year-old original version -volume I, number one of the adventures of Batman at Bonnett's book store, 502 East Fifth street. Well, maybe you can. "We don't really want to sell it," said Walter Bonnett, son of proprietor Harold Bonneft. They have a volume I, number one of "The Complete Story of the Daring Exploits of the One and Only Superman," too. That dates to 1939 and sells for $60. The original Walt Disney comic (1940), with Donald Duck on the cover, is available for $30. "We've got quite a few $10 ones. That's about as much as most people will go," said Harold Bonnett. "I've been here over 30 years and built up quite a collection. This comic book collection craze started about 10 years ago, I guess." When his son returned from the service a year ago, he began exploring his father's gold mine and answering the requests, mostly from out of town, from collectors. "Right now the hot thing is Marvel Comics" said Harold. "This is the age of super-heroes I guess. And Marvel has them-the Fantastic Four, Thor and Captain America.

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This is it. At long last, after four years, the ninth and final chapter of FRIDAY has arrived!

Buy your PDF, CBR or CBZ DRM-free monster sized 54 page final chapter of the stunning post-YA comic series from Panel Syndicate.

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New !

We're getting all dolled up and checking out some books worthy of the runway. For this week's fashion-themed Dollar Bin Discovery, we're looking at Models, Inc 1 and Fashion In Action's Summer Special!
Listen anywhere but Spotify, or just go here:

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The OG comic books 📖
Have you read The Wimpy Kid?


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Found this and just learned that there's actually two unauthorized Shaquille O'Neal biographies from the mid-90s.

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Not to be tedious, but I've been absorbed by the awesome romance comic book collection I purchased recently. I've been reading, scanning, admiring and making video content lately, that has pushed my posting here into the background.

Maybe this video will show what the fuss is all about!

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We miss you and we'll be back next Tuesday, June 4th, with a re-release of where it all started. Then 1985 begins June 11th. See you soon.

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Faith, hope and literature. In the latest @fictionable Lauren Caroline Smith looks for God in her teenage years and finds belief on the bookshelf.

Catch it at or via and more…


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“Unsolved Mysteries …”
(Daily comics drawn in GoodNotes app)

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Bought this in Books on iPad because I absolutely loved Prince of Persia on my old 20 MHz 386, and only 1/5 or so in to it, it’s clear that for me that this is the most impactful comic I’ve read since the 1986 The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller which at the time completely changed how I looked at comics. Absolutely love this format of storytelling. ❤️

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The Internet.

These comics are made possible by my generous supporters at Patreon!

#funny #comics #webcomics

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It's been a while since the last , so how about this inimitably gorgeous Art Nouveau-flavoured piece by Melissa Pagluica, for our first Kickstarter back in 2018?

Check out her work!

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