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Soft and light and warm
Winter weather protection
But cruelly gathered


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Humans believe that “love” will overcome most, if not all, obstacles. That’s fine, if you’re human.What if there is something more powerful than compassion and love? Writing is supposed to ask the hard questions, not pander to the expectations.

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“I am different from AI. I am different from AU.”

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“Agreement is irrelevant.

Disagreement is irrelevant.

Acceptance is required.”

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“He stood speechless. He was entranced by the mansion’s front door.”

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“I wish I had paid more attention in college. But then, I wouldn’t be where I am. Trust your gut, or at least the gut worms.”

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Okay. So. Pulmonary Clot. On meds to break up the clot. The worst part is being stuck in hospital for a couple of days as I need oxygen. Today started so well.

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I think the worst thing about writing is that I don't enjoy reading the way I used to. You should never see how the sausage is made 😁

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Does your laptop have a mind of its own? Robert Neuwirth shares a file that booted up on his screen and wrote itself to the hard drive in The Disambiguation.

Catch this exclusive short story and listen to Neuwirth explain why he filled it with computer code at https://fictionable.world


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#PennedPossibilities 287 — What were your SC's childhood obsessions?

This is an opportunity to flesh out an as of yet unnamed prospective SC in /Inklings!/

Hers is an obsession with /simple aesthetics./ From an early age, she organized her toys, lots and lots of dolls. Not to prevent looking messy. There's a special aesthetic in controlled chaos—if you start thinking these things through, with young eyes. It's that she wants to make it, them, look /right./ As she aged, she moved furniture around, re-stacked dishes, tilted pictures, organized seasonal plantings in the garden (and pruned), chose her clothes, finally dressing her parents and relatives more "appropriately." Only her friends got annoyed, so she stopped annoying them—but kept notes, including corrective sketches. When she started playing with color, designing interiors and styling clothes. she felt bliss for the first time. /Simple/ is her motto.

Dealing with her aesthetic sense affected how she would learn to use her magicks. Because of her desire to move things independently all at once, she can levitate things, lots of things, very precisely, but not if they weigh a lot—so it isn't considered a gift. Eventually, she got around to applying simple aesthetics to people's bodies. As a teen. Preferentially with guys. She's human after all.

It was then that she discovered she can heal people. Their skin, especially blemishes. In the university, professors noticed her side gig. Every time they pushed her, she found she could heal something else. (Actually, she can heal anything, but she's unwilling to learn this or acknowledge it.)

It's a gift.

Not a doctor. Not a dermatologist either. People occasionally hire her for making them or others look good. For a lot of money. Even though she's in grad school. She's worked with Her Highness a number of times. She will work with the MC Wintereyes for a modeling session. She's a likely SC or MC in a subsequent story.

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R.S.]

#BoostingIsSharing and #CommentingIsCool

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What personal expertise of yours makes it into your books?

All of it. Engineering, Acting, a whole life of social experience. That's kind of the point. The more interesting thing is writing about stuff I have no expertise in. How does one develop the kind of expert shorthand in something outside their wheelhouse, enough for a character to be convincing, at least.

#WritingCommunity #AmWriting #writing

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How do you make the moments of tension more interesting?

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Wow, Kickstarter! What an honor to be named a Project We Love!

On to the first stretch goal of adding a list of all the practical action items that pepper every chapter to an easily accessible list at the end of the book!

Thanks so much to everyone who has backed or shared so far:

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287 What were your SC's childhood obsessions?

Kan-chan: "We are not going to talk about that."

Shiro: Why not? We promise not to make fun of you.

Kan-chan: "I think I need a safe word. Whatever it is I am using now!"

Tomo: "Cars, especially starting in secondary school. I needed a place to escape people. Before that "Snips and snails, and puppy dog tails." Spiders too.

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Please enjoy my blog that is free of ads, and free of tracking, and won't ask you to subscribe to a newsletter. You can even just grab the RSS feed and read the full posts that way.

I just want to publish things and share ideas and art with the world because the Internet makes it so damn easy (and cheap!) to do so... and I wish more people took a similar approach.

➡️ https://rasterweb.net/raster/

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eventually you learn it's a game
with debatable and flexible rules
something to accept as is
or break your mind against
i chose the latter
feeling as effective as the flies
that used to try to stop my car
dead - i like to think they learned
and moved on, unlike me
although i know they didn't
and they're not here now
because we thought justice
was something for courtrooms

16 April 2024 - justice.

stevencudahy, to poetry
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wake detached
heavy but unbodied
darkness and dried blood taste
scattered chunks of shattered

scrape the dust and fragments
into the loose bag of skin
wring blood before sheets dry
pack it all in tight as possible

it's close enough to human
and already exhausted
this is metaphor
but not only

Thanks @worded_art for the prompt - debris.

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platform falls away
you're safe on the solid train
left, i fade to dust

With thanks to @aethelshane for the prompt - 411 - depart.

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Which title should I use for my ? I created five options with

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rose petals unfurled
circling bees come visiting
cats prowl the gardens

- 17 April 2024 - pink.

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"To survive, they would need to rely on the skills and generosity of native Inuit families, and the determination and bravery of a young seaman who would set off on an epic journey to escape the Arctic..." —Paul Brown for Singular Discoveries https://singulardiscoveries.shorthandstories.com/the-snowdrop/?src=longreads

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It's always been hard to make a living as a writer, but in 2024, it's harder than ever. Dirt has published this depressing but essential essay by David Hill, a union organizer turned author, on the grim reality of writing life. "At the time the National Writers Union was founded [in 1981], $1 a word was considered a bare-minimum rate for freelance writing ... Today it is no longer considered the floor, but a ceiling."



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