this trip goes through multiple time zones


Except Turkey (and probably others) in UTC+3


Yep! Just gotta drive through Syria…Lebanon…Gaza……

pH3ra, avatar

Still less probability to get shot than driving through Texas


Someone should do east to west and driving X hours but since crossing timezones they end the drive at the same time they started


That implies driving at the same speed as earth rotates under the sun for the given latitude.

At the Arctic Circle (~67° N), that’s 654 kmph. At the equator, it’s 1,674 kmph. Good luck!


I’ll do it at the pole


That’s the same thing your mom said.

Bunnylux, avatar

Y’all are ripping the us, but what we meant with that Texas meme is that’s there’s TOO MUCH TEXAS and we wish it were MUCH SMALLER


The user name and avatar in that picture...

Zagorath, avatar

I’m too lazy to execute on it myself, but someone should do this joke, but with east-west travel instead of north/south, using UTC+8.


Someone should do this joke but with a pogo stick jumping in place instead of driving and a ridiculous amount of time such that they end up in the expanded sun at the end.


Get rekt USA!


Who the hell is on UTC-9?

Edit: looks like its used in Alaska

Seraph avatar

Yeah shoulda used UTC-5 to -8.

Though dunking on Alaskans is funny!


Ha ha Darién Gap

TheImpressiveX, avatar

You can fly 17 hours from Earth and still be on Earth. The extraterrestrial mind cannot comprehend this.


Watching this evolve from the original Texas one is fun


Was that actually the first? I remember one a few weeks ago, I think it was either Minnesota or Michigan.

M137, avatar

The Texas one is several years old.


That state up north is an absolute bear to drive through though. It’s 13 hours to drive from Monroe to Bessemer if you dont want to drive through Wisconsin.


Cannot believe it evolved into a meme. This must be a shitpost, right?

kersploosh, avatar

I am so proud of this community right now.


When is this shit meme gonna evolve into space?


I meant going from galaxy to galaxy, but yeah that’s a step in the right direction


Where we are going, there are no directions

inlandempire, avatar

You can gravitate for 65 revolutions and still remain within earth’s attraction range 🤯

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