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“You killed that man!

You pulled your guns out instead of a fire extinguisher!”

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Excellent post by Olivier Blanchard. #disinformation #propaganda #memes #psyops

Original Facebook link:

“How internet memes are used to manipulate your behaviors: An example.

Chances are that you have seen this meme floating around, especially around elections. It isn't what you think it is. It is not a friendly digital handshake. It isn't meant to help neighbors mend fences. It is a deliberate instrument of psychological manipulation.

I worked in Marketing for nearly two decades. I know this kind of device when I see it. Let me explain.


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Every time

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When you're trying to read, but the words aren't wording...words are hard.😩

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Weekends be like...

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My kidnappers returning me back after listening to me talk about for over two hours.

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'note the human foot in the toaster reflection"

Can't recommend last night's stream enough:

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