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I told my wife that the milkman said he had shagged every woman in our road except one!!

“I bet it’s the snooty bitch at number twenty three,” she replied.

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An OG Classic from from a decade ago when we still had operable senses of and the will to use them liberally. This piece, riffing on and her forked tongue ostensibly kids shows and stories, is forever going to be . Noir Mother Goose. Randian p pl

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Fuck the inflation, McPixel 3 is now $2 on Switch!!!

Pure uninterrupted absurdist fun of the highest magnitude with no bullshit!

Like fun? Check it out!

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Thursdays. 😂😂😂

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Shrugs I’m just going to assume that when somebody replies to me and blocks me at the same time they didn’t want me to see what they said. It’s very likely I can tear whatever it was to shreds.

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Helpful holiday pro tip. 😂

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These new plant stakes are cracking me up. 🌿🌱🌷😂

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it's #hilarious the lengths some asshole will goto to #psychoanalyze #someone.. what's even #funnier is #fascists do it but forget their #ASSUMPTIONS aren't #facts and I'm a real cunt that loves to play on those #stipulations. I'm a hetero-lgbtqia+ man... go figure #bigots and #hypocrites of the #rightwing... attack me and your ass is grass... your head as my trophy. :antifa_100:

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Happy that 📺 no longer detects my connection to the 🇬🇧 so I get to watch live 🥲

Jkp, avatar

And it's worth the effort 😃

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